YouTube Algorithm: How Does YouTube Recommend Videos to You?

We are all aware of how YouTube works. It has been an essential part of our lives in the last two decades, and we enjoy it thoroughly. However, you might often wonder how does the YouTube algorithm work.

YouTube algorithm

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One of the most important factors that helped YouTube reach the heights that it did is its algorithm. Do you know what is YouTube algorithm?Let’s find all about YouTube algorithm.

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The algorithm usually determines the kind of videos YouTube suggests to its users. Continue reading to learn more about YouTube algorithms and find out how they work!

How YouTube Recommends Videos?

If you watch videos on YouTube, you know that the platform recommends similar videos while you are watching something you like. You should know that these recommendations are not random. A lot of programming went into this feature to make it a possibility.

YouTube video recommendations are a great example of machine learning technology. It is a great way to boost your channel’s performance too! Click To TweetThe YouTube algorithm is a highly intricate technology that keeps learning new things.

This technology ensures different content for every user and creates a unique user experience for everyone.

So, what factors into the recommendations you get on YouTube? The answer is quite easy, and you probably know it too.

The recommended videos you get on YouTube depend on the type of content you watch online. This could be anything you search for, and the YouTube search history saves it. Further, the recommendations are also manipulated by the number of hours you spend watching content from a creator.

If you spend a lot of time watching videos from a single creator, YouTube makes sure you get recommendations from this creator too. The YouTube algorithm functions on a very detailed artificial intelligence program.

The two main networks of this deep learning program are candidate generation and ranking. Almost all of your YouTube recommendations are because of these two factors. Taking these two networks into consideration, YouTube shows you recommended videos from the corpus.

Candidate generation is basically when the program goes through the user’s search history and watched videos. Based on this knowledge, users are shown videos that are similar to the ones being watched currently.

With ranking, only the most relevant content is shown to the user. Unlike candidate generation, the program does not take into consideration the users’ preferences. It only shows videos that top charts and are slightly related to the videos the clients watch.

What are YouTube Suggestions Based On?

YouTube suggestions are very important for good user experiences. The software and programs used for this also help in boosting the channel’s performance. So, you can take notes from YouTube’s algorithm and apply it to your website.

The suggestions you receive on YouTube are based on several factors. Google’s brain or the artificial intelligence arm of YouTube helps in determining these videos.

The YouTube algorithm is a smart learning one and creates a different watching experience for every user. They start by going through your search history. You get recommendations depending on the kind of videos you look for.

After this, the algorithm also focuses on the videos you like or dislike. These recommendations are also based on general demographics. You could get recommendations based on your age, gender, preferences, and lastly, the highest rated videos of the genre.

When Does YouTube Start Recommending Your Video?

One of the best ways to promote your video on YouTube is to start getting suggested to users as a recommendation. This improves the performance of the channels drastically and ensures increased popularity.

Here are a few ways in which you can get YouTube to recommend YouTube videos online!

Create content that engages your viewers

Your videos should be interesting and must stand out. There are millions of videos present on YouTube, and more get added every hour. If you want your video to be a part of the suggested videos, then the content you create must be unique and exciting.

Content should be interactive

If you want YouTube’s algorithm to recognize your videos and add them to suggestions, the content you create must be interactive. Studies show that most videos that land up in suggestions and recommendations have content that connects with the viewers.

Pay special attention to the title

The metadata YouTube algorithms receive from creators is from the title of the video. It holds immense significance when it comes to the popularity of the video. The title of the video fetched you more views and helped you gain popularity.

It is important to use keywords in the title of your video to make it easily available to your audience. This is an important tip for people who wish to improve the performance of their channels.

How Does YouTube Determine a Recommended Video?

Your videos need to be interesting and popular for the YouTube algorithm to recognize them. There are many ways in which you can ensure this. Here are a few ways in which YouTube determines which video gets on the recommended video list.

It collects the user’s information

The YouTube algorithm makes sure it knows enough about the user before recommending videos to them. Information like country of origin, age, and gender are taken into consideration first.

Search history and preferences

The YouTube algorithm also focuses on a user’s search history and their video preferences. This is done before determining the kind of videos they will get as suggestions.

Optimized video meta data

Based on the preferences, it looks for videos related to the viewer’s choice. If your video falls under similar categories, the algorithm may choose this video as suggestions or recommendations.

You must increase your video metadata and make sure your videos are discovered efficiently. For this, you will need to select good titles for your video by using keywords. You should also use hashtags and closed captions to ensure optimization.

