Most Popular E-commerce Customer Service Apps to Improve Sales

Customer service plays a vital role in any e-commerce business. While there are a lot of E-commerce customer service apps, you need to manage customers, resolve queries and provide the required information. Small or big online store, you certainly would need to provide customer service.

There are several e-commerce customer service apps available in the market. When we speak about customer service, there are multiple things that need to be included. Some of the customer service areas are:

  • Live chat support
  • Ticketing support
  • Email support
  • Chatbot
  • Knowledgebase
  • Technical support
  • Sales support
  • Over the phone with a toll-free number
  • CRM
  • Feedback
  • Survey

Well, the list can be customized based on our requirement. However, customer service covers a lot of stuff.

More the sales, the more you would need customer support. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you certainly would require customer service. If not now, then down the line as your sales expand. Click To Tweet

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E-commerce business is predicted to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. Such is the growth of in the e-commerce business. This rocket shooting growth is one of the catalysts to think more about e-commerce customer service.

So why is customer service important?

Did you know a lot of decision making happens through your customer service? Below are a few facts about customer service as predicted by well-known brands.

  • “95% of consumers talk about poor customer service experiences with other people” – American Express
  • “52% of customers said a good customer service interaction influenced them to purchase more from the company and 58% of those customers recommended the good companies to others” – Forbes
  • “69% attributed their good customer service experience to a quick resolution of their problems” –Zendesk

Below is a statistic which shows how customer engagement is important and parameters that can lead to repeat customers.

Customer engagement

Courtesy: Strategic Customer Service

Well, this showcases how important is customer support and why it is important to invest enough when it comes to designing and building efficient customer service.

Over here we will speak in more detail about popular e-commerce customer service apps that would make a difference and improve your sales.

List of Ecommerce Customer Service Apps to Improve Sales

Before we get into more details about these apps, let us see different classifications for customer service and the popular apps within each of this.

  • Email Support
    • Zendesk Support
    • Help Scout
    • Gmail
    • xSellco
    • Gorgias
  • Social Media Support
    • Hootsuite
    • Sprout Social
    • Facebook messenger channel
    • Buffer reply
  • Live Chat
    • Olark
    • Tidio
    • Chatra
  • Phone support
    • YouMail
    • Aircall
    • Google Voice
    • Grasshopper
  • Help Content tools
    • EasySlide
    • FAQ by POWr
    • HelpCenter
  • Survey Tools
    • Survey Monkey
    • Zoho
    • SurveyGizmo
  • CRM tools
    • NetHunt
    • Greenrope
    • Salesforce
    • Highrise
  • Mobile apps for support
    • Insightly
    • Capsule

These are some of the most popular tools and apps which are commonly used for e-commerce customer service.

With this let us look at some of the details of these apps.


Zendesk customer service apps

Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service apps. Several e-commerce stores rely on Zendesk services. This is an omnichannel customer service and engagement platform. Zendesk supports complete customer interaction across multiple channels which includes emails, phone, chats, social media channels.

This also has ticketing functionality and can integrate all of this at a single place. This reduces managing too many portals and context switching, thereby improving productivity. Zendesk can be integrated with multiple other third-party apps such as – MailChimp, shipstation, Trustpilot.

Several e-commerce platforms provide inbuilt Zendesk support withfree trial and various pricing plans.

Zendesk can be easily integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, JIRA, and several other popular platforms.

Olark Chat

Olark Chat a live chat tool

Olark Chat is available with BigCommerce as well as can be bought separately. It is a live chat tool. You can customize your chat according to your need. Olark has chat automation along with detailed reporting capabilities.

This is an easy to install chat tool. You can configure various automation rules and customer service is made easy with Olark.

Olark has team collaboration management which can be effectively used in case of large teams. This comes with free trial period and paid plans are available based on your requirement.

Olark can be used in combination with several third-party apps such as Salesforce, Slack, HelpScout, Zendesk, MailChimp, google analytics, to name a few.

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Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey-Conduct and collect survey data

Survey Monkey is one of the leading brands to conduct and collect survey data. This is a great way to conduct a survey and know customer insights.

