Why You Need a YouTube Channel for Ecommerce in 2020

We all know how powerful a simple video can be. Visual representations using videos are a great way to catch the viewer’s attention – this is especially true with a YouTube Channel. This is probably one of the key reasons, why television Ads became so popular. While such Ads are popular, its at times hard to catch up on the competition.

With so many similar products in the market, it is hard to make a mark on your viewer’s mind. Secondly, television Ads are expensive to create. You would need a concept, actors, advertising agent and so many other things. This makes it cumbersome and expensive, especially for small e-commerce businesses.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you can provide a visual representation of your product in a more simplified way?

If you have an e-commerce venture and are wondering if you should go ahead with an advertisement, then why not think about YouTube, more specifically a YouTube channel? A video can be much more impactful and can open new doors for your business.

Why YouTube channel for E-commerce?

YouTube is an extremely popular social channel and has a large viewer base. Its is a perfect place to attract more audience, who would remember you while buying a product. Below are stats on what kind of contentwould users like to see more in the future.Content would users like to see

Courtesy: Hubspot Consumer Behavior survey

The stats clearly show a 43% interest in videos, which cannot be ignored. More viewers prefer video content. However, not just videos, but in case you want better leads then you need to explore YouTube to propagate your business.

Its easy to start using YouTube and the platform does not carry any specific restriction. With video, you can reach a larger target audience, at lesser cost and generate better leads. However, YouTube is filled with multiple videos.

With over 50 million videos, its hard to target the right audience and harder to remain in front of other videos. YouTube videos you create would require content along with SEO and multiple other factors which need to be worked upon.

But, to start with you can have a dedicated YouTube channel for your e-commerce.

Below are some reasons, why you should think about having a YouTube channel for your e-commerce business:

  1. Viewers love videos. This creates awareness about your product and people remember better what they see.
  2. You can create more content for your viewers.
  3. Videos on YouTube channels can be quickly shared. This creates better leads for your business
  4. Viewers can subscribe to your channel to get updates about new videos. This is a great way to reach out target audience quickly and provide updates about your product
  5. Generates extra traffic to your website
  6. Works as an additional source of income generation in addition to social media campaigns.
  7. Using your YouTube channel, you can personally get in touch with your target audience. This creates scope for more loyal customers
  8. Using YouTube channel, you can target multiple geographical regions.
  9. Comments in YouTube videos can work as product reviews and can be a source to increase your sales.
  10. YouTube videos contain translation feature and can be enabled in the absence of sub-titles to target multiple geographical regions.
  11. Gives a modern touch to your business.
  12. You can build your email list from your YouTube channel
  13. Your video content remains associated with your channel forever unless its removed.
  14. YouTube is free for business

Clearly, a YouTube channel for your business has many more advantages than you can ever imagine. Click To TweetWhile its initially difficult to maintain visibility in front of so many videos, yet it’s never hard to gradually be noticed.

With so many benefits, many e-commerce store owners are looking forward to starting their own YouTube channel. The first step is to know how you can start using YouTube for your business.

Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Business

To start using YouTube, first sign in or sign up and then click on Create a Channel option available in the top right. This will look as shown below:Create a Channel

Next, add a custom name for your brand along with a relevant name and picture as shown below:Add a custom name for your brand

Create a relevant brand name-based channel so that its easy to find your videos and it is easier for viewers to remember your channel name. This ensures relevance to your brand and it is easier for viewers to share your content.YouTube business channel

With this you have created your YouTube business channel. After this, you will be shown the profile option where you need to update a relevant description for your channel. This should describe your brand as this will be the first thing to grab viewer’s attention.This gives an idea to viewers on what they can expect in the channel.

The channel description will appear in multiple places across your channel. So leverage this to promote your brand effectively. This can also include your business website link and other social media channels available for your brand.

Include the YouTube channel link in your website. This is most important since this adds more subscribers for your YouTube channel. Add videos periodically to keep your YouTube channel noticeable. Create a video that looks professional and is SEO friendly. This is the only way to improve your chances of the video being found.

Be consistent with your video content and try versatile content rather than simply focusing on the products. This can also include social awareness campaigns or any specific event celebration such as Women’s day. Understand your target audience’s needs and focus more on preparing relevant content.

While being social, create engaging content that is shareable. With comments, its important to engage with your target audience and acknowledge this in a timely manner.

A Few YouTube channel Examples


Below is an example showing how Nestle has started a YouTube channel. The title of the channel speaks about the brand.

Similarly, the channel also contains a brief description of the products and the company history. It also Title of the channel

Courtesy: Nestle

contains various social media channel links. This lets viewers gain a better perspective about the brand and the ways in which they can connect with the brand.Social media channel links

Courtesy: Nestle


Here is another example from Lego.Example from Lego

Courtesy: Lego

The YouTube channel carries a good title representing the brand. This is added with an elaborate description and social media channel links as shown below:Description and social media channel links

Courtesy: Lego


Below is an example from Cadbury. This contains a logo which is very important so that viewers associate better with the brand.Example from Cadbury

Courtesy: Cadbury

The advantage of using a YouTube channel for e-commerce is that all your videos are always available. Viewers can always find your old uploaded videos. Over a period, this creates an association with your viewers.

