10 Useful Tools for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers are always on the lookout for improving their business and enhancing their reach. This is important to do when you sell products on any eCommerce platform. However, you can make your job exponentially easier with the help of the following tools and other important tips. Continue reading to find out more about useful tools for Amazon sellers.

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Top 10 Tools that are Beneficial to Amazon Sellers



This is an Amazon price tracker tool that is highly beneficial to sellers. You can use the services offered by camelcamelcamel to check the price of products available on Amazon. This is one of the most useful tools for Amazon sellers because it allows you to track the price variations in multiple products at once.

You can receive updates through emails, twitter, etc. Users do not necessarily need to register. They can avail the services without registering. However, if you want to access the wish list importer tool and receive email alerts, then you must register.


Keepa is another useful price tracker tool. This tool is similar to camelcamelcamel and gives users insights into the price history of a product available on Amazon. However, there are a few differences between the two. Keepa provides users with a thorough history of price hikes and drops in products.

With CCC you get an immediate change in the pricing of products. Keepa is one of the most useful tools for Amazon sellers because users are not required to sign up. Many services can be accessed from the website without registration, either.

Keyword Tool

Keywords are very important on eCommerce websites like Amazon. If you want your product to sell, you need to use the right set of the most effective keywords. The keyword tool, as the name suggests, allows users to try different keywords for their products.

This is among the most useful tools for Amazon sellers because it runs the keyword on different search engines and reports its efficiency. It also allows you to check these keywords concerning the country. This way, you can use the most efficient keyword based on the country you are selling in.

FBA Calculator for Amazon Jungle Scout 

FBA calculator is an important tool for amazon sellers. Many additional charges are levied on your products after you go live on eCommerce websites. These charges may create a big difference in your profit margins.

Use an FBA calculator for Amazon to check the prices and profit margins on your products. This tool can calculate your estimated profit on an item after subtracting extra charges. Jungle scout is a popular FBA calculator in these respects. It is free of charge.

Google TrendsGoogle Trends


You probably know that many keywords are not profitable all year round. Sometimes you need to switch things up a little around the holiday season or otherwise, too. Google trends is a part of the most useful tools for Amazon sellers because it checks the efficiency of a keyword in history and shows you how effective it will be for you.

Google trends also show you which part of the world shows the maximum response to a particular keyword. The bottom line being, google trends, will show you what is trending in the world. You can use this information to optimize your sales on Amazon.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool allows users to search for keywords and optimize their usage. You can enter your preferred keyword and see how it performs in different parts of the world. Another important feature of Google Keyword Planner is that it gives you suggestions for potential keywords as well. You can use this tool to look for other keywords relevant to your searches too.

AMZ Base

As an Amazon seller, it is important to know about other similar products on the eCommerce platform too. AMZ base is a research tool that can help you find products and their ASIN no. with enhanced efficiency. You can easily access the descriptions and titles of the products on amazon. This makes the research of listings on Amazon very easy.

URL Shorteners like Bit.ly

Google short URL and bit.ly are two of the most popular URL shorteners used by Amazon sellers. A long URL can make searches very difficult. This tool can make your URL as short as 20 characters, which improve your social media presence. Customers can easily share shorter URLs too. Amazon has its URL shortener, but the two mentioned above are widely used.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher is a great Amazon analytics tool used by Amazon sellers. Apart from the explosion of colors you find on the website, there are many exciting features too. This analytics tool allows you to figure out your revenue estimates. Other features include data analysis and monthly estimates on all your products.Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher



It is a great FBA tool for Amazon sellers. If you are one to do extensive research on your products, this tool might be very helpful to you. You receive a detailed database of product information with this tool. This tool can help pave the way for your further research concerning your products on Amazon.

This tool also offers a helpful keyword search and a reverse ASIN lookup. Amazon sellers can use this tool as a great SEO optimizer.

Ari and Chelsea Cohen are seasoned Amazon sellers who have been in the business since 2014. They are multi-level marketers who credit their success to Amazon and the analytics tools that increase product sales. A couple of years ago, they quit their day jobs and started selling products on Amazon. With the help of tools like JungleScout and other keyword optimizers, their sales immediately took off. Recently they estimated that their sales revenue for this year would be over $1.5 million!

Tools Amazon Sellers in India Primarily Use


Zonguru is the best and one of the most useful tools for Amazon sellers India. This tool provides users with many features and facilities. You can access an optimized keyword search and look through the ASIN no. of products. These features are offered to users for free. However, you can register and pay a fee to avail of the many other services on this platform.