The basic plan is free and you can ask 10 questions per survey.

If you need advanced features, then you can avail one of the paid plans. Several customizations and reporting features are also available in Survey Monkey.

Customer Guru

Customer Guru-Survey platform

This is yet another survey platform which can be integrated with Shopify. You can sign up for free with a 10-day trial as well as choose any paid plan.


Freshdesk provide multiple channels to customers

Freshdesk like Zendesk can provide multiple channels to customers. Supports ticketing, live chat, social media integration, automated tracking, reporting, emails, customer feedback management and many more.

Freshdesk provides a lot of customizations. Also supports team collaboration and knowledge base creation. This is available with21-day free trial for every plan.


Clickdesk is a tool that supports live chat

Clickdesk is a tool that supports live chat, video chat, help desk, mobile app, social media interactions. This also has inbuilt analytics and reporting features.

Clickdesk has a free plan limited to 30 chats. However, you can also opt for one of their paid plans. It has several advanced features such as chat transfers, group chat, chat conferencing, to name a few.


Acquire mostly used for its live chat

Acquire mostly used for its live chat has several other intuitive features. This has video and voice call functionalities. You can also have co-browsing which can be used to share the screen and resolve issues.

This also has analytics and reporting support. You can start a free trial. The paid plans have several features. This is one of the top choices for e-commerce customer service.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction-online customer community

Get Satisfaction focuses completely on online customer community. Here you can customize and allow user profile management. This is purely for customer management and engagement tool.


Insightly-Consolidated CRM

This is a consolidated CRM which can be used to manage all e-commerce customer service related information. This helps to manage customer service data better and provides good insights. Insighly’s analytics support can be used to improve sales gradually.


Capsule-Insights about your business

Capsule lets you get insights about your business. You can store and manage all your customers at a single location. This is a mobile app and also works offline.

Capsule supports calls, chats, emails, messaging and is available for iOS and Android. This has free as well as paid plans.

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Freshsales is a CRM

Freshsales is a CRM which uses AI. This has phone, email, and activity capturing capabilities. You can find a sales lead and all conversations related to that lead with a click of  a button.

This helps to manage your workflow better. Freshsales has a 30-day free trial and has paid plans which provide an array of intuitive features.


HappyFox is a customer service tool

HappyFox is a customer service tool that can track various customer related issues, reply to the issues and process feedback. Here you can also create a knowledge base and manage customer communications more effectively. HappyFox has a separate Magento integration.

HappyFox supports social media integrations, reporting, analytics, ticketing, support automation, and several other e-commerce customer service specific tasks. The plan starts at $29/month.


Kayako commerce customer service solution

Similar to Zendesk and several other Omni-channels platforms, Kayako is used as a perfect e-commerce customer service solution. This can provide live chat, email, multiple language chats, Facebook and Twitter support.

Kayako provides shared inbox to have better collaboration. This has context driven customer support which lets you understand your customer requirement better. All paid plans come with a free trial.

Salesforce Desk

Salesforce is a popular CRM

Salesforce is a popular CRM which has Salesforce Desk to provide better customer service solutions. This has multiple customer-focused features. Using this you can use various social channels such as Twitter, Facebook.

Salesforce Desk has support for email, phone, chat or via the website. This has a free trial and base plan starts at $25/month. It comes with all the features you would ever want including multiple reporting.

You have to look no further for a better e-commerce customer service app.


Grasshopper provides a 24/7/365 support

Grasshopper provides a 24/7/365 support option. This focuses more on call options. It has VOIP, call forwarding, texting, desktop app, and mobile app. You can use your existing number or toll-free number or vanity numbers.

Grasshopper supports unlimited minutes. The plans have custom greetings, reading of voicemail, wifi calling, inbound fax, voicemail with base plan starting at $26/month.


E-commerce customer service is something that can’t be missed while setting up an online store. This is not just restricted to chats or emails but goes beyond this. Click To Tweet

Through this blog, we have seen top ecommerce customer service apps for live chats, social media integration, feedback, emails, survey, CRM, mobile apps. Using the right e-commerce customer service app lets you interact better with customers and can in-turn drive your sales.

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