Your Videos Should have Playlists and Interlinking

The YouTube algorithm also focuses on videos that have interlinking within them. You can make use of annotations and create playlists to get on suggested videos. The addition of these factors directly affects the YouTube algorithm.

Thumbnails should be attractive

YouTube will suggest your video to other viewers if your video thumbnails are attractive. People like viewing videos that are attractive looking. So, you will get more clicks on a video with a good thumbnail than on any other video.

How does YouTube Calculate its Views?

YouTube Calculate Its Views?

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If you want your YouTube video to get famous, you need to make sure it is getting enough views. The more views it gets, the more people will share the video, and will ultimately subscribe to your channels. However, there is a certain way YouTube calculates the views on videos.

If you want your video to go viral online, you must make sure you know how the YouTube algorithm works. Here is how YouTube calculates views on the videos you upload online.

Views below 300

The YouTube algorithm calculates views in two ways. Initially, when the video is below 300, it follows a standard procedure of calculation. This method does not affect the channel in any way and is highly unlikely to appear on the home page.

For videos below 300 views, you can watch the viewer count change by reloading the page. Every time you hit refresh, the viewer count is updated. This procedure is followed for all videos before they reach 301 views. After this, a different method is adopted.


At times the views will freeze at 301. This is when the automatic viewing system is stopped. At 301 views, the employees working at YouTube manually check to see if the views on your video are legitimate.

This process is time-consuming, so your views may pause at 301 for a while. This is done to ensure that no unfair means were made use of in obtaining views on your video.

After 301 views

The way YouTube calculates views changes once again after 301. Earlier people used malware and other methods to increase their views on YouTube videos. YouTube updated its algorithm recently to tackle this problem.

Now views above 301 are regularly checked, and fraudulent views are removed from videos instantly. Most people experience slow loading of views on their YouTube videos after their numbers increase. This is because the professionals audit all views after 301.

Does the YouTube Algorithm Read Hashtags?

Hashtags are an important tool used by many content creators on YouTube. This tool fetched people more views and gives them a chance to feature on the home page and suggested videos.

YouTube peculiarly reads hashtags. The way it considers hashtags is very different from any other social media platform like Instagram or Twitter. This method is one of how YouTube ranks its videos and categorizes them.

You must use keywords as hashtags in your videos. You must add as many relevant tags as you can to get more views on your content. The way YouTube perceives these hashtags is very different from what you may think.

When you search for a particular tag, YouTube shows you results for that tag and all other related tags as well. This is because YouTube uses hashtags on videos as a way to categorize them online.

This way, when a user searches for a video about SpongeBob, he gets results of animated cartoon series related to SpongeBob.

How to Rank My YouTube Video On Google’s First Page?

Here are a few ways in which you can make sure your video lands up on Google’s first page. 

  1. Create content that correlates with each other. Find your niche and stick to it. For example, if you promote beauty and healthcare videos, make sure you only upload content that is related to it.
  2. The length of your videos is very important to make it big on this platform. You do not need to put out long videos that are not interesting. If you can come up with a video length that keeps your users hooked, then it will be very beneficial for you!
  3. YouTube uses a smart keyword search, so your title needs to include keywords relevant to your videos. Your title is very important and helps you fetch views for your video. So, make sure you come up with catchy titles that optimize your search results.
  4. Don’t forget to add a description to your videos. You can use tags and relevant keywords here too. Make sure your description is at least 200 words long and describes your video perfectly.
  5. Make a playlist of your videos to get higher ranks in suggested videos. The YouTube algorithm focuses on videos that are in playlists. This is a great way to optimize performance.

What is the Best YouTube Tool to Use?

There are many YouTube tools that help to create interesting content that reaches people everywhere. Here are some of the most useful tools that can help you too.


YouTube tool

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This editing software has a wide range of options to help creators edit their videos. It has features like transitions that are widely liked by users online. Other features of this tool include sound effects, fisheye fixes, etc.

Another editing tool available on both MAC iOS and windows is Camtasia. It helps edit videos to make them more attractive and gives them a professional look. You can add images, sound effects, and even add presentations to your videos using this tool.


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The basic app is free, but you can always pay and get premium services available too.


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This app helps you grow your channel exponentially. It analyses your viewer counts and helps you optimize tags too. This app is great for SEO optimization, as well!

Make a note of these tips to understand how does the YouTube algorithm work. These tips are great for people who are just starting with YouTube or just want to know more about its inner workings! So, now that you know all about the YouTube algorithm,you can reach a wider audience.

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