The Definitive Guide for Ecommerce Business to Build Social Media Marketing Strategy

These days, every ecommerce store owner faces the biggest and most common challenge of how to boost online sales and how to sail through the cut-throat competition. The exponential growth of ecommerce realm has already made it a real uphill task to attract visitors and increase conversions.

So, we’ve decided to create this guide on how to build a robust social media marketing strategy– one of the most effective marketing strategies out there – to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial venture.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

It refers to the process of using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote your brand, products, and services to generate awareness and increase sales. There’re several ecommerce brands that have established themselves already in the social media landscape, which means it’d be significantly difficult for you to make your brand stand out from the competition. So, what can you do to maximize your possibilities for success? The answer is developing a highly effective social media marketing strategy.

Why Should you Invest in Social Media Marketing?

If you’re still not convinced about whether you should go for social media marketing, we’ve jotted down seven of its key benefits for your ecommerce store. But before delving deeper, just take a look at the below infographic to understand why you must tap into social media marketing, at least for getting the opportunity of approaching a huge media marketing


1. Increases brand awareness

With 49% of the world’s population utilizing social media platforms, do we need to say anything on why they’re the best places to increase your brand awareness?

2. Lets you offer unmatchable customer services

For any business owner, providing satisfying customer services is one of the fundamental aspects of attaining growth and success and social media platforms have made it easier than ever. With a robust social media marketing strategy in place, it’s possible to stay in touch with your customers and address their questions and concerns almost instantaneously. And once customers know that they can easily get help from your brand, you can rest assured of getting word of mouth publicity.

3. Lets your brand show its human side

The ability to establish a true human connection is one of the major benefits of investing in social media marketing. It lets you introduce your followers to things like – How does your product actually work? What are you planning to benefit your existing customers? How are you sticking to your brand values? All of these act as real-world proofs for your brand and ultimately help in boosting your traffic and, in turn, sales.

4. Increases brand equity

Positive brand equity is another key benefit of having an effective social media marketing strategy. You can consider brand equity as your brand’s value from customers’ perceptions. When you succeed in creating a positive perception in your customers’ minds, your brand equity naturally goes up.

5. Promotes buying decisions

Did you know that 20% to 50% of all buying decisions are primarily based on Word of Mouth Marketing? When you successfully implement an effective social media marketing strategy and get people discussing your brand or products on social media, it greatly helps to guide your prospective customer’s purchasing decisions.

6. Helps you get more inbound traffic

When it comes to targeting a wider variety of customers, social media marketing has proven to be an effective tool. By posting high-value content on your social pages, you not only increase the chances of reaching out to a wider audience but also guide some percentage of them to your ecommerce store.

7. Helps you gain valuable insights

Social media platforms regularly generate a massive amount of data that can act as a major source of insights on your brand, your customers, your niche, and your competitors. With the help of big data analytics, you can also target different segments of your consumers, their preferences, perform geo-targeting, advanced targeted marketing, and much more. All these insights and activities help you organize your online business in the most effective and conversion-oriented fashion.

What are the Key Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign?

Having seen the amazing benefits of social media marketing we just mentioned above, you might be wondering that what could be the factors that form a successful social media campaign.Let’s take a look.

A robust social media marketing strategy

Whether you’re launching the campaign to generate leads or to increase your brand awareness, it has to start with a strategically developed. The campaign needs to follow your specific goals, but at the same time, it should be aligned with your overall strategy.

Keep on reading as we’ll walk you through seven key tips on building an effective social media marketing strategy soon.

Aimed at accomplishing the fundamental goals

Deciding on what you truly want to achieve through the social media campaign would make it easier to analyze and measure the results. A campaign might have multiple goals but they should be clearly defined. Here’re the fundamental and most common goals that almost every campaign addresses.

  • Drive more traffic to your online store
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Increase visitor loyalty

Presence across multiple channels

A lot of the successful social media campaigns (we’re not talking about the ones from leading brands having millions of followers) appear on other marketing channels to attain their desired results – this is called cross-channel marketing.Cross-channel marketing


This approach brings two benefits your way – people who aren’t much active on social media platforms become informed and those you reach through the campaign are reminded via other communications.

Top 8 Tips to Build an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Did you know that today 72% of the U.S. adults use some form of social media and it was just 5% in 2005? This statistic together with the factors we discussed above clearly indicates that the benefits could be endless if you can implement a perfect social media marketing strategy.

Without further ado, here’re our ten handpicked tips that would help you accomplish this goal.

