13 YouTube SEO strategies for your business

When it comes to videos, nothing stands out as much as YouTube. Once you have setup a YouTube channel for your business, the next step would be to make your videos visible. Viewers searching for similar products should be able to view your YouTube videos.Only by making your videos visible can you improve sales and get better leads.

YouTube witnesses more than 30 million visitors per day. Everyday over 5.01 billion videos are watched. YouTube has more than 1.50 billion active users. Clearly YouTube videos can make a lot of difference to your business. Click To Tweet

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Almost every minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Competing with so many videos can be challenging. Ranking your video to the top, to be found is one of the key aspects you need to focus. Remember, the number of shares a video generates is linked to the first-page ranking.

That gets us to the point of focusing on SEO. We all know how important SEO is to rank your content on Google. Same is true even with video content. However, search engine crawlers only look at text, and not video content.

To understand this better we need to check what is YouTube SEO.

What is YouTube SEO?

SEO enables more traffic and over a period can attract better sales. YouTube is filled with videos, and YouTube SEO is the way you can optimize video search. YouTube SEO includes focusing on keywords in meta tags, description, titles to seem more relevant in searches.Additionally,the number of comments has also seen to influence the YouTube ranking. Click To Tweet

There is ample scope of adding video texts and the power of this needs to be used to improve your YouTube video SEO. Internally, there are various techniques one can follow to master YouTube SEO. This includes two key points to focus:

  1. Being ranked high on search engine
  2. Being ranked high within YouTube

With accurate SEO, both can be achieved. It is important to understand how we can improve YouTube SEO for every video that is uploaded on the YouTube business channel.

Tips to Improve YouTube SEO for Your Business

Keyword Research

Before creating a YouTube video, the first thing is to find good keywords that can be used in the video. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner helps in finding keywords that can generate more traffic.

Similar to normal SEO, YouTube SEO needs to be elevated using keyword searches. Most YouTube videos start with “how to”. So, you can search for similar videos and check the number of video search resulting in Google.

Brainstorming to get keywords and searching on YouTube can result in several ideas. Keyword comparison gives an idea on which keywords rank better and are searched more frequently. Tools such as Google Trends provides trends not only for Web but also over YouTube.Keyword Research

The same can also be done over Google search where you can type keywords and get topic ideas. As shown in the below example, in case you type “how to bake”, you can get similar such topic ideas.Topic ideas

This can be searched over “Google search videos” to get similar topic ideas. Similar search results in the below videos.Google search videos

A similar search on YouTube will result in more topic suggestions as shown below:Result in more topic suggestions

You can view channels similar to your product to get topic ideas and check the most viewed topics. For instance, if you type “how to bake”, you would get the most popular channel along with most viewed YouTube videos.Channels similar to your product

This will also give YouTube-based similar searches.YouTube-based similar searches

Overall using similar techniques, you can target most frequently used keywords. While this is the first step to get good keywords, one must create YouTube videos that can effectively use these keywords.

Video Title Optimization

The keyword you choose must be naturally included in your video title. Title is the first thing that attracts user attention. This should be compelling enough so that viewers click and view your video.

Keyword plays an important role in the title. This should be included in a way that it closely relates to the searches made by users. This gives viewers an idea on what they can expect in the video.

The most recommended title length is less than or equal to 60 characters. This lets viewers see the complete video title over any device and prevents it from getting cut in the search result page.

Below are few video titles from OnePlus. The titles are short yet provide information on what the video will contain.Video Title Optimization

Similarly, Nike provides innovative video titles as shown below:Innovative video titles

While these titles include keywords, it is also been kept short and provides information on what can be expected in the video. Another tool available to search topics is keyword tool.io.

Video Description

Once you have optimized your video title, the next thing to look into is the video description. YouTube videos can have up to 1000 characters. This is enough to write a catching video description.

However, most viewed videos do not use long description. Most viewers do not read long descriptions. Point to note is that, YouTube will display only first few lines of your video description. To read more, viewers need to click on “Show More”.

Owing to this, it’s important that you effectively use keywords and links in the first few lines of your description. An optimized video description helps to show up in suggested video searches.

Below is an example which contains a similar description that has the website link displayed in the initial few lines of the description.Video Description

To see the complete description, viewers can click on Read More/Show More.

Below is the complete description for the same that contains additional information.Complete description

Video Tags

Tags play an important role in ranking. By using relevant tags for your videos, you can make your videos rank better. Tags provide YouTube the information about your video content. Tags can include exact words along with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

Below are a few tools that provide ideas for YouTube tags based on your topic:

Chrome browser provides a plugin to find relevant tags of YouTube.

