8 Best Link Building Tactics for Online Retailers in 2020

Ever wondered how the top-ranking pages on Google’s first search page get there? These websites use the progressive link building strategies which create the strongest backlinks.

The best way to get your website on the first search page is to improve your SEO link building tactic. But it is not an easy task.

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You can get your platform to appear in the top searches without employing these strategies. There needs to be an expert level of skills in keyword research and a whole lot of patience for Google to notice your page. But who knows how long that will take? Invest your time wisely! Take the next step and incorporate these link building tactics to take your eCommerce game to the next level!

What is Link Building?

Link building is a strategy of constructing strong backlinks or commonly referred to as one-way hyperlinks to a webpage. These methods are employed to increase search engine visibility. Click To TweetSEO link building can be a perplexing task, but it is also one of the most rewarding ones.

Are you looking to increase your website’s search rankings and traffic? Link building is a key Search Engine Optimization strategy to improve it! Several strategies for link building for online retailers include email outreach, content marketing, fragmented link building, constructing useful tools, and image management.

How to Start Link Building for an eCommerce Site?

Are you new to the whole online eCommerce game? Are you confused about choosing from the different ways to increase your website rankings and traffic? Are you ready to take your business to the next level online? Let’s take a look at some of the link building for online retailers’tactics that you can start using right away!

Use influencers for building brand-loyal relations with customers

The first thing that can be done for link building for online retailers is using influencers. Research suggests that millennials prefer brands that are organic and rooted in individuality. Employ influencers to construct links and content assets.

Create a good website

The heart of all link building strategieshas a strong web platform. The website needs to have captivating blogs, stunning infographics, and interface. Try to do something different, go beyond the usual website structures to retain the audience.


You can also give free samples to bloggers and influencers in your niche and ask them for reviews. These will generate attention and interest in your product. This is the easiest way to increase engagement and channel traffic to your eCommerce website. It definitely helps in link building for online retailers.

Try video marketing

Videos are a great marketing tool as they strike a personal chord with the consumers. The visual appeal of the narratives, how-to videos, humorous stories, and witty comedy is great to pull traffic to your brand.

Which are the Most Useful Tools for Link Building?

No matter how well you study on link building for online retailers, you will require online tools and platforms which provide real-time statistics. These platforms have a huge database of people looking out to connect and promote your brand.

Hosting your link building strategies on these sites can help you make a huge difference to your SEO game plan. Let’s have a look at some of the best platforms for your link building campaigns and connect with people who will generate content assets for your eCommerce site.


Ahrefs is a link building and SEO management platform. It is easy to use for people who don’t understand the technical terms and also has a lot of advanced features that are bound to make a difference in your link building game. It has various features like keyword research tools, technical SEO site audits, rank tracking, and content explorer, to name a few.Ahrefs


Ahrefs have this special “Link Intersect” feature that helps you to see websites that are linking to your competitors, excluding your platform. This is the easiest way to see how strong the competitors’ link building strategies are. It is a paid platform but has a lot of features apart from just link building.Link Intersect



Having a strong Public Relations team is essential for creating strong link building strategies, JustReachOut is the perfect assistant! With a large number of journalists and reporters, you can make high-quality links to your website!JustReachOut


JustReachOut can help you make links that will land quality PR from popular news sites like Forbes, BBC, New York Times, The Daily Post, etc. The most compelling feature of this platform is “Source Search.” This feature helps you discover source requests from different media platforms like Twitter, HARO, and ProfNet. JustReachOut is very simple to use and helps you connect with journalists that are not commonly represented by any other influencer sites.

Group High

Group High has a huge database of influential bloggers that can help you conduct outreach campaigns. Find bloggers and influential people in your website’s niche. Although it is not commonly used for SEO link building, a lot of agencies route their link building campaigns from GroupHigh. Group High


You can use the services of these bloggers, not just for link building but also for content promotion. Some interesting features of Group High include the built-in outreach platform that will help you design your emails and the “Metrics” feature. The “Metrics” feature allows you to filter bloggers based on social media following and much more.

What are the Most Effective Link Building Methods?

Broken link building

One of the approaches is to identify broken competitor links. You might want to reach out to the publisher and request them to replace broken links with your website links.

These pages might have been deleted or taken down due to various reasons. These pages and websites are considered to have broken links.

So, how do you go about link building for online retailers?

You can discover such websites and competitor pages which have broken links and work for replacement tactics. The most common replacement tactic is outreach emails, and you can use tools like Ahrefs for it.