As many as 2 years back videos can be also viewed as shown below2 years back videos

Courtesy: Cadbury


For your YouTube channel, upload a photo cover which contains your brand logo. This is the first impression that the viewers will watch. YouTube recommends specification for uploading photo cover. This has to be at least 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum size of about 4 MB.

Below is an attractive photo cover from Myntra. This contains the logo, a brief title about the brand. Additionally, not to miss their social handles that have been added in the photo cover.Myntra

Courtesy: Myntra

Smaller as well as bigger brands have started their YouTube channel. Such is the impact of YouTube channel videos for any brand.

The brand YouTube channel need not always contain updates about the latest launch and products. This can also contain customer reactions to some of the products.

One such example is as shown below:short videos

Courtesy: Myntra

Such short videos can uplift the brand image. A lot of brands upload goodwill videos that make a difference.

The best part of having a channel is, you can segregate similar videos as shown in the above example. Another such example showcases short videos representing working at Myntra.Videos representing working at Myntra

Courtesy: Myntra

This also contains Women’s day special videos showcasing inspiring women stories.Women’s day special videos

Courtesy: Myntra

With a brand touch, you can create a social cause awareness. Such videos speak volumes about the brand and have seen multiple shares.

If you want more brand-specific videos, then you can also add more brand domain-oriented videos. For instance, Myntra is a fashion brand and has a series of videos with celebrity interviews that speak about different fashion statements. A similar example is as shown below:Domain-oriented videos

Courtesy: Myntra

With celebrity interviews, there is also a brand awareness that is created using such videos.


Below is an example from MilkMaid where there is a separate category that includes different recipes. Such brand-related content is a great way to generate leads.Brand-related content


Coca-Cola, one of the popular brands that remain at the forefront in every social media campaign does not shy away from being on YouTube. Coca-Cola with its YouTube channel has over 3.4 million subscribers.

It has a simple cover photo that includes the brand color scheme, instead of the logo. This also contains the various social handles along with a link to the official website.Coca-Cola

Courtesy: Coca-Cola

With this, the brand also has an elaborate description. This speaks about the brand, a brief about its history and formation along with the multiple products associated with the brand.Elaborate description

Courtesy: Coca-Cola

This also includes links to its website along with Facebook and TwitterLinks to its website along with Facebook and Twitter

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has a cover photo that can be easily remembered. This has the brand logo and a more visual image. It also includes the website link along with social handles. The colorful cover photo clearly represents what the brand sells.Hot Wheels cover photo

Courtesy: Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels has multiple channels and focuses on multiple geographical locations. They also provide a list of their other channels.Multiple geographical locations

Courtesy: Hot Wheels

The channel includes multiple videos about products, reviews, challenges, and several others.on hashtags

Courtesy: Hot Wheels

In the above example along with the video, links to a series of videos have been intelligently added. This can be seen by clicking onhashtags – #MonsterTruck, #HotWheels.


Below is an example from Colgate, showcasing the product, logo, and an actor putting on the smile. Based on your product, you would need to add creativity to your cover image for the YouTube channel.Example from Colgate

Courtesy: Colgate


YouTube channel allows you to add a channel trailer for new visitors. Here is how you can add this:

  1. Login to your YouTube channel and upload the video you want to use as a channel trailer.
  2. Next, click on “Customize channel”
  3. Here you can select “For new visitors” and click on Channel trailer
  4. The video that needs to be your trailer can be selected and saved.

Trailer is a short video created mainly for new visitors to give them an idea of what the channel will contain. Not everyone would be interested in reading the channel description. A small trailer is a good idea to improve your leads and grab the viewer’s attention.

Below is an example from Airbnb having a small trailer video.Airbnb having a small trailer video

Courtesy: Airbnb

Create a channel structure so that its easier for viewers to select relevant videos to watch. Once your business channel is ready, you can complete YouTube verification to unlock advance features. You can go to https://youtube.com/verify.

Select the country and the phone number to get an automated text messages or voice calls with verification code. Once you enter the verification code, you can click on submit.Verification lets you upload longer videos and you can create custom thumbnails.

For bigger brands, its easier to find subscribers. However, for start-up businesses, you would need to focus on creating engaging content. Keep posting content at regular intervals similar to a blog. Once you cross 1K subscribers you can join the YouTube Partner program that enables monetizing.


YouTube videos can be a great initiative to start generating better leads and create brand awareness. Click To Tweet Even better is to have a dedicated YouTube channel where you can regularly post videos, provide product updates, and feature several other relevant videos to your brand.

With a personal touch to viewers, your channel becomes the brand face and can be a gold mine to improve sales. Videos can be quickly shared and are viewed more as compared to text content. With so many benefits, it is hard to miss creating a YouTube channel for your e-commerce.

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  1. Indeed, In the age of internet, People usually give preference to things they can see & feel in the real life before making any mindset to purchase the same. This is where youtube marketing plays its role!

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