6 Must Send Emails for Increasing Ecommerce Purchases in 2019

Reminder emails are a one quick and simple way to boost your ecommerce. Studies say that every one dollar you spend on email marketing can generate a return of up to $38.

The active email accounts in the world are hitting a toll of approximately 5.6 billion. About 99% of these customers check their mail every day. The emails from brands affect 59% of their purchase decisions, and more than 50% buy from these emails at least once in a month. No wonder 93% of marketers prefer email as an effective way of distributing content.

Marketing/Advertising Emails

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If you want to take advantage of email marketing and increase your ecommerce with it, have a look at the following data. It shows some types of emails you will need for successful email marketing.

The process of sending reminder emails to your customer starts the very moment he/she login on your site and if everything goes right, never ends. Therefore, you cannot rely on a single type of emails for ensuring retention and sales. You must send a lot of different emails, each with something to attract the customers and exhibit your brand's value. Click To Tweet

Here are some types of reminder emails that you must send along with reminder email samples from some established ecommerce sites.

Types of Reminder Email Samples

Welcome Messages

When a user sign-up or visit your site for the first time, immediately send a welcome note email to their email address. This email enables you to create the first point of contact with the customer and tell them the specialties of your ecommerce.

At an average, the welcome email gets you 4 times more opening rate and 5 times more click rate than a regular email. You will be astonished to know that these emails generate 320% more revenue than any other promotional email.

Welcome Messages

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Make sure to decide the content a bit friendly and fluent. You can also offer some discount coupons, offers, CTAs for social media pages, and a lot more. Just make sure to choose an appealing subject line and avoid using spam triggering words.

Moreover, don’t send an email for the sole purpose of getting engagement or promoting your product.  At this stage, it will frustrate the customer, which means he/she will immediately leave your ecommerce site.

Have a look at some email reminder samples from some popular sites.

Email reminder samples

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Email Reminder of Marcs Insight

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Abandoned cart Email Reminders

69.23% of the product added to cart never get checked out. A significant part of this problem is that the customers are here to either compare or check a product. However, there are a lot of others who leave because of some problem or to return later. Targeting such customer will not only help you to ensure business but enhance your customer relation and reputation. So, start sending a brief and appealing abandoned cart message as soon as the customers leave your site. Usually, 45% of the total email you send will get customer engagement. In fact, 50% of the total emails opened will even get converted to sales.

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The best way to get more clicks is to use multiple messages. Usually, three reminder emails will serve the purpose.

 Send the first email as soon as the customer leaves, or at least within one to two hours after the abandonment. The second emails work best if you send it between 23-24 hours, and the final message must be sent within a week. You can also use some discounts and offers in the last email.

Abandoned cart Email Reminders

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Here are some reminder emails samples of content that the popular ecommerce brands are using.

Reminder emails sample of nordstrom

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Reminder emails sample of Debenhams

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Reminder emails sample of dote

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Post-purchase Follow Up Emails

Once the customer had purchased from your ecommerce, you must ensure that the customer gets services and satisfaction. It is crucial to ensure that the customer feels satisfied and return to your ecommerce for future purchases. The best way to attain your target is to use follow up emails.

Ask them for their experience, suggestions, and take reviews about their experience with your business.  You can then use this user-generated content data to improve your ecommerce and to attract more customers.  Studies say that 88% of customer trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

You can also tag some similar product to this reminder emails for getting customer engagement.

Here are some reminder email samples for post-purchase emails that you can refer for help.

Reminder email samples for post-purchase of tradesy

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Order Summary

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User Experience

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Re-Engagements Mails

According to studies, the average decrement rate of your email marketing database is more than 25% per year. Hence list retention is a vital part that you shall never forget. It’s also the part where a re-engagement email comes to play.

In this email, you draft a relevant offer or discount along with some product from the customer’s previous searches or Wishlist and send them. You can also choose some catchy line and graphic to connect with them. If your incentive is good enough, you will surely get a response or engagement from the other side.

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Have a look at these reminder email samples, thy shows how the ecommerce businesses are targeting emotion and psychology to win back their customers.

Emotion and psychology to win back customers

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Targeting emotion and psychology

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Upselling Offers Emails

Upselling is a technique of selling higher-value goods to an already existing customer. It helps you to enhance the chances of repeated purchases, increase your revenue and most of all deliver satisfaction to the customer.

In the upselling process, you analyze the preferences of your customer and then serve them with an offer related to it. For instance, if your customer was recently looking for jeans, you draft a deal where you give your customer a free t-shirt on a purchase of 2 or more jeans. You can also present them with some relevant products according to their past searches.

The process needs some time and research, but it has a good return value. According to some online sites, up-selling can boost your ecommerce by an average of 10-30%.

However, you have decided the offers and their limits very carefully. The offer can eat up all your profit if you don’t plan it wisely.

Have a look at some sites that are doing good in this email marketing aspect.

Upselling Offers Emails

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Email marketing aspect

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Updates and Information Emails

One of the most common reasons for a customer to subscribe to your e-commerce email list is to get relevant updates. It helps them to stay aware of the new application without having to scroll through your long list.

You can draft these emails to tell the customers upcoming sales, deal of the days, or seasonal sales for these and a lot more. It is also a good idea to include some clear call to action buttons in the email so that customers can get to the offer in a single click. Appealing phrases like “New Line!” and “Flash Sale” in the subject line is also beneficial.

However, try to limit the frequency of sending emails, and always ensure only relevant data is sent.  If you send them too many or non-interesting emails, customers will stop reading the emails and unsubscribe your website.

Have a look at the following email design by hotel.com. They are using it for sending discount coupons to their customers. It’s a great example of a multiple call-to-action buttons email. The first CTA is the text “click through the email” and the second one is the “book now” button.

Updates and Information Emails

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On the plus side, the email has a unique code for every customer which makes it easy to track the activities of the customer.

Unique code for every customer

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This is another example from MI.com. Have a look at the subject line, it clearly tells about the discount the brand is offering.

Tips About Building the Email

The language, the subject line, graphic, content and all the other things related to an email affects its success. It is essential that you keep the email user-friendly and attractive, something that can compel them to click the button. Click To TweetThere is no specific way to write any of these emails. You must find the content that suits the trends and your brand’s public image. Here are some tricks that you should always remember while writing a reminder email.

  • Always start with a friendly greeting
  • Minimize the reading content
  • Use clear and multiple call-to-action buttons (placement depend on the email)
  • Optimize the mails for all smartphones, tablet, desktop, and other devices.
  • Add incentives whenever possible
  • For sale and offer emails, try to create urgency
  • Straight and attractive subject lines are important
  • Timing is the key to get engagement

The Final Words

Everything in an ecommerce email is for gaining customer attention and support. The best way to ensure it is by personalizing the messages. Click To TweetThe customized message creates a sense of importance amongst the customer which in turn creates a strong relational bonding. According to some studies, 96% of customer expects you to personalize their experience and product searches.

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So, the next time you want to send an email to your customer, make them according to their desires, and they will surely come back to your ecommerce site. Hence refer to the online reminder email samples and templates to stay up to date with the trends.

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