Steal links from mediocre/dead web pages

Ever came across a competitor website that has a very substandard content but had an outstanding number of links it had? Do you feel that your content is superior? You can outreach to these links and ask for a replacement. You can take the backlinks report from any of the leading tools discussed earlier.

There are many websites and eCommerce sites that have shut down because of improper link building for online retailers. But they still have existing links made to them. This calls for an opportunity to make your content get visibility and creating powerful backlinks.

Encourage brand mentions and giveaways

The brand name has a certain weight to it. The repeated mention of the brand name on different blogs and websites can help garner attention and curiosity towards your eCommerce site. You can use tools like Awario and Mention to keep tabs on the websites which are mentioning your brand. These tools help you get real-time alerts when some links generate a mention. Awario


Giveaways are exciting and can help you generate information-rich reports and embedded infographic. You can promote your website to people who would genuinely benefit from it. Giveaways are very fast-moving and garner quality backlinks easily.

Use Common BackLinks Tool (CBLT)

Ever noticed how your competitors have several backlinks in common, which you don’t? Why not explore those possibilities as well? Use Common Backlink Tool (CBLT) to analyze such links and try to build links to them. CBLT will generate reports which have not only competitors’ backlinks but also the sources and techniques they have used.

What are the More Technical Aspects of Link Building/SEO?

Your eCommerce website needs to be ticking all the boxes in technical SEO for it to be able to support your link building tactics. Technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization will make it easier for the search engines to perform on the quality and quantity of backlinks.

When looking into link building for online retailers, you must not ignore the importance of technical SEO. You might not be able to reap the full advantages of Search Engine Optimization efforts amidst poor technical SEO.

Tackling the technical SEO before link building is important to have excellent site performance, not overshadowed by poor SEO practices.

Your top objectives with technically strong SEO are to certify that your eCommerce site is:

Effortlessly crawled by search engines

Be careful while choosing the selections in purchasing your SSL certificate. Make sure it covers all the sub-domains that you need. Take into account the future requirements of your website before purchasing the certificate.

Has amazing compatibility within different platforms

Make sure your website is coded correctly to avoid any problems. Glitches may arise due to poor site management and coding practices. Develop consistent web management practices before moving on to link building strategies.

Loading speed is fast on mobile and desktop

Page speed can drastically affect user engagement and reduced site performance.

Efficiently implement WordPress plugins

You must be mindful of the few plugins that you have on the website and how they are updated. These updates need to work with your WordPress application for smooth operation.

Have no issues with misconfigured Google Analytics code

Pay special attention to the coding practices employed as they need to map out with the Google Analytics code for increasing your SERP.

How many Types of Link Building?

Want to boost your eCommerce site’s search ranking? Having the correct type of links on your website is the first step to expand your search ranking, enhance traffic, create the authority of your website, and increase the customer experience.

Let’s take a look at the essential type of links that you will require in your link building strategy.


Backlinks are the incoming hyperlinks from other websites to your site. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors to boost the search rank. The more the number of backlinks, the greater is the search rank that your site will generate.

Here are some tips that will help you generate better backlinks:

  • Look for high authority domains like .edu and .gov
  • Remove or disable bad links
  • Look for links for different sites; diversity is the key
  • Create interesting and valued content

Outbound links

Links form your website to other websites can also improve your site’s search ranking. These outbound links are valuable to your site visitors and help them get a faster reference to the content that you included. A common way to include outbound links is to observe your content and place links anywhere that you feel that visitors might want to explore that content.

Outbound links to legit websites will improve the value of your site to the visitors. It will also boost the authority of your website. Make sure to configure these external links to open in a new browser so that your site is not lost in navigation. Also, keep track of them.Outbound links


Internal Links

Internal links are a great way to make visitors explore the full bounds of your website and help in link building for online retailers.Search engines can understand the structure and relations between different content you put on the site. Internal links help search engines recognize the important pages on your site and help potential users to find it easily.

Including internal links is very simple. Observe your website content and notice where you mention some things which you already have a detailed guide or information on. This will redirect the visitors and help you make the people stay on the site for a longer time.

Final thoughts

Building links for an eCommerce site might be an exhausting process for a few businesses. However, with the help of online tools and different techniques, you can create powerful links and generate higher search ranks and traffic to your site.

Be patient and outline a plan for the link building and follow through. Stay focused and try different techniques to see what works best for your website.

What are you waiting for? You can crush SEO competition using these tactics and strategies for link building for online retailers. You will have steady traffic and search ranks on your website in no time!

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