Amazing High-Converting Social Media Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2020

Are you planning to launch your next social media marketing campaign? If yes, then that’s really great!! Next, the question would be where can I get inspiring, creative social media marketing ideas?

Running campaigns in social media is a pretty competitive. With hundreds of thousand of campaigns in social media, it is going to be difficult to stand out.

Striking the right chord might take a while, especially if you are just beginning to explore social media campaigns. Social media campaigns are powerful since it represents the face of your brand right to the customer.

A direct to customer interaction always brings in trust, reliability, credibility and more importantly customer satisfaction. If you get your social media campaigns right, then you have won half the battle.

While this sounds good, this can also turn the other way around. A poor social media marketing campaign idea can get down your brand image considerably and put your credibility beyond repair.

Below are key factors which determine the success of a Social Media campaign:

  • Spend enough time to understand the market. Every market is different. Assuming what worked in a specific market will work everywhere is a common mistake.
  • Know more about the product. It may be your products, but getting more insights about the product is key to any campaign.
  • Stay in touch with your customers. Get enough feedback, reviews to understand what customers require.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. Knowing what your competitors have offered or can afford to offer is crucial. This can be cutting edge market differentiator.
  • Be unique. While going with the flow is good, getting out of the box social media marketing ideas can help you hit a successful campaign.
  • Never ever over commit. This is something that can badly disappoint customers and can have a negative impact on your brand.
  • Make it spread and let it be viral. This is one of the most challenging aspects. The more you amplify, the better your turn out for the social media campaign.

There is certainly a specific reason why some social media campaigns work and perform well while some social media campaigns don’t. Amplifying your social media marketing campaign is the way forward. With multiple social channels, you can use various techniques to build your campaigns. Click To Tweet

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So, are you looking forward to getting some awesome and creative ideas for your social media marketing campaign?

If yes, then, in that case, hold on.

With these tips, let us look at few remarkably best social media campaigns.

Examples of Best Social Media marketing campaigns:


Domino’s, a popular pizza brand is known to come up with out of the box creative social media marketing campaigns. Right from the start, Domino’s shows customers the different modes in which they can order their favorite dish.

The Domino’s “Anyware” campaign shows multiple options to customers, something which can’t be missed.Domino’s “Anyware” campaign

Known for its fast deliveries, Domino’s also ran a marketing campaign showing automated pizza bots which would be used for delivery. This was in partnership with Starship technologies where they built a lot of bots that used AI to deliver pizza.

Bots used AI to deliver pizza

Another noteworthy campaign by Domino’s is their Pizza personalization challenge where customers can create their own unique pizza. This included a competition called ‘League of Pizza Legends’ which encouraged people to create innovative pizzas and share it over social media networks.

League of Pizza Legends

This certainly was an instant hit with multiple shares and likes.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola known for its beverage has also provided few really inspiring ideas for social media marketing campaigns. One such campaign includes focusing on recycling of plastic bottle. The Ad which made rounds on various social media channels was titled as “Love Story”, which showed the two plastic bottles falling in love with each other over and over again.

Coca-cola has also announced its plans to recycle all its packaging by 2030. This was yet another reason this campaign got a viral turn over.

Coca Cola social media marketing campaigns

Coca Cola provides a unique tag line to every advertisement it puts over social media. A reason which gets people curious and many not only end up watching the Ad but also share and like it.

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One such campaign named “Taste the feeling” made several rounds over the Internet. This being a simple Ad, provided thoughts about everyday moments and the joy of drinking Coca Cola.

"Taste the feeling" campaign

Coca Cola has never missed amplifying its brand over key events. One such event is its commercial which was launched around Rio Olympics. Though this was primarily a TV Advertisement, this was viewed multiple times over different social media channels.

Coca cola-Rio Olympics campaign

Another popular digital campaign from Coca Cola is its ‘Share A Coke’ campaign. This allowed people to customize Coke bottles through Facebook apps. This allowed the labeling to be changed with a strong message about the brand.

‘Share A Coke’ campaign

Red Bull

Red Bull energy drinks are in the market for over 29 years. It is a well-known brand for few, while a certain section of customers is not aware of it. To create more brand awareness, they hit Instagram campaigns popularizing their brands as well as the different events they conduct.

Redbull-Instagram campaigns

With a series of brand-driven images, this is a not to miss campaign.

Girls Scout

Girl Scout is a non-profit organization based out of the USA and has been around for over 100 years. It is popular for its cookies. Being one of the oldest brands, a lot of people do know about it. While this is popular, one issue that Girls Scout faced is its low app downloads. Owing to this a lot of people struggled to locate the nearest Girl Scout store.

To popularize their app, they engaged a twitter campaign. It used an app card over Twitter, following an app install campaign. This allowed users to download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on twitter.

Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on twitter


TVibes was launched in 2014 and is a company that allows customers to create their own TV channels. The customer can choose their audience to view the channels. As part of increasing customer engagement, TVibes used Facebook. It started this by integrating with Facebook, where users could use TVibes apps from within Facebook.

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This campaign increased its app download by almost 50%.

TVibes used Facebook


Dacia which is a subsidiary of Renault used Facebook to amplify the brand. The campaign illustrated details about the car along with test drives.

