Shopify SEO: The Beginner’s Guide

Shopify is an online-based shopping cart solution, with around half a million users worldwide. Embedded with top-notch features, the Cloud-based software works as a service provider to offer an efficient way to buy, sell, and manage goods online. It stands third in the top eCommerce platforms throughout the world.

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A monthly subscription of the platform gives you access to the admin panel, with the help of which you can develop and build your own retail platform. In addition, the splendid selection of free and for-purchase layouts enhances the interface of your online store.Shopify


How do I improve the SEO ranking of a Shopify website? SEO ranking


Exceptional features are a prerequisite for online stores to do well in SEO, which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. There are several measures that help you to optimize genuine, organic traffic to your eCommerce doorway.

Shopify has mastered the quality of its retail stores, which is the basis of the SEO. However, it takes much more than an eye-catching online store to draw spectators. This is when search engine rankings come into play. The higher your rank is, the more traffic is going to follow up on your E-Retail platform.

Shopify is ingrained with several user-friendly features that help you climb up the SEO ranking to increase audience-engagement. Click To Tweet Although Shopify SEO mainly focuses on keywords, yet, you can adopt some tips and tricks to increase the ranking of your website.

We know that getting a page to rank well is an integral aspect of an established eCommerce.

Here are the key steps to walk you through ways to increase your Shopify SEO ranking:

Target the right keywords 

This is the first, and probably the quickest step to achieve a high ranking on your Shopify SEO. Keywords are the building blocks of an SEO Search. But juggling between many words can become a tedious task.

Selecting the right Keywords is an essential stage in the SEO mechanism. The best way to choose the most appropriate keywords is to list out the words which resonate the most with your product. They don’t necessarily have to be generic and can be as detailed as you like.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and seek inspiration from your own buyer instincts. Social media hashtags also come into play while selecting target keywords.

Another factor that makes a difference is the position where you choose to place your keywords. Bulking them in your content would not escalate your Shopify SEO in a go. Rather, strategic usage of these keywords, in a way that meets the comprehending-abilities of the audience, would help you gain traffic onto your online platform.

Build backlinks to your online platform 

All search engines across the internet, like Google, use Backlinks to determine how widely-spread your online community is. Backlinks are another optimization strategy that effortlessly publicizes the Shopify SEO and establishes your authenticity in the retail market.

For instance, a renowned brand, such as The Economic Times, linking to your online portal would testify your authenticity, thereby getting you a higher rank.

Here’s how you can get these links to your page:

  • Reaching out to Influencers to review your products and generate links.
  • Organizing a press release to cover your online portal and including backlinks.
  • Selling goods produced by established companies. Once you become an authorized retailer, you can have access to these links.

Using websites such as Mention or Notify or to find your citation on any other platform. You can then approach them to link back to your site. Build backlinks


** Word of caution: Never go on buying these backlinks. Google has its own way of tracking these malicious techniques of inorganically optimizing Shopify SEO.

Optimize your site structure 

Maintaining an equilibrium between a user-friendly interface and an online platform that appeals to the viewers is an integral component of Shopify SEO. Website architecture tec involves everything that makes your eCommerce page affluently accessible and graspable. This ensures a steady flow of traffic.

You can make use of Shopify Collections, which help you navigate through a wide array of products by grouping the ones of similar category. These collections include all kinds of goods, ranging from Men’s clothing to gadgets. This makes it easy for customers to locate the product that they are looking for and always have them come back for more.Optimize your site structure


Also, we know that adding visual aids and pictorial representations work like a charm when you want to build user-engagement. But there’s so much you can do to build Shopify SEO. In addition to these pictures, great product descriptions help maximize sales, on the whole, another level.

According to a study conducted by the Nielsen Normal Group, around 20% of failures associated with incomplete purchases were due to poor product descriptions.  (Source:

This is because leaving the shoppers in doubt pertaining to the product not only wreck the ongoing sale but, even worse, make them abandon the shopping website altogether. Hence, product descriptions become a crucial aspect.

What is the best SEO app for Shopify? 

In the whirlwind of accentuating the Shopify SEO, there are many, that help you achieve traffic organically. To strike a significant hike in the rankings, you must think out of the box and experiment with Shopify SEO apps that will help you widen the dynamics of your revenue with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

The sole purpose of these apps is to make your lives easier by assisting you to increase your eCommerce store’s visibility. Shopify SEO apps


The internet is filled with applications that cater to a particular requirement. But how do you stumble upon the ideal one that suits your preference like no other?

SEO Image Optimizer 

This app assists you to take advantage of SEO traffic, thereby directing viewers to your retail platform. It facilitates a one-click install and constantly monitors your Shopify SEO and gets you higher rankings. All you need to do is set up the app, and you are good to go.

