Your Ultimate Guide to Leverage Group Text Apps in 2020

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have enough time to consume a whole meal of information. Instead, the only thing they want to satisfy their hunger for a specific topic is just a bite. And when it comes to bite-sized communication, the potential of group text apps is simply cannot be overlooked.

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If you want to learn more about the huge popularity of mobile messenger apps, take a look at the below infographic that demonstrates the number of monthly active users of the most popular apps as of October 2019.Popular apps as of October 2019


If you have a business planning to utilize these powerful communication tools, this guide will help you learn everything to get the most out of them, helping you boost user engagement.

What is a group text app?

Put simply, a group text app lets you share anything you want with a bunch of people just in one go, apart from offering the facility of voice and video calling. Whether you want to share something with a few of your employees or plan to communicate with a large group of your customers, such an app can not only help you save lots of time and effort but to connect with them instantly as well. Click To Tweet

How can ecommerce businesses utilize group text apps?

As a tool, the potential of group text apps is simply undeniable when you consider the current number of worldwide smartphone users – 3.5 billion, according to Statista. Let’s take a look at how ecommerce businesses can benefit from using these apps.

Active engagement

These apps come with an opt-in option that restricts whom the sender can send messages to. While it might be difficult to add your customers to the opt-in list, having the consent means only the most actively engaged customers will join. These customers tend to spend 60% more in every transaction and make 90% more frequent purchases.

High interactivity

Another great advantage of using group text apps is they let businesses develop a highly interactive audience. Today, most customers are comfortable with handling text messages, which means a business doesn’t need to introduce a new platform to connect with its audience. Instead, it just needs to focus on boosting engagement.


This is one of the key reasons behind the huge popularity of these apps because no other channel of communication can offer the same efficiency. However, it’s also important for a business to use these apps only when it can add value to the customers’ experience right away.

How to find the best group text app?

While a group texting campaign can bring the above benefits your way, it’s also important to choose a group text app that offers optimal functionalities. Here’re the key features you should look for when finalizing one.


First and foremost, whatever group text app you plan to use, it has to belong to the most secure group of apps. The end-to-end encryption has already been implemented by a lot of companies that offer group text apps, so it won’t be a problem to find one offering this feature.

Privacy and oversight

The ideal app should offer different access and permission levels, which is especially important for businesses with a significant number of employees.

MMS messaging

An effective mass text app should let you send MMS messages. These allow you to include images, videos, etc in the messages.

Scheduling and automating message sends

With the help of this feature, you’d be able to schedule messages for sending later, which saves you a significant amount of time.

Segmentation of groups

You should be able to organize, segment, and save customers or groups based on their specific characteristics.

Group text consent

Consent might not be applicable in the consumer space, but in the context of promotional texts or business text messaging, consent is the law. As a business, you need to comply with the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act that covers text messaging, as well as, opt-in and opt-out policies. A good group text app should help you manage this aspect.

Top 10 group text apps in 2020

After reviewing lots of group text apps, we’ve handpicked ten of them that would let you handle your group text campaigns securely and with ease.


If you’re looking for a group text app that focuses heavily on security and speed, Telegram would be worth checking out. Chats on this platform can self-destruct and are fully secured with the standard norm of end-to-end encryption, which means your messages cannot be read, not even by Telegram. It offers support for photo and video editing, GIFs and stickers, and groups can accommodate up to 200,000 people. This free app is also one of the few ones that offer a solid desktop app.


Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp offers a free messaging and VoIP (Voice Over IP) platform. It’s one of the best chatting apps available today and comes with cross-platform nature that lets the users of different mobile OSs come together under a single app. You can use WhatsApp Business to connect with your audience of up to 256 people via group chats and share photos, videos, and messages with them.WhatsApp Business


If you’re searching for a group text app that’s specially designed to facilitate a workplace ambiance, Slack could be your best bet. With a broad assortment of integrations and features, it lets businesses communicate with teams in a transparent and fluid manner and manage workflow. From directly making voice or video calls from Slack and sharing your screen as required to offering decent continuity – it offers certain features that aren’t provided by other apps. You can choose from the free and paid plans based on your requirements.

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular group text apps in the world. The best part is you don’t need to have a Facebook account to sign up for this service. All you need is an email id or a phone number that can be linked with your account. However, by linking it to your FB account you can turn your existing groups into messaging groups automatically. Aside from calling or having video chats with different groups, it’s possible to send stickers, GIFs, etc and initiate a secret, end-to-end encrypted conversation.

Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts

If you’re Google fan, you should check Google Hangouts out. You can connect with anybody having a Google account using this app. By paying a subscription fee, features like voice and video calling etc can be used. If you use Google’s other apps like Google Calendar on your account, any documents shared or meetings created will get integrated into other features of Google automatically.


Perhaps the biggest reason why it’s considered one of the best chatting apps is the simplicity it offers. It lets you join using your email address, phone number, Facebook, or Twitter account and create new groups that come with a limit of up to 500 people. This app can also be easily accessed through the GroupMe website, which eliminates the need for a phone to reply back to somebody.


This is another group text app that focuses heavily on chat encryption and security. Messages and calls on this platform are always end-to-end encrypted, which ensure the highest level of security. Since Signal has open-source code, it allows for routine auditing, which ensures that the platform’s security remains up-to-date always. Additionally, you can set a password to lock the app, which means your messages will remain protected even if the device is accessed by the wrong hands. It supports voice calls, texts, and group messages along with sending media attachments.


Wickr has successfully distinguished itself from others by offering extremely secure messaging options for both businesses (Wickr Pro) and for personal use (Wickr Me). It offers a feature called “shredder”, which automatically deletes all files shared on the platform and conversations, and these cannot be recovered with special technology or tools.

Additionally, Wicker doesn’t need an email address or a phone number for registration, which makes it a perfect option for those looking to keep their life private. Perhaps the biggest reason why Wickr isn’t as popular as Telegram or Signal is initially it was designed for businesses and enterprises and thus, wasn’t particularly advertised to everyday users.


Formerly called Cyber Dust, this app appears with the key objective of allowing heavily encrypted, secure conversations. Apart from end-to-end encryption, top security features offered by Dust include screenshot alerts (on an Android device, the name of the sender of the message is removed if a screenshot is attempted and iPhone users are notified when someone takes a screenshot of the message sent by them), and Auto-Dust that erase messages as soon as they’re read or automatically after 24 hours based on the user’s preference.


This is one of the most trusted group text apps available in the market today when it comes to secure messaging. It also doesn’t need users to provide any kind of personally identifiable information for registration. Instead, a random Threema ID is generated for each user when setting up the app. It enhances security by allowing end-to-end encryption for group chats, voice calls, files, and status messages. This app can also be used from the desktop using the Threema Web.

How to stay safe when using a group text app?

Apart from the secure group text apps we mentioned above, there’re some as well, which might be popular but are less secure. If you’ve to go with a less secure app, we’d strongly suggest using VPN protection. It’d simply encrypt all of your online activities including messaging, saving your personal information from prying eyes.

Another important thing you must note that just because a mass text app provides end-to-end encryption, doesn’t guarantee that the feature is turned on by default. Some apps might require you to visit the app’s settings turn on the feature manually, while others might only encrypt messages in specific scenarios. Therefore, you must check out that the encryption feature is turned on whenever you’re messaging.

How to Create Group Texts On Android and iPhone?

Sometimes you may not want to send group messages using any group text app. In that case, your Android device or iPhone can be used for the purpose.

Android device

First, launch the messaging app. Tap “Start Chat”, which will create a new message, and “Start Group Conversation” then. Now, add the contacts you want to group-message. Finally, type your text message and hit the send button, and you’re done.


When it comes to group texting using an iPhone, features like read receipts and typing indicators would be highly useful. In order to create group text, open messages, and start a new message by tapping the pencil/edit icon. Add the contacts, type your message, and tap the send button.

While you can always create group text messages and send them to your customers using an Android device or iPhone, there’re some important factors you need to consider.

The first thing is the absence of group text privacy. When you use a private device to send a group text message, every recipient can see everyone else’s response, which isn’t advisable from a business perspective.

The second one is there would be no oversight when your employees text customers from their private phones. This might trigger a liability problem for everyone involved – you, your employees, and the consumer.

These are the key reasons for which we always suggest using a third-party group text app when it comes to business communication.

Wrapping up

To get the most out of a group text app, you should use it in combination with your other marketing channels like email marketing. Click To Tweet It’d help you create more effective digital marketing campaigns, which would eventually improve your ROI.

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