Top 15 Themes from Shopify Theme Store to Explore in 2020

Have you ever visited an ecommerce store that’s well-organized and offers a comforting feeling? On the contrary, have you ever visited an online store that provides uninviting user experience and is disorganized? If you’ve visited both the types, which one offered you a better impression that improved your likelihood of buying from that store? Most likely it was the store of the first kind.

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Researches revealed that 38% of people won’t engage with a website having unattractive content or layout. Keeping the importance of ecommerce store design in mind we’re going to make a visit of Shopify Theme Store and take a look at the top fifteen themes that would help you build an outstanding ecommerce website to increase store traffic and, in turn, sales.

What is Shopify Theme Store?

To succeed in the ecommerce domain, you must have a beautifully designed, fully-functional, and a responsive online store that offers a fine blend of a simple interface and advanced features. If you’ve got budget constraints and cannot afford to hire a professional developer, Shopify Theme Store with a huge collection of pre-designed themes can come to your rescue.

It offers more than 100 free and premium ecommerce templates that can be used to create a great ecommerce store. Just to give an idea about how popular Shopify themes are – a whopping number of 350,000 paid Shopify themes have already been purchased by merchants.

One of the biggest advantages of using Shopify themes is that they offer something for everyone – whether you’re an established business with a large inventory or just starting out. Click To TweetMany of the themes are not only built to support a diverse range of online stores but they often come with unlimited color options, multiple designs, and various fonts to help you build a perfectly designed store.

Which Shopify Theme Should you Choose?

Before reading ahead, take a look at the image below.Shopify theme


As you can see, most online shoppers are highly influenced by how an ecommerce store looks. Therefore, either you’ve to grab their attention right away and improve your chances of selling something to them, or you risk wasting all the effort and time that you’ve invested to bring them to the store.

As a matter of fact, the initial trust often comes down to perceived credibility, which is particularly true for first-time visitors who don’t know about your business yet. And this is exactly where the importance of leveraging Shopify Theme Store comes in.

Two types of themes are available in the store – free and paid and both will help your store get a professional look. Now, the question is which one should you go for? To answer this, we’ve outlined the key characteristics of both categories.

Free themes

  • A great starting point if you’re a new entrepreneur and are working on a low budget
  • These will definitely help you in getting sales but you may not get that “perfect” look and feel you were aiming at

Paid themes

  • These will help your store acquire a unique look
  • Some themes come equipped with unique features like special color customizations, shopping cart sliders, etc that enhance the shopping experience to a great extent

As you can see, paid themes come with their advantages over free themes, and that’s the reason why store owners upgrade to paid ones. However, we’d always suggest for starting with a free theme, observing how it works, and then upgrading to a premium one.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Theme for your Ecommerce Store?

When it comes to choosing a Shopify theme, either from the Shopify Theme Store or its community members, there’re some key factors you need to consider to pick the right one for your store. Take a look at the following.

Decide on your budget

As you already know both free and premium Shopify themes are available, it’s important to set a clear budget before you finalize a theme. While the free themes in theShopify Theme Store are high-quality and absolutely fine to build a great ecommerce store, a premium theme would offer you some additional, extraordinary features to make your store stand out.

Look for functionalities you’ll need

Consider the functionalities your store will actually need, whether it’s an image-zoom tool, mega-navigation menu, parallax effect, or something else before you start browsing the store.

Consider the number of your products

Shopify Theme Store offers different themes that are best suited for different catalog sizes. Considering the number of products first would help you decide on the theme. If you sell a minimum number of products, you may not need separate product pages but if you sell a large number of products, having a separate, organized product page is always advisable.

How Customizable are Shopify Themes?

Creating a customized user experience is probably the first and foremost consideration when it comes to succeeding in your ecommerce entrepreneurial venture. And that’s exactly where themes available on Shopify Theme Store and its community members stand out.

Shopify themes are heavily customizable which lets your store offer a fine blend of creativity and professional look. You can make your content and products more eye-catching, put the brand front and center, and deliver a visually-rich experience to boost customer engagement. Though theme customization is pretty simple and straightforward with Shopify themes, you should choose a theme that closely matches the actual vision of your business.

However, it’s important to note that Shopify’s standard plans would let you customize a Shopify theme using the editor. If you want to get a high degree of customization such as making changes at the code level, you’d need to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Best Shopify Themes Available On Shopify Theme Store and its Community Members

Shopify themes let you build a versatile, full-featured, and stunning ecommerce store without having you invest much effort to execute. However, due to the considerably vast amount of Shopify themes available, sometimes it could be overwhelming to choose the theme that would work for your business in the best possible way.

To help you out, we’ve handpicked the top fifteen Shopify themes that would not only make your store stand out but help you drive sales as well. These themes are in random order and include items from both Shopify Theme Store and its community members like general marketplaces and independent developers.