According to a study conducted by US web-oriented searches, Google images stands second at the world’s most used search engines. It is also said that Google images obtain around 26.7% searches, which is greater than any other search engine medium.

Apps like the SEO Image Optimizer have an integral role to play as they automatically optimize your online platform.In a way,it has the latest SEO practices, without you having to tinker with the process manually. If you want to win over Google Image search rankings, then this is the most well-suited app for you.

Pricing planPricing plan


What are the most useful Shopify apps? 

It takes a lot of planning in order to get a high Google search engine rank. Luckily, Shopify has got you covered with the hassle of meddling with the SEO.

Shopify offers certain “Apps” that permit you to enhance functionality to your site, without necessarily altering the process manually. These apps not only save your time but also ensure the best possible measures to boost Shopify SEO.

However, most of the apps featured on Shopify are to be paid for and require either a monthly or one-time subscription. These apps make the process of buying and selling significantly easy by providing a full-proof strategy to build the SEO ranking of your page.

So, if you are a retailer looking to shoot up your SEO endeavors, here are some of the most useful Shopify apps:


If you are venturing to sell products manufactured by other companies, or Dropshipping on Shopify, then Oberlo is a must-have for you. Helping you find appropriate items that otherwise would have been a hassle to choose from, this app automatically adds them to your store so that you begin selling without any ado.

It keeps a regularized check on stock-levels and prices and initiates the shipping process post confirmation from the retailer. You can also maintain a track of all your orders using the app.

The free plan facilitates up to 50 orders a month. Two premium plans offer you additional features and a higher count of products. Oberlo



QR codes are an immediate gateway to complete a purchase on an online page. The trend of making use of such QR codes is back, and so is the need to facilitate efficient functioning on the shopping portal.

The Shopcodes app lets you generate your very own QR code, exclusive to your page. All the customers have to do then is to just scan the codes with their mobile phones, which leads them to the payment window.

In addition, you can also moderate your analytics and check the QR codes, which are trending over time.


A user-friendly yet powerful app, Kit helps you create and run Facebook and Instagram advertisements, and receive performance updates. This app is driven by artificial intelligence and brings you to potential customers on various social media platforms. This selective audience is then sent targeted messages and upcoming offers.

In a way, Kit works as a Shopify SEO app that channels legitimate traffic onto your online retail business. Working as you sleep, it creates sales-friendly ads for free. Kit


Fera Social Proof 

One of the most significant parts of running a well-to-do eCommerce store is persuading the customers to make a purchase. Fera helps you convince the buyer and creates a sense of urgency by displaying real-time pop-ups that show what the other customers are purchasing.

This induces a feeling and testifies the trustworthiness that the website they are on is well-established, and has a valuable community reach. It also tracks and exhibits the count of users who adds products to their wishlist. You can have access to this Shopify SEO service free of cost, which is an added benefit.Fera Social Proof


Is Shopify SEO friendly? 

Shopify is arguably the best eCommerce platform that has successfully set a benchmark for building a wide range of online shops. The Shopify SEO build around it is another rock-strong asset that helps the retailers gain a bonafide audience.

The key to extensive user-engagement is conquering the rat-race of digital marketing and adopting wise schemes in terms of search results. Hence, Shopify SEO resources are integral to develop a successful retail store.

Shopify ensures a crisp and clear-cut interface that is comprehensive, robust, and eye-catching. In addition, useful tools assist the owner in expanding their online business.

Some of the most competent SEO features that Shopify offers are as follows:

  • Meta Description: This summarizes the title and acquaints the users with what they can expect when visiting your eCommerce platform. Shopify admin lets you edit meta descriptions.
  • H1, H2, H3 Headings: Usage of headings allows you to build a clean and structured webpage, devoid of scattered information. This is an essential aspect of Shopify SEOplatforms.
  • Shopify SEO amenities allow your website to be mobile-friendly for a convenient experience. This directs more visitors and increases sale-statistics.
  • Shopify SEO services use Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, which form a secure link between the server and the browser, thereby ensuring website security. Shopify Usage statistics


Summing up

There is no denying the fact that such adopting organic methods to drive tons of traffic can lead to humongous amounts of sales, and Shopify SEO has been crafted to perfection for the same.

Shopify covers a multitude of tasks, including optimizing your store to the best of its capabilities. The sales for retailers so far have been tremendously great. Click To TweetAdditionally, it’s the reasonable price range, alluring layouts, and several other benefits make it one of the finest eCommerce solutions.

By focusing on the architecture and composition of your site, you can curate a coherent and seamless platform for your audience. We know for a fact that Shopify is a wonderful website for eCommerce and online shopping, which, when combined with a fluent experience, makes it one of the bests out there.

If you religiously complete all the Shopify SEO checklists, you will soon find yourself delving deep into the sea of huge online traffic!

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