1. Consider using powerful visuals

You’ve probably heard the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. And that’s the reason you should incorporate the use of effective visuals into your social media marketing strategy. Remember that you can keep on talking about a product all the time, but until you place its visual representation, it isn’t going to generate the desired effect. Take a look at this social media marketing strategy example from Square Sayings. They’ve created various promotional products based on their amazing beaded graphics.Square Sayings


As you can see, their Instagram feed contains lots of visually appealing “square sayings” that perfectly match their products. Powerful visuals can entice your prospective customers to make a purchase.

2. Focus on something that resonates with your audience

If you can touch a nerve of your target audience in social media, you can rest assured of getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy. Take the example of the #ShowUs campaign from Dove – the brand that has focused on social causes always. In this campaign, it posted photos of women from every walk of life and mentioned their unique characteristics and qualities prominently.#ShowUs campaign from Dove


It encouraged women across the globe to share their photos, displaying how they’re different. As a result, Dove created a library of more than 5,000 photos and still counting and gained lots of user-generated content.

3. Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience heavily increases the chances of success of your strategy. Take a look at the British Army’s recruitment campaign last year – #YourArmyNeedsYou.British Army’s recruitment campaign


This Twitter campaign was aimed at targeting millennials and encouraging them to join the army. See how they had taken a negative habit of their target audience and displayed a positive characteristic which can be associated with it. And each post contained their website’s link that people can visit and enroll for the best-suited programs.

4. Communicate your brand’s commitment

When it comes to driving conversation across social media platforms, declaring your values properly can help you get the most out of your social media marketing strategy.To help you understand the concept, we’ve taken this social media marketing strategy example from Airbnb. It launched the #WeAccept campaign to eliminate racial discrimination over the platform. The campaign was targeted at building an atmosphere free from any kind of discrimination.#WeAccept campaign to eliminate racial discrimination


Not only this campaign helped the brand to communicate its commitment but also drove lots of conversation and thus, inspired action.

5. Offer something beyond expectation

You’ve probably already heard that high-value and thoughtfully crafted content is one of the fundamental aspects of any effective social media marketing strategy. And if your content can offer your followers something that they couldn’t get anywhere else, you can expect a boost in interactions. Take a look at this campaign from Disney.Campaign from Disney


While in real life, it’s difficult for fans to get a chance of attending a movie premiere, Disney offered them exclusive access to the premiere of the Beauty in the Beast. This exclusivity helped Disney get a solid boost in its followers.

6. Create a contest

This is one of the most effective elements of any successful social media marketing strategy and increases your engagement, your followers, and your online visibility. The key to attaining success with this is you’ve to offer something of incredible value, which cannot be overlooked by your audience and they can influence something that your brand is doing. Here’s a perfect example from Qdoba.Create a contest


The fans were able to choose their favorite queso and the winning one was made free on a certain day. This campaign worked great because it allowed the fans to took part in the decision-making process, keeping them invested in the outcome.

7. Research your audience

Before the launch of their new CR-V, Honda contacted five Pinterest influencers having thousands of followers and asked them to try actually anything they pinned on their respective boards. They’d document their adventure along with pin videos, photos, etc. to a particular board that talked about #Pintermission – the campaign and Honda.#Pintermission – the campaign


This campaign was successful because Honda decided to research the dreams and aspirations that were pinning to Pinterest by its target audience. And its content demonstrated the audience how the new CR-V could help them accomplish those dreams and aspirations.

8. Show your product’s true potential

Before we discuss this, take a look at this classic social media marketing strategy example from media marketing strategy example from Apple


Apple wanted to demonstrate to users how easily they could take great pictures on the iPhone. It let users post photos to Instagram and display those using the hashtag. It triggered a huge amount of user-generated content and the #ShotOnHashtag has become a standard hashtag now.

The key to success with this is showing the results produced by your product. And if you can do that with the help of user-generated content, it would take things to a different level.

How to Organize your Social Media Marketing Strategy Successfully?

Planning an effective social media marketing strategy isn’t a downhill task. There’re lots of things like branding elements, guidelines, timelines, etc. that need to be planned strategically to get the most out of your strategy. Click To TweetIdeally, you should use a social media marketing strategy template to keep everything organized. Your template needs to have the following fundamental things:

  • Your goals and objectives
  • Your target audience
  • Details of content you want to share on social media
  • Social media platforms you want to explore
  • Timelines of posting content
  • Assessment of results

While there’re different types of social media marketing strategy templates that can be found online, we found this one to be simple yet all-inclusive. You can also take a look at this free, downloadable one from Sendible.

Wrapping up

So, now you’ve got a clear understanding of how to build an effective social media marketing strategy to boost your social presence. Figure out the platforms where your audiences are and get active on those. Just remember this thing – everybody wants his/her content to go viral and drive conversations. And to do that, your content has to be engaging so that users want to tell other people about it.

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