Tips to Increase Consumer Reviews and Market Your Brand

Consumer reviews are good. What could be a better way to improve your brand awareness. Using a satisfied  review is a classic way to not only improve your brand but also an easy way to increase sales.

We naturally trust the story of another customer. While some of this seems intuitive, lets quickly check a few stats related to customer review. This will give better insights into the importance of customer review for any business.

  1. Almost 88% of people read reviews.
  2. 72% of customers believe positive customer reviews.
  3. Over 85% of people trust online reviews
  4. Customers spend more time reading reviews as compared to product details.
  5. A customer would spend 31% more on a business which has excellent reviews.

Reviews can either make or break the brand image. Such is the power of customer reviews. More reviews from customers can be helpful to market your brand better. Click To Tweet

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So let’s look at how customer reviews can be used as a strong marketing tool to elevate your brand image.

Tips to Increase Consumer Reviews and Market Your Brand

1. Ease of Usage

You cannot expect people to add a review about the product unless it’s easy to add it. In most cases, people tend to add reviews when they have annoying experience while using a product.

However, the goal is to focus and get even the positive customer reviews. A lot of users need to be motivated enough to add a review. This is the biggest challenge. Adding a review should be a simple process with minimum details.

The more people add reviews to your products, more is the credibility. Most new customers first check for other user’s reviews. By making your portal easy to use you can effectively increase the number of reviews.

This can be a simple chat window where you can submit, edit and reply comments.

Add a review about the product

2. Stars matter

When you take a review comment, ensure you also provide a rating index. A number or a star-based rating is helpful. Most people do not read every comment, but will certainly look for such ratings.

This is a simple way to get a customer’s feedback.

Simple way to get a customer’s feedback

Giving the stats about the number of people who have reviewed the product gives better credibility to your product.

Having only 2 or 3 people review a product with top rating might still be not a suitable choice. However, in the above scenario, 1278 customers have reviewed it, which is a substantial number to believe. With 4.6 stars this adds to the credibility of the product.

Such insights about the customer review should be displayed automatically.

3. Always be responsive

Good or Bad review, it’s a good practice showing you are concerned about honest reviews. If it’s a good review acknowledge it. However, it’s more important to acknowledge bad reviews.Remember most users are concerned about what could potentially go wrong before they make a purchase.

Keep a dedicated support team to respond to reviews. People appreciate quick response and resolution. Clarify the issue in case its nothing to do with the brand as well as suggest appropriate remediation. An acknowledgment to a negative review is reassuring. With no arguments, and not being defensive you can certainly respond appropriately to customer reviews. This is a great way to market your brand.

Always be responsive

4. Regularly check reviews

In co-relation to the above point always ensure to check reviews. Periodically check reviews. Have dedicated people working on review management. Most top e-commerce platforms have reviews inbuilt. Tools such as Trustpilot, Feefo, Kiyoh, eKomi can be used for reviews.

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An automated review tool can help create seamless review management. When you have regular monitoring of reviews you can understand product shortcomings and can work towards filling those gaps. When customers find a missing feature being added they tend to appreciate the brand for promptness and will naturally help you market your brand better.

5. Social Media Presence

Social media platforms have increasingly become popular ways to market a brand. A review can be added to a social media campaign. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest impact your market presence. Several people will view your campaign. This is a good way to add impactful customer reviews. Click To Tweet

While posting an advertisement over any social media channel, you can include customer review in the form of ratings.

Include customer review in the form of ratings6. Gentle reminders

While customer reviews are powerful to market your brand, the bigger question is how do you motivate customers to add a review. Once a customer has purchased a product, you can send feedback emails. This can be a simple link to write a review about the product or just provide a rating to the services.

Reviews are powerful to market your brandVery often customers are busy buying the product and in a hurry, tend to forget to leave a review. Sending such reminder emails are a great way to attract such customers to give a review.

However, be cautious while sending email as you don’t want to spam your customer’s inbox. You can probably send 2 or 3 such reminder emails before you close on a customer.

Reminder emails before you close on a customer

7. Images

While the customer is able to add reviews, comments, and rate products, also having a feature to add images will be great. This brings the genuineness of the review. When people see images, they trust the product better. Though product images are available, yet review images are highly looked by users.

Review images are highly looked by users

Most users consider, a review image lets them get a perspective of the product and verify the authenticity of the product quality. Watching another customer upload an image of the product motivates most users to go ahead and shop for a product.

8. Third-Party reviews

By just adding reviews over your online store will not be helpful. Along with an online store, you have to also provide alternate options to your customers. As a customer, many choose Yelp or Facebook to write a review.

However, enabling such third party driven reviews is a good way to collect more reviews and needless to mention is a great way to market your brand. People can view the rating for your brand across multiple platforms.

View the rating for your brand across multiple platforms9. Videos

As a brand, you can approach an authority website or a person proficient in the field to review your brand. A lot of review websites are available over the internet. You only need to choose a couple of suitable review websites.

You can add videos over YouTube for product reviews. Websites such as Google My Business, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp are essentially common review websites.

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10. Incentives

Incentives play a key role to make customers write a review. You can provide free samples, discounts or invite them to your store. This way you can motivate customers to write a review. Eventually more the reviews, better you can market your brand.

Below you can see one such Ad from Starbucks.

Motivate customers to write a review


With no doubts, the above techniques show how consumer reviews can be well blended to market your brand. Positive as well as negative reviews are equally important.

Various review techniques can be embedded to amplify your brand image. A mixed blend of reviews creates better credibility and ensures no filtering.

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