Zonguru works as an extension on chrome as well. It can get you the price listings of products on Amazon. Apart from this, Zonguru is an official partner of Amazon. This ensures all the information you get is 100% accurate and legitimate. Zonguru


KTD Keyword tool dominator

Amazon KTD or Keyword Tool Dominatoris a great tool for users who want to optimize their keyword usage on this site. It searches through the massive database of Amazon’s autofill service. From this, KTD provides you with the best keywords that can help improve your search results for products.


Jungle Scout is a useful amazon analytics tool used by sellers across the world. This tool is available for sellers in India too. This tool has services for professional sellers and beginners too. Users can create their accounts and log in to access all the features on this platform. Jungle Scout has an extensive database which makes its results very accurate and useful.

Here are a few features offered on Jungle Scout.

  • Product Database
  • Research using the most accurate data
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor products over time
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Find profitable product niches
  • Supplier Database
  • Source & validate suppliers
  • Keyword Scout

Case study about a couple of Amazon sellers

Amazon Sellers Samarth and Varun deal in electronic goods from Amazon India. Although their sales were great since the beginning, they wanted to increase their reach. They started using the Amazon automated pricing tool.

Initially, they faced problems with calculating their buy box price. This was due to a large number of orders, and so, they couldn’t keep up with this change. However, as soon as they started using this automated tool, all their worries vanished.

They believe using automated tools can improve sales and make your operations more efficient.

What is an Amazon Buy Box?

When you click on a product, you are directed to its web page. Here you notice product descriptions and features. Some sellers on Amazon get the feature of a buy box. This buy box allows users to directly buy the product from the manufacturer or seller. The users who do not have the option of Amazon buy box, only have the Add to Cart option available.

With ‘Add to Cart,’ the user will be able to see other listings on Amazon similar to yours. This will automatically promote your competitor’s products. Whereas, with the buy box, only your products are seen by buyers.

How does the Amazon Buy Box Work?

With an additional Buy Now option on products, customers will only buy an item from the owner of the buy box. When a user adds a product to their cart, they buy the product from one merchant. However, with the buy box, customers will only buy a product from buy box owners. This increases your sales significantly. So, having the Amazon buy box is a great asset to have.Amazon buy box is a great asset


How Can Amazon Sellers Get an Amazon Buy Box?

Know the Eligibility 

Two factors determine your eligibility for the amazon buy box. They are:

  • Product Pricing
  • Metrics and fulfillment

This way, amazon checks how prompt you are with your product deliveries. If you fulfill the demands of your clients, you are already in the good books of Amazon. You must keep your inventory in check and always make sure that you clear any doubts your customers have regarding your products.

Know how to carry out the fulfillment

You can either choose to have personal fulfillment methods where you look over everything from housing products to shipping them. If you do not have the resources or wish to pick another method, then fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a great approach too. Many sellers are inclined towards FBA because of the increased benefits and efficiency. Choosing FBA means your products are packed housed and shipped by Amazon. This may increase your chances of getting the Amazon buy box. Know how to carry out the fulfillment


Affordability of Products

The landing price of your products is a major determining factor. This price is the total amount your products are sold for which includes handling costs and shipping charges. Your landing price must be affordable and lower than your competitors’. If you keep this price low, more and more customers will be attracted to your products. This will increase your chances of landing an Amazon Buy Box. Here are a few things that can help you determine the landing costs:

  • Margins
  • Amazon budget
  • Amazon seller fees
  • Shipping costs
  • Return cost

Seller Feedback is Important

Your seller feedback is calculated by compiling the reviews received over one year. However, the feedbacks mostly comprise of the rating you received in the last 90 days. Your rating is the average of all the ratings you have received in the past.

Your customers can see this rating and compare it with other buyers’ ratings too. This rating is completely different from the product feedback, which only talks about the quality of the product received. The seller rating is assessed based on delivery time, condition of the product received, etc. This plays a major role in sellers getting the Amazon Buy Box.Seller Feedback is Important


Always keep your products in stock

Amazon has a large number of sellers on its platform. Many sellers are ready to replace you on this website if you fail to provide customers with what they want. So, if you want users to buy items from you, then you must keep all your items in stock. Your inventory should be updated and stocked from time to time.

The availability of the product depends on what is left in Amazon’s warehouse. If the product is not present in their warehouse, it is deemed out of stock on the website. So, if you have a personal warehouse, make sure you transfer products from there to Amazon’s warehouse.

Amazon opens up a plethora of opportunities for sellers on its platform. If you are a new seller and want to make it big, try using some of the useful tools for Amazon sellers! Click To Tweet

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