Out of Box Ideas to convert visitors to buyers

Infographics: 5 Out of Box Ideas to Convert Ecommerce Visitors to Buyers

Developing a good E-commerce website in itself is challenging. With a lot of expertise in SEO, PPC and email marketing, your website receives curious buyers. Retaining these visitors and offering them out of the box services is equally important.

The success of E-commerce business depends on the conversion of visitors to buyers. Once you receive the desired traffic to your website, the most common question for any E-commerce business is “How to convert visitors into buyers?” Click To Tweet

Knowing your customer market plays a vital role in traffic conversion from visitors to buyers. However, irrespective of the market trends, there are certain innovative ideas that can convert your visitors to buyers on your website.

Visitors can be usually classified as –

  • Genuine Visitor – A person who visits the website with an intention to buy some product
  • Stray Visitor – A person who is redirected to the e-commerce store through a marketing campaign. For example, an advertisement or e-mail campaign
  • Casual Visitor – A person who visits the e-commerce store to check out latest products with or without an intention to buy.

Irrespective of the type of visitor, it is equally important to attract every category of visitors to buy from your e-commerce store.

Below mentioned are the 5 Out-of-Box Ideas to Convert E-commerce Visitors to Buyers:5-Out-of-Box-Ideas-to-Convert-Ecommerce

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