How to Research Your E-commerce Competitors?

It is a mistake to just concentrate on your online business and not be aware of the activities of your e-commerce competitors. Click To TweetWhy? They could point to you the way to conduct your online business. You could learn many things from them, i.e. their most effective marketing strategies, mistakes to avoid, how to deal with customer problems, and so forth.

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If you want your ecommerce business statistics to improve, you need to know your competitors. Click To TweetHere are some ways on how to research your e-commerce competitors so that you can achieve your online business goals faster.

Ways on How to Research your E-commerce Competitors

Google your Competitors

Use Google to learn all the pertinent information about your competitors. By using this search engine, you will be able to know who among your competitors are at the top. Just do a search of your industry and Google will show the companies that belong to the top 10.

If you are not satisfied with the information from Google, you can use other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and many more. Although they may differ in their individual research strategies, the data that you will get from each will likely be the same.

Visit Your Competitors’ Websites

Now that you know who the top 10 are, your next step is to visit their websites. Just clicking on the links provided by Google under their company names will lead you to their homepages. From there, you will be able to know important things about these companies, such as their:

  • bestselling products or services and related information or specifications
  • company history
  • board of directors or company officers
  • marketing promos, specials, discounts, and limited offers
  • main offices and local branches
  • prices of their products or services

If you already know the names of your competitors, you can also type their names in these search engines, and you will be lead to several pages that will show you where to get the information that you need. Just click on the links that are provided and you will be shown the web pages where you can get the information that you need.

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Investigate their Websites

Aside from getting salient information about your competitors such as their ecommerce business statistics, their websites will also reveal two important aspects of their online operations. These are:

Their SEO strategy

You will be able to check their inbound links that direct visitors to their websites. Checking on the on-page keyword technique on their web pages will also reveal the SEO strategy that they are implementing. You will be able to see this by doing a quick search on a particular keyword. Witness how the search engines rank your competitors. Of course, the search will also reveal your standing among your competitors, if you are already active in the same industry.

Their Website’s User Experience

You need to examine the user experience of your competitor’s website. It will show you why they are the spearheads in your industry. Look at what they are offering and then compare them with what you offer on your website. Can you easily understand what they are offering in just a few seconds of reading their contents?

Can you easily see the uniqueness of their websites? That is how they brand themselves. You should be able to see and note the big differences between them. Take note of these key features and evaluate your own uniqueness. Then follow their technique in presenting the distinct features of your company or product.

Examine their Use of Social Media

Most leading ecommerce organizations use social media in promoting their companies and products. You should, therefore, visit their pages in various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Read their company profiles. Did they fill out all the fields completely? Are there compelling texts and striking photos included in their company and product profiles to describe what they are offering?

How frequently do they post their contents and photos? How many followers and fans does each of your competitors have? Are they using paid contents or are they posting their own organic contents? How are their fans and followers reacting to these posts? What types of posts are most appreciated by their followers and fans?

These are all the critical information that you will need to understand how your competitors are using social media to promote their brand. You will need this information to formulate the steps on how to position your company and your product against your competitors.

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With this information, you will be able to see the areas that they have not yet taken advantage of and formulate a strategy that will help you effectively open these areas to market your product profitably.

Buy from Them

Buying from your competitors is probably one of the best ways to evaluate why they are at the top.  By purchasing their products, you will be able to experience how they treat their customers.  How friendly are they in answering your questions? Have they delivered the goods promptly? Did their product truly deliver what it promised?

There are still many things you need to know about your competitors. But with the tips given above, you are already on your way to improving your ecommerce business statistics.

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