17 Best Video Editor Effects for Ecommerce

Have you ever given it a thought why some leading brands focus too much on video content? And how do they come up with an impeccably stylized vision of their products or services?

These questions might be overwhelming enough especially when you’re new to video content marketing and trying to grow your organic traffic through videos. The reality is you don’t necessarily need high-end cameras and fancy lights to create the magic.

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All you need to use is video editor effects to complement your creative storytelling in the post-production stage. If you don’t have video editing skills or the budget to hire an adept video specialist, Click To Tweet you can still create highly professional video content.

Just keep on reading this article and you’ll become confident and knowledgeable enough about creating exceptional videos with the help of effects.

Importance of Video Content in Ecommerce Landscape

Before we discuss the key advantages that video content can offer to an ecommerce business, we want you to take a look at the following.Importance of video content

  • 92% of marketers consider video as a crucial component of their marketing strategy.
  • According to Zenith, in 2021, the average person will consume 100 minutes of video per day.

Here’s another one about the potential of videos when it comes to boosting user engagement.Boosting user engagement

  • Overall 53% of customers engage with a brand after watching any of their videos on social media.

Here’re three key reasons why videos are considered an essential part of any ecommerce marketing strategy.

Better SERP ranking

If you can create high-quality, informational videos and optimize them using competitive keywords, you’ll stand a much better chance of ranking high in SERPs. But again, you’ve to ensure that your videos are truly outstanding to be able to rise above the competition.

Improved brand awareness

One of the biggest benefits of video marketing is that it can do wonders when it comes to increasing brand awareness. But it requires out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, and a message to be incorporated in the videos. If you accomplish all these, you can rest easy knowing your audience will do the branding for you.

Better user engagement

Your site’s bounce rate is one of the crucial factors that impact its SERP ranking. If visitors navigate away from your site soon after they arrive on it, it ultimately concludes that your site is of low-quality. With the help of amazing videos, you can increase user engagement, reducing your bounce rate.

While all these factors can give a solid boost to your site’s organic traffic, you’ve to ensure that your videos are cohesive, easy to understand, and interesting to watch. These are exactly the areas where the importance of video editor effects comes in.

Best Video Editing Tools to Create Amazing Video Editor Effects

Once, creating an exceptional brand or product/service video was a complicated and expensive task that only leading businesses could afford. But today, it has become easier than ever to produce videos that could increase your conversion rates significantly, without having to invest considerable amounts of time, effort, and money.

To help you out, we’ve created a list, in no particular order, of seventeen best video editing software that would let you include extraordinary video editor effects in your ecommerce videos.

Apple iMovieApple iMovie

If you’re looking for elegance and simplicity that would help your videos to offer an incomparable experience, iMovie would be worth checking out. With features like stunning templates, high-fidelity filters, and green screen functionality, it’s possible to create outstanding videos while keeping the focus on your products.

It’s also one of the best apps to put music over videos because it comes with built-in sound effects, music, and voiceover recording facility to help you consolidate picture and sound editing. Once done, its seamless integration with social media platforms will help you place the work in front of your audience effortlessly.


If you’re just starting out in the video editing field and looking to add some cool video editor effects to your videos, this free tool would be good to start with.

It comes with features like stylish transitions, blend overlays, free filters, etc that let you create incredible compositions. This non-linear suite also offers a screen capture tool that lets you record video and take still images from a desktop, which would be pretty helpful if your business focuses on tutorials and software reviews.


With minimal design and intuitive interface, OpenShot is another great beginner-friendly video editing program that offers a broad range of features to create stunning videos. Apart from drag-and-drop functionality, customizable title card templates, digital video effects, etc, it offers unlimited layers for audio tracks, background videos, and watermarks.


ShotCut is one of the most popular apps to put music over videos, thanks to its advanced audio tools that let users create bandpass filters, add dynamic compression, make treble and bass adjustments, among others.

Notable features of this free video editor tool include a multi-format timeline to match and mix frame rates and resolutions within a project, support for the leading multimedia platform – FFmpeg, etc. However, the interface may seem a little quirky to some users since ShotCut was actually designed for Linux.


This cloud-based video editing tool is gaining steady popularity among video marketers. With the help of advanced features and functionalities like a huge collection of commercially licensed music, video clips, pictures together with audio editing capabilities, and much more, it’s possible to produce professional-looking videos effortlessly.

Its seamless integration with a wide range of networks would let you publish your work immediately. This app is available for both mobile devices and desktops, so you can edit the videos either on the run or from the comfort of your home. However, the free version comes with some limitations including putting a WeVideo watermark on the videos, which may not be ideal.


This AI-powered video editor lets you create videos that help to deliver your message to your audience in the best possible way.

Ideal for small and medium businesses Magisto focuses on creating polished short videos filled with excitement and emotions that stand a high chance of turning viewers into clients.

