7 Key Tips to Create Your Video Strategy for Ecommerce

Many ecommerce businesses prefer to use product images instead of product videos and there’re reasons behind this. Product images can be made in an inexpensive way and quickly. But does that mean ecommerce videos aren’t worth it? Obviously no! Ecommerce videos offer specific benefits over images and text. Click To Tweet

For example, an image of a suitcase can only give you information about it but a video of it lets you know how much it can hold and what are its valuable features. Put simply, a product video lets the viewers exactly know its functionality and how to use it. In this post, we’re going to share seven key tips that would help you build the video strategy for your ecommerce business.

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If you’re still feeling hesitant about whether you should invest effort, time, and money for creating product videos, have a look at the following statistics.

  • Video consumption will make up a whopping 80% of online traffic in 2021 – a study performed by Cisco Systems
  • Around 50% of web users search for videos related to product/service before they visit a store – according to ThinkWithGoogle.
  • 65% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it –revealed by Forbes.
  • Users tend to spend 88% more time on an average on websites that have videos compared to those without – according to Mist Media.

So, probably now you understand why you need to focus on creating product/service videos in order to increase the bottom line of your ecommerce business. But the thing is billions of videos are being made and it can be an uphill task to sail through the competition and stand out. However, with the right video strategy for ecommerce in place, it’s possible to rise above and sell more.

Without further ado, here’re the strategies that would help you create videos of your products or services like a pro.

7 Tips to build your video strategy for ecommerce like a pro

With the increasing number of ecommerce businesses, perhaps it’s the right time to get into videos. Before we start the discussion, it’s important to understand that there’re lots of different things that help to create amazing product/service videos and that’s why you need to keep on looking for ideas when creating videos in order to grow your ecommerce business. Click To TweetHere’re the tips that we’ve used to boost our business.

Stay committed to your brand

Remember that your videos are an extended part of your website and hence, your ecommerce video strategy should be made in a way that your potential customers can recognize you immediately after watching them, regardless of the platform on which they’re posted. On average, it requires five to seven brand impressions before a person will remember your brand. It means you’ve to present your story to a visitor at least five times in order to make him/her remember your brand. It helps to build a cognitive link between your brand and your visitors. Have a look at the following brand story beautifully created by Toms.Stay committed to your brand


Remember that amazing stories don’t only connect consumers. Instead, they connect with consumers. As you can see in the above example, Toms mentions its mission statement at the front and center on its website. Now have a look at the YouTube channel of Toms.YouTube channel of Toms


While it’s immediately recognizable through the branding elements, color palette, and logo, the video playlist also mentions their mission statement. The channel feels and looks like an extended part of their website. It’s all intentionally done so that searchers can recognize the content instantly.

So, how can you do that? Have a look at the customization features of YouTube and try to add unique flavor to your video strategy for your ecommerce. It’s quite easy to carry over your logo, design elements, and images from your website.

Incorporate the right keywords

Next comes the importance of including the right keywords in your video content to promote your brand identity. If you can incorporate them rightly, it’d greatly help you reinforce your brand and the searchers find you out on the video channels. If you’re new to this field, you can take the help of Ubersuggest – a free keyword search tool.Incorporate the right keywords


Have a look at how it works. By entering a common search term like “ecommerce marketing”, we’re presented with a useful list of 291 keyword suggestions.Keyword suggestions


From here, you can get a fair idea of what keywords you should use in your video strategy for ecommerce as you can find the search volume as well.You need to remember that YouTube is the second most visited search engine across the globe and videos are used by Google when it comes to ranking factors. So, it’s imperative to add appropriate keywords to your video descriptions, title tags, and video filenames for every single video you make.

Demonstrate how to use a product

Once you’ve identified the right keywords for your video content, now it’s time to get straight into the video part. If you have an innovative product, then it’s important to demonstrate how your potential customers can use them. It not only helps to connect with your audience but also lets people understand the true value of your product. Have a look at the following video where Infantino uses a great video to help its audience understand how to use its Flip 4-in-1baby carrier product.Demonstrate how to use a product

Resource: https://vimeo.com/276982717

The short video helps parents to understand

  • 4 different carrying positions for babies of different sizes.
  • how to insert a baby into the carrier.
  • how simple it’s to wear and adjust using belt straps and buckles.
  • useful product features like adjustable seat and contoured padded strap

Here’s another good example from BioLite Portable Grill.Example from BioLite Portable Grill


It begins by demonstrating how the product looks in its actual packaging and what are the items included. Then it thoroughly shows how easy it’s to set up, how easily one can cook on it, and how to store it properly when you’re done. It also shows how easily the product can be cleaned. It’d be highly difficult to showcase these things using text and static images. But with the help of a short video, the company beautifully lets the audience understand the product. So, it’s advisable to consider building instructional videos when developing your video strategy.