1. BrooklynBrooklyn

If you’re planning to create a general ecommerce store, you can choose this free theme, available in Shopify Theme Store, offering two styles – classic and playful. While the classic style displays a more serious look, the playful style looks more vibrant and colorful. This is one of the best themes if you’re just starting your ecommerce venture. Brooklyn is highly customizable, lightweight, mobile-optimized, fast, and officially supported by Shopify.

2. PrestigePrestige

If you’re an upscale fashion and accessory merchant and looking for a responsive, sleek theme, Prestige could be one of your best bets to build a store with extraordinary design elements. Available in three styles, this theme comes with the built-in capacity of letting you superimpose your text onto the images to improve visual storytelling. However, you’d need to shell out $180 to get this theme.

3. LezadaLezada

Available on the popular ThemeForest marketplace, Lezada would be ideal if you’re searching for a multipurpose and all-round theme. With a whopping collection of 225+ home page versions, it’s built to cater to the needs of almost every ecommerce retailer. Though the regular license would cost you $48, top-notch features like notification bar, mega menus, product quick view, etc make that worth paying.

4. ParallaxParallax

This amazing theme is developed by Out of the Sandbox and can be bought from both Shopify Theme Store and developer’s website for $180. It comes with lots of customizable, built-in scroll animations to make your store more interactive and lively. Available in four styles, Parallax would be ideal for those looking for a Shopify theme packed with flexibility and functionality.

5. WokieeWokiee

If you’re looking for a versatile theme for your ecommerce store, Wookie would be worth checking out. It comes equipped with all the tools and modules required to create a fast and responsive store. And the best part is that it offers lots of styles and layouts that should be enough to meet almost any specific needs of a store. Wookie is available in the ThemeForest marketplace and the regular license costs $89.

6. BoundlessBoundless

This free theme, available in Shopify Theme Store, is ideal for fashion items retailers planning to highlight each product individually. It comes with a minimal yet fresh look to make your store users feel inclined to explore your products more. Available in two styles, Boundless also features a dedicated product gallery that should be enough to promote any of your other products.

7. SupplySupply

If your store deals with a larger set of products, this free theme from Shopify Theme Store would be worth checking out. It lets you host a large number of products and the navigation allows site users to move from the one category to others like top-selling products, related products, etc. This mobile-friendly theme comes with two styles to choose from.

8. StoryStory

Developed by Groupthought, this is one of the best themes of Shopify Theme Store that take brand storytelling to another level. With the help of this theme, you can easily set up any page or an extraordinary timeline to let the world know the unique story of your brand and its vision and mission. Available in three styles, Story would cost you $180.

9. SplitSplit

This Shopify theme from Krown Themes would be perfect when you’re trying to create a memorable impression. Seems to be inspired by the famous split-screen design, Split comes packed with popular design features like parallax scrolling effect, hover animations, full-width layouts, among others. It’s available in three styles and can be bought from Shopify Theme Store for $180.

10. EditorialEditorial

Developed by Switch, this theme can be bought from both Shopify Theme Store and the developer’s site for $160. Available in three styles, Editorial is perfect for ecommerce merchants having a blog heavy store. It allows sharing of the brand’s news and story by featuring up to five blogs throughout the site. It also lets you showcase products on the blog pages to boost user engagement.

11. ContextContext

This theme from Fluorescent Design Inc. is ideal for merchants who don’t sell a large number of products but aren’t a single product business as well. Context lets you create vibrant, story-focused product pages and offers a fine balance of features like predictive search, advanced product filtering, etc. Available in three styles, this theme can be bought from the official Shopify marketplace.

12. ImpulseImpulse

If you’re looking for a theme that focuses on product promotions, Impulse would be worth checking out. It comes equipped with some robust promotion design tools that would let you personalize your product collection pages easily to encourage users for making a purchase. Developed by Archetype Themes, it’s available in three styles and can be purchased for $180 from both Shopify Theme Store and the developer’s site.

13. VenueVenue

Venue from Safe As Milk would be one of your best options if you’ve got both an online and a physical store. It comes equipped with a dates and events section that would help you connect and interact with your customers in the real world. It also lets you add an age-checker popup if you sell age-restricted products. This theme, available in three styles, would cost you $180.

14. NarrativeNarrative

This free theme from Shopify Theme Store offers a fine blend of creativity, simplicity, and uniqueness to boost user engagement. You’d have four styles to choose from and each one is designed to capture users’ attention right away. Narrative offers useful features like fixed navigation, vertical slideshow, wide layout, Hero video that would let you add a full-screen, auto-play video, etc.

15. CascadeCascade

Another popular product from Switch, this theme is available in three styles and can be bought from Shopify Theme Store and the developer’s site for $180. Cascade offers a unique narrative-focused design that would help your users envision the products. Some other notable features include a standard grid collection, mobile-friendly design, product feature highlights, among others.

Wrapping up

While building a great ecommerce store might seem to be an uphill task, with the help of Shopify themes from the Shopify Theme Store and its community members, you can make it a lot easier. Click To TweetJust take a thorough look at the Shopify themes we mentioned above, pick the right one, and start building a standout store.

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