Dacia used Facebook to amplify the brand

Through a simple social media marketing campaign, Dacia saw an increase in its customer base. With an increase in sales having almost 60000 cars sold in 3 years, this is one of the successful campaigns.


KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) popular for its chicken has an inspiring history about the founder which they used to popularize the brand. In most cases, when we speak about social media channels, LinkedIn is something that we don’t think about.

Contrary to this, KFC used LinkedIn to unveil the company’s founder, Colonel Sanders.

KFC used LinkedIn

This was not the real Colonel Sanders but spoke about the current representation of the founder. With no surprise, this campaign was a real hit and was liked by several. This again makes a great example for an out of the box best social media campaigns.


If you ever thought that only perishable or non-perishable products are suitable for marketing campaigns, then think again. Experian, one of the leading credit reporting agencies provides services. This invokes dealing with data and still was able to successfully launch their #EXPERIANSTORIES by Experian campaign.

This includes a series of video showcasing employees and real-life stories. Inspiring and based on personal experience this campaign dealt with stories which audience could connect easily. This was amplified using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and multiple channels.

Experian campaign amplified using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and multiple channels


Pampers a brand known for baby diapers not only was keen on increasing brand awareness but also wanted to showcase its idea about helping people in need. The #BetterForBaby campaign includes a series of videos and inspirational stories that speak volumes about the brand.

One such video represents a true life story where Pampers worked with a family which has a baby with cystic fibrosis and the company is involved in remodeling the baby’s room.

Pampers-#BetterForBaby campaign


Social media marketing campaigns can be extended beyond products. The release of Deadpool movie DVD was added as part of a social media campaign. This was across multiple social media channels. The unique way of starting this campaign was in sync with the character of Deadpool, something which most Deadpool fans won’t miss.

Deadpool- Multiple social media channels


McDonald’s a well-known eatery came up with an “I’m Lovin It Super Bowl campaign”. This included fun tweets.

McDonald's-“I’m Lovin It Super Bowl campaign”

McDonald’s explored the super bowl advertising space. McDonald’s set the #BlingMacContest around Valentine’s Day. This simply required users to tweet Valentine’s love vow with the mentioned hashtag. With this, you could win 18-carat jewelry.

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The uniqueness of this campaign made it extremely attention-grabbing were a lot of people had fun tweeting and sharing. The outrageously large response made this campaign a huge success.


Colgate a well-established brand in toothpaste created a social awareness campaign. This focused on saving water and creating more awareness. Being done for a social cause, this was a campaign which was an instant hit.

Colgate-created a social awareness campaign

Every social media marketing campaign need not just focus on the product. Sometimes going beyond the product and showcasing a social cause is a nice way to run a successful campaign.

Colgate also publishes a series of inspirational stories in the form of short video over various social media channels. Their promoting perfect smiles campaign has seen multiple likes and shares.

Colgate video over various social media channels

The stories include various celebrities as well as stories from different individuals.


Cadbury is one of the oldest chocolate brands has never shied away from using social media to increase brand awareness. One such campaign is its “Joyville Taster”. This was a Facebook campaign that focused on finding the first ever Honorary taster.

This comprised of a competition that the user needs to enter by describing Dairy Milk in one word.  The winner for this competition could get a chance to make a visit to the Cadbury factory and taste the sample products.

This was again a very unique proposition which made this the world’s greatest job. Included with its reward, this campaign gained extreme popularity.

Cadbury-“Joyville Taster” Facebook campaign


Revlon, known for its cosmetics gained immense momentum by its #GoSlay campaign. This included a 2-minute video which shows Cornish to use Revlon ColorStay 24-hour long foundation and roam around the streets of NewYork.

Series of such #GoSlay made rounds over Facebook with multiple likes, comments, and shares.

Revlon-#GoSlay campaign


Caprese which sells bags is popular amongst certain age group. Recently it hit social media by including a contest over Twitter.

This campaign becomes viral within a day and enjoyed extreme brand amplification.

Caprese-hit social media by including a contest over Twitter

An associated incentive with such social media campaigns is a huge advantage that Caprese enjoyed. Again, a great strategy to think about.

Urban Decay

Known for its different cosmetics, Urban Decay certainly has a lot of competitors to worry about. This brand too hit social media marketing by engaging a competition. This was primarily done using Pinterest and was also run on multiple social media channels.

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Urban Decay-Primarily done using Pinterest

One Plus

One Plus mobile phones hit success through effective social media campaigns. It released a series of videos demonstrating the phone features and by setting a sense of urgency amongst people to grab a deal.

Simple yet eye-catching short video with product demonstration was the biggest hand behind the successful running of these campaigns. Within a short duration, the brand became popular.

Constantly One Plus comes up with user experience videos where users share their experience of using One Plus. Very intelligently One Plus focuses on geographical regions and makes suitable videos which users of that region can relate to.

One Plus mobile phones hit success through effective social media campaigns

Final Thoughts

There is no single recipe to master social media marketing campaigns. Running best social media campaigns  requires you to be watchful and be aware of the market trends. This requires innovation, creativity blended with out of the box ideas.

To run social media campaigns, one must experiment with using multiple techniques. Click To TweetGradually working on multiple campaigns can provide deep insights about campaign performance and give ideas for your next campaign.

The best way to do this is by looking at successful examples. Learn, implement, evolve is a cycle you would have to follow to create awesome social media marketing campaigns.

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