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How to Use Pinterest to Increase Ecommerce Sales: Full 2020 Guide

What do you do to boost your business? In the present scenario, the networking sites are the Tsar of promotions. One such ruler being Pinterest, plays a huge role in the e-commerce strategies. It does not only help the client by sending them numerous qualified leads for sales but also support you in building a strong image for your brand. This article will talk about how to use pinterest for sales.

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What is Pinterest all about?

It is a great networking visual platform that is becoming highly powerful and popular source to generate leads for the e-commerce store owners. If you want your services or products to outshine the rest, the Pinterest visual experience is mandatory. Click To TweetHave you started using this networking visual platform? If not, you are surely missing out on something big.

You need to have creativity at its peak in order to make your Pinterest platform work. The more effort you take, the better are the results as it is seen that 10% more leads referred by Pinterest are likely to make a purchase from you. Before we answer how to use Pinterest for more sales let us learn more about Pinterest.

Pinterest Age, Gender, and Sales Demographics

A really commendable part is the speed with which Pinterest has become a powerhouse for the social media. It boasts around 150 million users within 7 years from its commencement. Pinterest is most popular amongst the businesses and individuals alike.  Around 75 billion concepts on various topics and from numerous users are pinned on this virtual board. Pinterest has come a long way and presently, it is much more than just a storing place for recipes or wedding plans.

A report from the Millward Brown Study reveals that 87% of the people who pin on Pinterest buy what they see on this platform and around 93% surely plan to purchase.

According to the 2016 study by Pew Research, out of the total adult online audience in the U.S., only 17% of the men use uses Pinterest in comparison to the high rate of 45% women. In 2017, the study shows 67 percent of the Americans uses social media sites for some news or the other.

Which age group do you think is the most active in Pinterest? It is seen that this social networking platform is popular among a number of age brackets. From Boomers to Gen Xers, and the millennial, neither of them is lagging behind when it comes to pinning regularly. As per the various reports, 18years to 29years, 35% millennial are the most active users in Pinterest while a close second stands the Gen Xers with 34% usage, and finally the Boomers accounting to 18% users.

As per a study, an average order value on pinterest in $58.95 . Pinterest has left behind Facebook and Twitter user’s average order value at $55 and $49.29 respectively.

So, in what ways can Pinterest be helpful in enhancing the sales of the e-commerce businesses? What are the Pinterest sales marketing strategies to increase E-commerce sales?

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7 Innovative Strategies on How to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce

There are two benefits with Pinterest as your complete marketing strategy. Firstly, the brands are able to hear the follower’s words and secondly, Pinterest helps the brands in selling and inspiring people to purchase their products. Click To TweetWhat innovative strategies of Pinterest work for e-commerce businesses?

Pinterest Verifying the E-commerce Sites

A Pinterest verified e-commerce site or business page instead of any personal profile is very important to protect your brand’s individuality. Your site must be verified in order to thwart the smart copy-cat fraudulent people who create a duplicate site as yours to sell fake products without your knowledge. By authenticating your e-commerce site with Pinterest, you save your identity and win your customer’s faith that you are not a fraud.


Selecting the Right Product to Display on Pinterest

What is your e-commerce site all about? Is it related to handicrafts or jewelry? So, it must be noted that if your site is about accessories or handicrafts, pinning similar images that showcase your business is necessary. If you pin travels or theme wedding posts that will be irrelevant and you will end up with the wrong set of followers. Choosing popular topics from the board will definitely help you gain more followers but the wrong ones.

If your company is well known like the Marvel Entertainment or Sephora with a dedicated set of followers then creating innovative pins of your own will be the best to avoid or minimize social media risks and copyright concerns.


Design Enticing Visual Content

Are you able to give life to your pictures? Yes, your visual content should be attractive as well as it must convey the message that your brand wishes to highlight. A stunningly beautiful image has the power to attract the attention of many Pinterest users and spread like a wildfire. The best thing to do is to test your business. Here we can see how to use Pinterest analytics program Tailwind, to receive data for the most popular pins. You can schedule pins here and view the analytics of every pin.


From Pins to Rich Product Pins

The rich pin validator for the e-com websites is one of the best things that Pinterest have. With the help of this, the fraudsters can be kept at bay and can acquire protected layers of protection. According to the Piqora reports, brands using rich pins have seen an 82% higher repins in comparison to the brands that did not use rich pins.

Mandatory Pin It Button on Your Website

The pin it button is mandatory for every e-commerce site, depending on the kinds of platform usage. In a Shopify site, it is easy to create a pin it button. But, in case you are not using Shopify, Pinterest can help you with the coding if you require some programming. It is best to discuss it with your backend programmer to check on how to use pinterest to execute the button on your site.

For an instance, the booksellers Indigo Canada was searching for different ways to enhance their online business. They witnessed a jump of 50% increased conversions and double social media shares with just an addition of a Pinterest share button on their website.

Mobile-Friendly E-commerce Site

The Pinterest mobile users are more active than the Pinterest desktop users. The Pinterest web traffic for desktop has dropped since 2013. Most of the Pinterest traffic is from mobile devices and it received approximate mobile shares of 50% on iPad.


If you do not wish to lose the sale, the users clicking on Pinterest pins must be directed to a mobile-friendly e-commerce site.

Consistent Pinning

Pinning constantly throughout the entire day can be quite beneficial for your e-commerce site. At least 10-15 times pinning is a must throughout the day. If you have the resources then, you may consider pinning 20-25 times a day also. It can bring you great results. When the e-commerce doesn’t stop doing business at night then why shall your site? Using the Tailwind Pinterest scheduling application can help you in spreading out the content throughout the day.



The visuals make Pinterest most enticing and effective when it comes to boosting the E-commerce sales. Your Branding gets a strong presence with Pinterest and redirects hundreds and thousands of traffic to your e-commerce stores. Let’s check out a few case studies that can give you a fair idea that how people are making it big with sheer dedication, creativity, and intelligence.

Check out Lowe’s journey with Pinterest and how they used fun, exciting and inspirational ways to market their products.

Another such case study suggests how to go viral with Pinterest. It’s an amazing read with full of information and how without a great image also, your products and e-commerce site can reach the heights of success.

Pinterest is the “world’s catalog of ideas”. It is a sales tool and asserts that every single pin is a sheer idea. Whatever be the topic, recipes, wedding, technology, travel destinations, tips for great vacations and more- Pinterest can suggest innumerable unmatched ideas.

To learn more on how to use Pinterest,the social media platform, a video tutorial can be of great help. Isn’t it? Of course, the visual ideas are always more appealing than what we hear. Pictures and images make it all the more attractive. Try Pinterest to enhance the sales of your e-commerce website by creatively creating images that can highlight your e-com site in every way. Click To Tweet

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