Incorporate videos into your product pages

Remember that 4x as many consumers tend to watch product videos than read about them and thus, it makes sense to add videos to your product pages. It not only helps potential customers to learn about a product but also helps to reinforce more trust which gradually can increase your bottom line. While it may not be possible to create a video for your every product/service, you must consider building them for the bestsellers. It’s also suggested to ensure that the video playing option remains clearly visible to your visitors. Apart from incorporating “how-to” videos, you can also demonstrate the consumer how a product looks in real life similar to something did by Training Mask.Incorporate videos into your product pages


It demonstrates how to use the product in different real-life scenarios. Ideally, you should reach out to your existing customers to identify what they like about a product the most in order to be able to focus on the elements of a video.

Focus on building an audience

Having a robust pool of audience is imperative in today’s competitive landscape and it should be the ultimate goal of any effective video strategy. The more the number of your subscribers is, the more shares and views your video content will get, which ultimately results in increased brand awareness and credibility. Here, the key thing is to understand the persona you’re targeting to address. Unfortunately, many ecommerce business owners target the entire platform, which often fails to bring the expected result. Ideally, you should try to connect with your right audience. Have a look at the following example where Banish skincare does it perfectly.Focus on building an audience


Here, the CEO of Banish has been successfully able to connect with her target audiences who were experiencing problems related to acne. And a result is that the company has generated more than a whopping $3 million in revenue just from YouTube subscribers only.

Focus on good storytelling

People tend to share emotional content more and good storytelling can evoke emotion in viewers. When done right, it can be a useful video strategy to strengthen your brand image. According to a Google study, women aged between 18 and 34 were twice as likely to think of a brand positively that displayed empowering ads. They’re also a whopping 80% more likely to comment, like, and share such ads. Have a look at the following example called Chrysalis from Pantene. It featured a deaf girl dreaming of playing the violin. It demonstrates how she beats the odds despite having bullied by one of her friends.Focus on good storytelling


In 2009, it won a short film award at the NYF (New York Festival) and continues to gather views.

Let’s see another great video namely “Unsung Hero” from Thai Life Insurance.“Unsung Hero” from Thai Life Insurance


This commercial not only accumulated millions of views but got famous worldwide as well. Telling a story that arouses emotion or inspires is an effective way to promote brand exposure. But in order to be able to accomplish this, your videos have to carry a powerful message coupled with a great amount of entertainment value.

Leverage the power of quality

Regardless of the strategies you want to incorporate into your video strategy, the final productions have to be of excellent quality. Make sure that your videos come with great sound quality and are absolutely crystal clear. Have a look at the following example from Onzie Men.Leverage the power of quality


If you need to hire a professional team to accomplish this, it’d be worth investing the time and money. Though there’re lengthy videos that get sometimes get more views and shares, usually shorter videos tend to perform better when it comes to ecommerce products. If you plan to post instructional videos, you could make them a little longer than product showcase videos but still, you should keep them within two to three minutes range.

Another key thing you’ve to keep in mind is to eliminate any unnecessary background sound. With proper legal rights to use, you can always mix background music or a voice over later. And if you’re planning to perform the video creation yourself, use proper tools in order to come up with the best videos possible. There’re some good video makers and video editing tools like Biteable, Animoto,etc are available in the market that would help you create professional-grade videos with the help of customizable and ready-made templates.

When it comes to building the video strategy for your ecommerce business, perhaps the most important thing is to keep branding in mind always. In order to have the customers buying your product instead of your competitors, your videos have to stand out. And if you can make them valuable and entertaining, it’d be even more effective. You can also focus on making interactive videos to sail through today’s competitive video marketing landscape. Though interactive videos are a relatively new entrant in the market, they’ve already started gaining popularity. For example, you can watch this neat interactive video from Boursin Sensorium. Here, you can rotate the camera angle to take a tour of the refrigerator.Interactive video from Boursin Sensorium


Adding interactivity into your videos can offer your target audience a more engaging experience and can help you get a boost in the number of views and shares.

Parting Thoughts

It sometimes happens that you need a video but may not have the energy or time to create it. In that case, instead of not having any video, you can depend on stock videos as a part of your video strategy. Though it’s always better to have your own content, stock video depots would help you get a lot of professionally recorded videos for free. You can use the following depots, for example.

  • Pexels: Here you can download and modify videos for free.
  • Life of vids: It offers a great collection of stock videos.

But if you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t over complicate it. Instead, you should begin with the basics and you can always create complex videos later. The first and foremost thing here is to get started.

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