The Right Analytics Tool for Your E-Commerce Store

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the primary tool that helps analyze the website traffic. But you need others analytics tool for analyzing advanced metrics, such as events and user’s behavior. Click To Tweet

Google Analytics will help you understand the source of your visitors and how long they stay on your pages. Other analytics-specific tools help understand users’ behavior, how they progress through your sales funnel and where you may lose them. Google Analytics help you track conversion, but to track real actionable data; you need to focus on events and sales as well.

Different tools come with a different set of features and price ranges.

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KISSmetrics is a comprehensive ecommerce analytics solution that provides very detailed information and helps you increase customer acquisition and retention rates. Click To Tweet It provides some more advanced features than Google Analytics such as codeless event tracking setup, sends behavior-based emails automatically, and the core functionality of Kissmetrics – tracking people, not just page views.

This KISSmetrics analytics solution comes in three plans – Self-Service ($220/month), Growth ($500/month) and Power ($700/month).

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The most advantageous thing about Clicky is that it’s extremely easy to use, even without experience. What sets it apart from main competitors is that website owners receive live information using Clicky. Click To Tweet Along with access to basic features, Clicky gives you access to premium features such as heatmaps, spying, engagement reports, uptime monitoring and much more.

Clicky comes in five difference plans – Free, Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Platinum, and Custom. All new accounts receive 21-day free trial on premium services, with the ability to track up to three websites and a combined 1 million daily web views.

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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg offers very comprehensive and user-friendly graphs. Users get information in the form of heat maps. It helps you know which areas of your website need more focus, and which areas your visitors are ignoring. Click To Tweet
Depending on your requirements, you can choose among four different pricing plans offered by Crazy Egg – Basic ($9/month), Standard ($19/month), Plus ($49/month) and Pro ($99/month).
Some of the other tools are Adobe Marketing Cloud, Metrilo, and Retention Grid. You can select a tool that best suits your requirements, expectations, and budget.

Though every tool has its own features, it’s always best to combine two or more tools to achieve the best marketing analytics for your e-Commerce store.


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