Notable features include a robust media library, support for HD resolution, video capture, speed adjustment, text overlay, among others.


The feature that sets this tool apart from the others is it lets you create cool video collages. With the help of tons of features, you’d be able to overlay artistic layouts on the videos and photos when utilizing the slideshow path.

It also allows you to incorporate customizable text with animation and font. However, you need to opt for the pro version to get the best features that include adding voiceover commentary, sharing in HD, creating videos up to 30 minutes long, etc.


If you’re looking for a tool that would help you model and to add 3D animations to your videos, Blender would probably be your best bet. Originally designed as a 3D creation suite, it offers a cool video editor that’s capable of handling complex edits such as video masking.

Key features of this free video editor tool include filters, keyframes, speed control adjustment layers, transitions, audio mixing, slots to add effects, scenes, audio, images, etc.

DaVinci Resolve 16DaVinci Resolve 16

If you’ve got professional video editing skills, you must check this tool out. From professional 8K editing, visual effects, and color correction to audio post production – it offers an all-in-one solution for video editing. It’s possible to do both offline and online editing with this tool.

This version of DaVinci Resolve introduces a less complicated and more streamlined workflow, which is ideal for those new to working with NLEs (non-linear editors). Top features include a dedicated trim interface for editing in minute detail, dual timeline, facial recognition, intelligent auto-editing, etc. While the free version does come with some limitations, the full studio version comes at $269.

HitFilm ExpressHitFilm Express

This free version of HitFilm lets you add over 400 special video editor effects to your videos. Probably the biggest USP of this tool is its offering of lots of tutorial videos, which are based on popular movies. These let you practice and master your skills in applying special visual effects.

It comes packed with professional quality tools including 3D video support, layers and masking, audio and video filters, advanced cutting tools, among others. The Pro version, which costs $349, would let you access better 3D rendering and high resolution, and more visual effects.


If you’re looking for a versatile, powerful yet free video editing tools, KineMaster would be worth checking out. It offers a simplified interface together with lots of advanced features like unlimited overlays, audio, images, etc, color adjustment sliders, a chroma key tool, a slider to control any clip’s speed, cropping, opacity, intuitive splitting and trimming, among others.

Final Cut Pro XFinal Cut Pro X

This Mac-exclusive video editing tool offers a powerful yet easy and affordable solution to individual creators. It lets you make highly precise adjustments using features like a dedicated color tab, an eyedropper tool, powerful color curves, etc.

Another notable thing is you can use keyboard commands to add or remove almost any part of the tool’s interface. Other professional-grade features include 360 video editing tools, support for HEVC format, among others – all are geared toward offering a stellar performance.

VEGAS Pro 17VEGAS Pro 17

It might be a bit costly for some users, but it offers pro-editor features like 360 footage support, HDR support, motion tracking, masking, speed control, video stabilization, and much more to create stunning videos.

You can also use its easy to use built-in video editor effects to make impressive finished products. However, there’s a learning curve which may take some time to master the program, if you’re a beginner to video editing.

Corel VideoStudioCorel VideoStudio

This tool comes with all the features of a top-notch video editor but perhaps the biggest factor behind its popularity is the amazing motion tracking system. It comes packed with features like a broad selection of video-creation tools, support for 3D media and 4K Ultra HD, ability to handle 360-degree VR footage, Multicam editing, picture-in-picture effects that let you use one video as another’s background, and many more.


PowerDirector is widely considered as one of the speediest video editors around and comes with an extremely user-friendly intuitive interface. Key features include support for 360-degree VR footage, a click-and-drag system, slideshow creation, among others. Though it offers a complete and thorough suite of tools, we think this is ideal for marketers looking to get a standard video editing program that doesn’t belong to the most expensive league.


This is an ideal tool for both amateur and professional users looking for a simple yet powerful multimedia player and editor. With the help of its intuitive interface and clipboard functionality, you can quickly accomplish tasks like splicing, joining, mixing, and saving individual clips, as well as, entire projects. It also ensures that your files retain their original quality when published since Machete doesn’t re-encode files.


This is one of the popular apps to put music over videos since it offers a suite of music clips licensed to use in videos you edit using the program. Apart from its simple and intuitive interface, there’s a good collection of detailed video tutorials which makes the learning process a lot easier.

Key features available include Multicam editing, high-quality trim functions, speed optimization, support for a broad range of video formats, etc.


It’s important to understand that when it comes to using videos for marketing purposes in ecommerce business, they aren’t only watched more, they’re expected more as well. Click To Tweet

You can use any of the above tools to add video editor effects to create stunning videos that would help you get the most out of your time and effort. Just consider your budget, identify your requirements, assess your present level of expertise, the time you’d be able to devote to get the hang of a new tool and start editing videos to come up with outstanding finished results.

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