15 Profitable Fashion Business Ideas for 2020

Many of us in our day to day life have a small fashionista within us. If you are an avid fashion specialist, then setting up your fashion business would sound the most appropriate thing to do. Click To TweetThe word “Fashion” provides a broad spectrum and there are so many accessories you can sell.

For instance, you could focus on men’s fashion or women’s fashion or kids’ fashion. Similarly, within these, you could focus on specific items such as handbags, earrings etc. If that isn’t enough you can also have a dedicated website for pet fashion accessories.

Fashion business ideas are ample, and this can at times be confusing. A lot of things that we use in our daily life can inspire to give you a fashion business idea.

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Here we have listed down some of the coolest fashion business ideas that are not only interesting but are also profitable.

Profitable Fashion Business Ideas

One thing that sounds most appealing is to sell apparel. This is an idea that hits the mind first when we speak about fashion business ideas. However, even within the apparel, you can list down several items that you could sell.

Apparel for a specific category of shoppers

You might have come across several online stores that sell multiple kinds of clothing. However, to target specific customers you can channelize your store to sell clothing for specific categories of shoppers.

For instance, First Cry is the first place that you think about while shopping for toddlers and kids. While First Cry has several categories of products, you would never miss to check out their clothing collection for kids. It’s not just restricted to clothes but also provides other fashion accessories such as footwear, eyeglasses etc.1. Apparel for a specific category of shoppers

To start with, you can focus on a specific category of shoppers such as Men’s clothing and then take it to the next level and explore other categories. You would find multiple such categorized fashion sites. For instance, Myntra, provides well-categorized fashion products. Myntra also includes home and living fashion items as one of the categories.

Not having your own brand but selling multiple brand products on your online store is a great idea to sell fashion products. One such example is Myntra. They provide an exhaustive list of items they sell and include multiple brands.Myntra categorized fashion products

If you have your own linen ideas, then you can get ahead and provide your fashion apparel. You can include different colours and sizes that are available and make a perfect online store to sell some unique fashion apparel as shown below.Unique fashion apparel

While you might find a lot of online stores for clothing, these stores are never short of shoppers. By incorporating a great marketing strategy, this is one such fashion business idea that can attract a lot of fashion shoppers.

You can consider an exclusive jeans shop, maternity clothing, lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, sports fashion to name a few.

To stand out better you can focus on the sale of specific items during specific times of the year. For instance, you can focus on winter wear based on climate or ethnic wear during the festival period.

Focus on Linen

If selling apparel seems redundant, then you can focus on fabric. Linen can be used to make great fashion clothing as shown below.Focus on Linen

Similarly, you focus on specific fabric material such as cotton or silk. You can sell fabric material which fashion designers can purchase. To add on, you can also provide consultation for fabric estimate where you can specify the fabric yard that will be required for a design.Focus on specific fabric material

This also gives you the opportunity to sell wholesale fabric material to brand factories.Wholesale fabric material

To create variations to your store, in case you have the right skill set then you can also provide tailoring services for specific cloth dimensions such as small, medium. Large etc.

Associate with Rural Artwork

Handicrafts, clothing which is created by incorporating rural art are hard to find. You can get associated with small scale industries and sell these products on a commission basis. This is a great way to help rural art reach the market and also help in making some quick sales while you can also share the profits.Associate with Rural Artwork

This can be extended to specific art forms such as tribal art. Vintage jewellery is something that is trending and finding good design is challenging. This is a good option to look out for in the fashion business.Vintage jewellery

Fashion Blogger

 In case you do not want to invest in building a store, then becoming a fashion blogger is another good business idea. You need to be updated about the latest fashion trends and can create unique blogs.

Within fashion blogs, you can add tons of creativity and can include a fashion celebrity interview or market other popular brands using your blog. Becoming a fashion influencer lets you promote your fashion ideas without bothering about inventory management or shipping.Fashion Blogger

If you do not want to set up your own blog, then you can get associated with a well-known brand and publish blogs on their website.

Fashion Mentor

Alternatively, you can choose to be a fashion mentor and help in styling. Grooming and styling are popular in some of the professions such as front-end executives, flight attendants, models, etc.

In case you have relevant fashion designing skills then you can look out for being a fashion mentor. Sometimes also referred to as Fashion guru or Fashion coach this is a unique business idea.

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Fashion Reviewer

Fashion reviewer is someone who reviews every styling statement especially of top celebrities. This could be through multiple social media channels or YouTube.

This is again a good fashion business idea which can help people choose accessories, colour schemes cautiously. In case there are new fashion trends, then you can highlight these to your audience and provide more information on where this stuff can be purchased.

A fashion reviewer simply provides views about any specific fashion trend that is new to the market or is being worn by a celebrity. They are also sometimes referred to as Fashion Police.

Fashion Video YouTuber

YouTube is a platform that can be used effectively to reach your target audience. A fashion YouTuber will spread words of wisdom around fashion and styling.

For instance, you can simply upload a tutorial on how to wear a tie. Similarly, there are multiple hairstyling, nail art, beard grooming and several others which can be included. Fashion Video YouTuber

All you need is to understand the viewer’s requirement and you can create helpful videos.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography requires enormous skills especially when people require fashion portfolio building. In case you are inclined to professional photography then this is an option to check.

It is hard to find good fashion photographers and hence makes it a good fashion business idea. You can setup a business to help people build styling portfolios and photoshoots.

Fashion Event Management

Besides, being a fashion photographer, you can be part of fashion show management. You can help people design better styling statements and co-ordinate a fashion event such as Lakme Fashion Week.

However, the above-mentioned business idea may require you to have prior expertise in this field. This also requires a lot of effort and can be challenging at times.

Wedding Designer

Special occasions such as weddings require good fashion designing. Here is another option for the fashion business. Groom, as well as Bride fashion styling, is mostly outsourced to a wedding designer.Wedding Designer

As a wedding designer, you would be responsible to choose an appropriate dress for the occasion, choose the color scheme for the couple, list down the accessories, makeup and everything required for styling the couple.

Pet Fashion Store

Ever heard of pet fashion store? If you are a pet lover, then dedicating a fashion store for pets is a great idea. This usually includes different accessories for pets.Pet Fashion Store

You can start a pet boutique and sell accessories for multiple varieties of pets.Accessories for pets

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade and well-crafted jewellery is popular among shoppers. This is one of the most popular fashion business ideas since you require a minimum investment. You can simply setup a Facebook or Pinterest page and get started to sell products.

You can also include other handmade products such as a shoulder bag, wallet. One such example is as shown below:Handmade Jewellery

Evening and Party Wear

It is hard to decide what should be worn for a party or an evening gathering. Here is something you can focus on completely and provide not only clothing but also accessories options for parties.

One such example is shown below where you get all varieties of party wear.Evening and Party Wear


This is probably a fashion choice in case of cosplays or for Halloween days. You can setup a website dedicated to this where you can sell as well as rent costumes.

This is a good fashion business idea since you would not find enough online stores catering to this category of fashion.Cosplay

Fashion Designing

Usually we associate fashion designing with clothing. However, fashion designing also includes accessory designing. Accessories such as earrings, handbags, purse, hair accessories, hats, jute bags, shoe designing, watches, bracelets,and many others can be included over here. You can setup a boutique for such multiple items.

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You can also add logo imprinting services for T-shirts. A complete wardrobe consultation service can be considered.Fashion Designing


Over here we have seen multiple fashion business ideas. You can mix and match some of these ideas and add a creative touch to build your online store.

Finally, setting the right fashion business store requires tons of marketing and creativity. Click To Tweet Having said this, there is a lot that can be explored within the fashion industry.

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