A Quick Guide for Selling on Facebook in 2019

Did you know that by March 31, 2019, there were over 2.38 billion monthly active Facebook users, worldwide? Moreover, 1.56 billion users are accessing their Facebook account daily. No wonder Facebook is considered one of the biggest platforms for ecommerce and product promotion. Click To Tweet

In fact, it is considered the best place to start or give a boost to your new ecommerce business. It is popular, it’s convenient and of course,the login is free. The best thing is that it offers a user-friendly option for selling all kind of goods.

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Have a look at the various ways for starting ecommerce with Facebook.

Ways of Selling on Facebook

Facebook keeps on updating its software for preserving a convenient and comfortable experience of their customers. Click To TweetHere are the three most popular ways to sell on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

It allows the user to create communities and groups for sharing posts and even selling products. When you upload a product, the member of your group will share your post with their friend and known. It will give you free promotion and recognition on Facebook.

This way the information about your ecommerce will reach to anyone interested in your service. He/she can then contact you through the private messenger and buy from you.

Facebook Page

Facebook pages are an excellent way to promote and sell your products. The process of selling here is simple, quick and very convenient. You upload the details about your product along with its specification and other details. Your follower will see it, and anyone who needs it can then contact you in your private messenger. The customer can also track their orders progress with the real-time tracking of your Facebook business page. About 50 million businesses are already using Facebook pages for selling on Facebook, and these pages are getting 2.5 billion comments per month.

Facebook Page

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If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, have a look at the steps to create one.

Create a Facebook page

  • Go to facbook.com/business and click “create a page” at the top right corner.
  • Select the business type from the list of business Facebook shows (choose closest one if your business falls under multiple categories)
  • Fill in the Facebook detail form with your business name, address and more.
  • After filling the details click “Get Started”
  • Upload profile picture and cover picture for your profile. You can also use a logo
  • Fill in the details like short description and create a username
  • Add details about your messenger, contact, contacting time, and post something about your business
  • Your page is ready for sharing and attracting business

Facebook Shop

The Facebook shop is a rather new feature of Facebook. It lets you present your product in a separate custom application in a Facebook page tab. These stores have quick options for sharing, browsing, scrolling, and purchasing. In some countries, Facebook stores also allow online payments and other forms of transaction which make buying a lot easier.

Facebook Shop

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If you don’t have a Facebook and want to create one, start with the following steps.

Create a Facebook Shop

  • Open Facebook and log in to your business page
  • On the left-hand side of the page, you will find a button “Shop.” Click it
  • In case, you don’t see the button, go to template setting in the setting menu and edit the template to shopping.
  • Clicking the shop tab will reveal a popup, click “get started” in it.
  • Another pop-up will open and ask for business detail, fill them and click next.
  • It will then ask about mother details like location, Facebook payment details, product to sell and a lot other. Fill them all
  • Once you are done with these details, it will ask you to add shipping options. Remember, Facebook doesn’t allow international orders and the maximum shipping period is three days. Moreover, it will enable the customer to cancel an order within 30 minutes if you haven’t shipped it.
  • Finally, you must agree to the terms, and configure the payment method. Usually PayPal or stripe (depending on your country)
  • Upload your product with details about payment and description. You are ready to sell the products.

Building Facebook Pages and Stores

Apart from creating direct pages on Facebook, you can also use a third-party application or ecommerce, web builder. They will help you to create an online store which then automatically links to your Facebook Store page.  These web builders allow syncing, multiple payment options and a lot of other additional features.

Here are the ecommerce web builders that you can use for selling on Facebook:

E-commerce Web Builders Used for Selling On Facebook


Shopify is the highest rated ecommerce website builder in the market. Whether you need template designs, features, flexibility pricing or the usage, it is the best in all of them. Currently, the application has over 600,000 merchants with 20,000 clients and drives 25% of social media selling. Its sale amount has reached as high as $63 billion in recent times.

E-commerce web builder-Shopify

Add Sales Channel

Connect Account


As for Facebook connectivity, it is straightforward. There is a free Facebook channel that comes all the paid versions of the Shopify app. You must set up this application, and Shopify will handle the rest. It will connect to your Facebook account, create an online shop and start selling your product on it. It comes with benefits like:

  • Easy pone clicks product addition for the Facebook page
  • Sell and track an order through Facebook messenger
  • Organization option to add banners or change columns
  • Automatically update your Facebook account whoever you add make changes in Shopify app.

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 Big commerce

With an annual growth rate of 28% and an average uptime of 99.99%, the Bigcommerce online store builder is the second most popular online store application. This application comes with some very advanced tools that allow you to make more personalized and interactive pages. It can also help you to create targeted Facebook advertisements and track your campaigns.

The process of connecting this application with Facebook is very similar to the Shopify app. You must log in the Bigcommerce store, add the Facebook app to it, fill some details, and then upload your products for sale. You can also use some videos and step by step guides for reference.

Bigcommerce online store builder

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Connect with Facebook

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Unlike Shopify and Bigcommerce,Squarespace is not a full-time ecommerce builder. It’s an all-rounder builder that allows you to create all kind of website including portfolios, business sites, and blog pages.

However, it has some advanced features that come in handy for selling on Facebook. It includes services like:

  • Option for email campaigns
  • Integrates with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too
  • Add maps surveys, forms and more
  • Use videos blogs, events, and images for better promotion
  • Mobile optimization for checkout pages
  • Options for abandoned cart recovery

Moreover, it has many ways for social media connectivity. You can push, tag, integrate and share your product across the platform with this website builder.

Apart from these three web builder, you can also choose Wix for enhancing your Facebook store selling. Wix is a drag and drop type website builder with some pretty impressive graphics and visual options. For Facebook connectivity, it uses an application called Ecwid. This app is one of the most known ecommerce apps for Facebook and has a network of over 40,000 stores.

Proven Tips for Attaining Better Market at Facebook

After building the Facebook page, store or joining a Facebook group, you will have access to sell your products. However, you will need something to promote your products. Here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy for enhancing the popularity of your products on Facebook.

Run Facebook Ads

Posting about your product isn’t enough. To sell and increase the popularity of your ecommerce you must run ads. Studies say that 26% of the Facebook users, who click on an ad, make a purchase.

Run Facebook Ads

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You can also prefer to use some sponsored advertisements for getting more audience.

Carousel Ads

Facebook carousels are a type of advertisements where you can show more than one product at the same time. It let the user scroll left to right to see different products.

They are a significant push for Facebook advertisements that can ensure a hike for your ecommerce.  Digiday says that these types of ads can increase click-through rates by over ten times.

Carousel Ads

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Facebook Ads Carousel Design

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Encourage Sharing

One way to promote your business is to encourage your customers to share them. Coming from a friend, family or known person, this type of promotion has very high chances of conversion. You can add some deals like a discount of a few percents for every share or a gift coupon for every reference.

Facebook video

Digital videos are the latest trend for promoting your product and ecommerce. The videos are compelling because they are interactive and go viral very quickly. So, make some video and viral-able content, it will increase the popularity of your Facebook channel, hence attract more customers.

Facebook video

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In fact, a lot of ecommerce are already adopting this policy. The videos are making 25% of the total digital ad spending by the US. No wonder, 29% of the advertisement on Facebook are videos.

US-Facebbok Company Revenue

Image Source

Final Words

Selling your product on Facebook is a very flexible and cost-efficient way of increasing your ecommerce. Click To Tweet With strategic posting and advertisements, it can help you start and develop a successful business within no time.

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These are only a few details about the selling process; there is a lot that you will learn with it.

So, set up a Facebook account and step into the world of ecommerce that too on your terms and conditions.

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