Instagram Marketing Strategy to boost your number of followers

In today’s social media driven world, it is very important for businesses to be active on social media and have their presence across various platforms to sustain and survive in this competitive environment.Presence on Instagram is very crucial for a business, your company’s social media marketing strategy is incomplete without having an Instagram marketing strategy incorporated in it. Click To Tweet

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for everyone, including big brand names, advertisers, and end consumers. Around 500 million Instagram profiles are active daily.

Instagram is amongst the top marketing channels for e-commerce businesses. This visual platform provides a high rate of engagement with the viewers, making it the perfect channel to display your products.

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For businesses which already are on Instagram, congratulations you are on the right track. But remember that having an Instagram profile will not result in sales for you. In order to drive sales and earn revenue, you will need to have an Instagram Marketing Strategy to gain Instagram followers.

Some Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies

Profile is recognizable for an effective Instagram marketing strategy

What is your business? What do you have to offer to the viewers? What information do you want to pass on to the viewers? Your Instagram profile should be able to answer all these questions. You should try to add some personality to your profile, make it attractive and interesting.

For an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you need to choose a name and image for your profile which is easily recognizable. Click To Tweet For example, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) has a number of popular fast food chains under its banner like Burger King, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, etc. If a user is searching for Burger King, should he search for Burger King or RBI? You need to use a name and logo which is identifiable by the end consumer.

Your profile Bio which is the description at the top of your profile is the first things visitors will see on visiting your profile. You can use up to 150 characters to write an interesting profile bio. Let people know about your business, about your product, give them a reason to follow you.

A few examples of intriguing Instagram bios are:

  • WeWork: “WeWork provides you with space, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living.”
  • Oreo: “See the world through our OREO Wonderfilled lens.”
  • Staples: “We make it easy to #MakeMoreHappen”

Use this space to introduce certain hashtags or for adding links. The biggest drawback of Instagram for businesses is that they cannot drive traffic away from the app to their website or any other social media platform easily. Instagram allows clickable URLs only in single “website” box in the profile bio. Hence it is important for you to mention your URL in the “website” box in your Instagram bio.

You can engage users by changing the URL frequently and routing them to the latest blog content or new offer or a new video.

Engage users by changing the URL frequently

Once the URL is updated, you just need to publish a picture which mentions the URL and asking the viewer to refer the link in your bio.

Publish a picture which mentions the URL

Asking the viewer to refer the link in your bio


Hashtags on an Instagram post are the most vital element of it. Using captions help in showcasing the story of your brand and products, whereas hashtags help in showcasing your company’s image and brand to even members who are not your current followers.

Use of apt hashtags is similar to undertaking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research for any blog post or article. Using hashtags means using terms or words which rightly describe or represent your products, making it simple for potential consumers searching for similar products, to find them easily. Using the right Hashtags for your niche is the basis of the Instagram Marketing strategy to acquire new followers which are likely to become your customers. Click To TweetThis Instagram marketing strategy of using hashtags on your photos or posts helps is reaching out to new users and make your brand easily discoverable, resulting in a gain of Instagram followers.


Choosing hashtags:

  • The easiest and safest way to choose hashtags is to use the popular Instagram hashtags like #love, #tbt, #friends, #happy, etc. These hashtags have the highest chances of being searched.
  • Another way to attract users or followers is by using not so popular hashtags but which are very relevant to your product or business. Few users may search for these specific hashtags, but the ones reaching your post will be filtered and having higher chances of being converted.
  • You can also use hashtags which are directly targeted to attract or gain new Instagram followers. Hashtags like #followme, #follow, etc. can be used.

Whichever types of Hashtag you use, remember to include at least one hashtag in every photo or post. There is no harm in using more than one hashtags in a post too.

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You can search for relevant hashtags with the help of free online apps like IconoSquare or Webstagram.

Search hashtags using IconoSquare or Webstagram

A maximum of 30 hashtags is allowed by Instagram for each post. The popular hashtags will keep changing and hence one needs to keep revisiting and searching for hashtag keywords frequently, to make sure you are not losing out on the race.

Instagram Stories

Want to be on the top of the Instagram feeds? Your route to the top is through Stories.

Instagram Stories helps businesses to post regularly without clogging up the main feed. These Stories are usually featured raw, natural images and videos which look authentic. The Instagram feed generally displays polished images and posts, whereas the stories can be more casual and raw. One can use stories to showcase the company’s culture, behind the scene work life of the team. Live events can be broadcasted on Stories, to involve the viewers.

Each time you post a story, you get an opportunity to remain at the top of the Instagram feeds for the next 24 hours. You can post links to your other pages or product information through these stories. Click To Tweet Stories on Instagram are discoverable by using the Instagram Story Search. This search option uses hashtags in the post and your location to help researchers and users to find your story and post

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Adding a picture or video once a month or irregularly is not an effective Instagram Marketing strategy. Such profiles are considered inactive and will be at the bottom of the search results. You need to ensure that your brand name is fresh in the minds of your followers and is constantly on the top of the feed to gain more Instagram followers.

So what should be the frequency of your Instagram post? Studies say that the profiles which post around 1.5 times each day, making it around 10-11 posts a week, make it to the top of the search list.

Instagram Stories

You can post stories in three ways on Instagram:

  • Tapping the camera in the upper left
  • Tapping Your Story + above your feed
  • Swiping right to access the camera.

You can publish live videos or content on your page for followers to watch. Also can create an only text post or add music to an image or video in the post. You can try out various combinations to make your Instagram story intriguing and attracting new users to your page. Whereby gaining the number of followers on Instagram.

Allow to share

Use story settings option


Now that we have understood that one will need to post daily, you must now know what should be and what should not be posted. Even though your final goal is to drive sales and generate revenue through this Instagram Marketing Strategy. Posting only promotional content will put off your followers and you may end up losing them. You need to offer a mixed bag of content to your viewers. The content should be interesting, funny, and attractive. Your content cannot be too “salesy”. You can post wishing for festivals or for celebrating any occasion. You can post pictures of your employees at work or events organized by your company. The only thing you need to remember is to not to wander off to far away from your brand image or profile on Instagram.

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It is challenging to post content which is not promoting your brand, but you need to ensure that you do not post content on any controversial topics or debatable issues. Topics like religion, politics, etc. should be avoided. Unknowingly offending viewers will result in a loss of followers and eventually drop in sales. Click To Tweet

If you are posting a promotion or product information, post it casually. Do not make it too overbearing. Keep the posts short and to the point.


Summary of Instagram Marketing Strategy


Hope this article has been able to give you an insight on how to create a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy. If you are able to implement all the four strategies together, congratulations you are completely ready for Instagram. A combination of all the four strategies will help you gain Instagram followers, whereby drive your sales and increase your revenues.  Try incorporating all these methods and you will be able to create a feed which will make your viewers to click that follow button.

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