For a YouTube video, you can also search the tags that are included by using – https://online-free-tools.com/en/youtube_video_tags_extract_url. On average including 10 to 12 tags should be enough.


More comments means there are more people viewing your videos. Search engines such as Google give higher priority to content that has more comments. Comments are one of those metrics that Google uses to rank your content.

Its important to motivate more viewers to add comments. One of the most common ways of getting more comments is by asking a question at the end of the video. This could be by asking viewers to share their views in the comment section.

Along with this ensure you reply to these comments. Being proactive in comments encourages more viewers to use the comments section. As shown in the below example the comment has a link to another video.Comment section

You can include such information in the comments section as well as ask viewers to provide suggestions for the product. One such example is as shown below:Suggestions for the product


If you have a channel then the best way to ensure you have enough viewers for every video is by encouraging more viewers to subscribe to your channel. Subscription is yet another important metric to rank YouTube videos.

When a viewer likes or comments on a video it would be a one-time activity. However, with subscription you can get continuous likes and comments. This provides alert to viewers about a new video being uploaded and can be made immediately available for viewing.

The more you have subscribers, search engine considers your video to be more popular. In most videos you would see the video makers saying to like, share and subscribe. However, if out of these three parameters anyone needs to be chosen then it should be subscription. Subscription is clearly a powerful metric.

The number of subscriptions can be viewed along with channel information as shown in the below example:Subscription


For every search, viewers will find multiple videos. Like title and description, thumbnail is the first impression viewers get about your video. This is closely associated with the number of viewers choosing to click and view your video.

YouTube provides you few auto-generated thumbnail options to choose. However, you can also choose a custom thumbnail. Most of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail. Using adequate pixel resolution for your thumbnail is important.

The most recommended resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels with a 16:9 ratio and having file size less than 2 MB. The thumbnail should appear clear with high resolution to get better views. Only YouTube verified accounts are eligible to add custom thumbnails.


If you are looking for more viewers, then adding a transcript will help. YouTube provides automated transcripts;however, this may not be completely accurate. YouTube captions do not carry a 100% accuracy and can be misleading.

To rank videos, even transcripts are considered by search engines. You can add your custom transcript and time it with the audio available in the video. Transcripts can boost YouTube ranking for the video.


In case you are targeting multiple languages across various geographical locations then you can create a video in a single language and provide the translation. To globalize your content, you can use translation. This allows more viewers to view your content along with the subtitles.

This translated content can also be added as a transcript. Within YouTube videos, you can include multiple languages in the title, description. This is another piece of text that helps in improving the ranking across multiple geographical regions.


As mentioned earlier, include website links within your description. This can be website links, social media links or links to other videos. Include such links that you want your viewers to click and view. This can generate better traffic and improve video ranking. However, add a link naturally within the description or within the video.

Call to Action 

A lot of high ranked videos contain a call to action. If you want more viewers to subscribe, then provide an easily accessible option to subscribe. Similarly, if you are describing a video then you can embed a call to action right within the video.

As shown below highlight the action that needs to be taken by viewers.Call to Action

Not just subscription, but this can be extended to other promotional activities that you want your viewers to click.

Video optimization

There is no one single guide for creating out of the box videos. However, experimenting new techniques and blending it with existing techniques can make a powerful video.

With no second thoughts, you need good videos to increase your viewers and likes. Some of the parameters to be considered while creating a video is:

  1. Focus on the product
  2. High-resolution videos
  3. Use title, description, tags, captions, etc. effectively to improve the quality of the video
  4. Adequate light with an optimized camera to create flawless videos
  5. Sufficiently edit the video but make it look natural
  6. Sync audio and video.
  7. Provide audio clarity

Create a professional video so that your business channel is viewed more. Within the channel include longer duration as well as shorter duration such as 2-3-minute videos. With a mixed set of videos, you can cater to most of the audience’s demands.


Once you have optimized your videos the next logical step is to check the performance. YouTube provides inbuilt analytics which lets you know how your videos are performing as well as you can check areas of improvement.

This provides information about demographics that also includes data such as how many viewers subscribed to your channel. Most often YouTube analytics is combined with Google Analytics to get better insights.

Such analytical reports not only include subscription data but also cover other metrics such as likes, dislikes, comments, shares, etc. There are also third-party tools that help you analyze similar data.


YouTube SEO is similar yet different from conventional blog SEO. These are predominately dependent on texts surrounding the video. Click To Tweet

By leveraging the different texts that can be incorporated in the video you can improve the video ranking. However, at the same time quality of the video needs to be equally compelling.

With texts, some of the other pieces to include are ways you can encourage viewers to subscribe and click on any call to action.

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