How to use online marketing blog to improve e-commerce sales?

We are not new to blogs. The Internet is filled with multiple blogs. However, have you ever heard of “online marketing blog”? Online Marketing Blog is a concept popularly adopted by several top e-commerce brands.

Online marketing blog can be a powerful tool for internet marketing. You can host your blog on your business website. Hosting your blog independent of your business website is not very beneficial. Click To Tweet Well, certainly there are reasons to do this.

You can reap the benefits of your online marketing blog only if this is placed along with your primary business domain.

How Exactly does an Online Marketing Blog Help?

This has a few benefits as highlighted below:

  1. Increases traffic to your business website. This is the main intention behind adding a blog to your business domain.
  2. Create brand awareness. People search for a topic and see an online marketing blog pointing to your business website. Bingo, this just amplifies your brand presence.
  3. Propagate your brand via social media channels. By simply sharing your online marketing blog over social media you can generate enough traffic.
  4. With an inbuilt blog, you can become an authority website over your area of business. Bigger brands such as Shopify, Coca-Cola use this strategy.
  5. Blogs can improve your conversion. High-quality brands attract traffic and can build brand loyalty. Overall you have the potential to improve your ROI
  6. You can generate a high-quality inbound link. Your content can provide a source for several other blogs. This, in turn, will improve your SEO and in turn drive more traffic.
  7. Focusing on long-tailed keywords in your blog helps drive more generic traffic. With your business specific traffic, this lets you also drive traffic pertaining to specific topics relevant to your industry.
  8. Comments and valuable discussion over your blogs can provide good product insights. This builds natural learning without having to do surveys.
  9. More content gives way to more internal links which in turn is seen as good by Google. Your SEO drastically can improve and hence your page ranking.
  10. More pages a website has, the more it can generate leads. This means the more you add blogs, the more you can generate leads.

Well, online marketing blogs have unarguably positive benefits for your brand and can be a medium to boost your sales drastically.

Did you know several top brands use this common strategy?

Top brands dedicate blogs to provide more industry-specific insights. Content is the only way you can drive more traffic.

However, getting started with online marketing blog for an e-commerce business is different from regular blogging.

How bloggers invest time to come up


The above trend shows us, how bloggers invest more time to come up with engaging and high-quality content. With the growing number of internet users, blogs have become an integral part of any online store. Click To Tweet

Online marketing blogs are beneficial, no doubts about this. But do you know there are certain strategies you would need to incorporate in your online marketing blog so that it can boost your e-commerce sales?

Well, this is exactly what we will discuss further over here.

How to Use Online Marketing Blog to Improve Ecommerce Sales?

1. Press Release and News

You can simply add a blog post speaking about your latest press release. This gives a chance to speak volumes about your product and everything that the press release was related to. Below is an example which speaks about what Starbucks is doing to make a difference.Press Release and NewsSo, readers understand what is trending for a specific brand and is a good way to give more exposure to the brand. People reading these blogs would be keen on knowing more about the product.

Similarly, in the below example you can see a press release statement is transformed into a blog.

Example,press release statement is transformed into a blog.

Such content when hits the market can give a better view of the company growth and get more customers.

2. Affiliate and Associate

An affiliate helps to improve your traffic. If an affiliate sees quality content, then it’s likely that your information will be shared. This can rapidly reduce additional marketing efforts. Affiliates are willing to share content on a commission basis.

There are multiple affiliate websites and all you need is to find few of those top performing affiliate websites. Below is an example where one such affiliate – dedicates a complete blog speaking about Breitling Emergency watch.

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Content embeds a link to the original site

The content embeds a link to the original site. This way you can explore multiple affiliates and increase your market presence.

Similarly, you can get associated with a complementary product and can be added within their blog. The more your content spreads in the market, the more the chances of having an increase in sales.

3. Social Media handlers

Propagate your blog over social media channels. Share the blog across multiple channels. Alternatively, you can provide different social media handlers using which contents can be shared easily.

Here is a content which lets you instantly like it as well as share it across different social channels.

Social Media handlers

This again is a great way to increase your traffic. This way more people learn about your product and your ideas around the product. While this seems like a campaign blog, it has a powerful message right at the header.

The title – “It’s a slam dunk for Coke’s new recycling campaign” does create curiosity amongst readers to more about this campaign. The more the content gets shared, the more people will explore your products. Such an online marketing blog can be a gold mine to improve your sales.

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4. SEO

Developing content without an SEO strategy is not helpful. Using an SEO strategy can let you focus on keywords and can develop quality content. This can be easily listed on top Google search. Only when your content is found by users, will this become a strategy to improve sales.

Many e-commerce stores also add a knowledge base which contains blogs not completely related to the product but could be a broader topic. For instance, in case you are selling tea, then you can add recipes for making different kinds of tea.

However, such content needs to be focused on SEO strategies to optimize the content. Few of the common SEO strategies as highlighted below should be implemented within the content.

  1. Eye-Catching heading
  2. Relevant Image
  3. Page optimization
  4. Backlinks
  5. Regular posting of content by using a blog calendar
  6. Adding relevant product videos

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In the below example Nestle Milkmaid provides a series of recipes in its blog section. While this gives tons of knowledge, this also markets the product.

Nestle Milkmaid provides a series of recipes in its blog section5. Email Marketing

You can generate an email list and run personalized email campaigns. You can target customer purchase habits and develop a strategy to target them with specific blogs which can drive better traffic.

Such promotional emails can target specific blog topics. This helps the reader know more about the products you sell and gives a better chance to improve your sales. Below is one such example where Intel provides an informative blog as shown below. With information, there is also marketing of the brand which in turn can attract customers.

Email Marketing6. Discounts and Deal

Within the blogs, you can provide actionable links. Even better, you can show Ads displaying discounts or grab deal messages. When you write a blog at the end you can add a message stating the user to try the product.Discounts and DealThis strategy combined with effective SEO can enhance your sales. Everyone loves deals, discounts and this stands a better chance to increase your sales.

Add limited period discounts

Over your online marketing blog, you can add limited period discounts as shown above.

7. Case Study and Stories

Blog content can be about relevant topics. However, you can also add a case study based on your experience. A case study adds more credibility to your product. You can maintain a separate case study section wherein you can publish user testimonials and case studies.

Adding inspiring stories will motivate more users to join the bandwagon. Allowing customers to share their stories in the form of blogs within your store website can be a good marketing strategy. This lets the world know some inspiring and true-life stories which in a certain way is related to your product.

When people read such stories, they feel associated with the brand and increases brand awareness. In a way can market the brand and increase your sales. One such example is as shown below where Starbucks provides information about romantic stores around the world.

Case Study and Stories

Social impact stories give a personal touch to your blogs and readers can understand better your social causes. Below is one such impactful story.

Speak about the brand and creates awareness

The blog while delivers a powerful message, also speak about the brand and creates awareness about the brand. Gradually a great way to expose the brand better and in a way can increase sales.

8. Product Launch

Getting a topic for your online marketing blog can be at times challenging. This depends on the niche you are looking for. You can simply add blogs about your new product launch and speak the advantages of it. You can also add a general-purpose blog speaking about an event that was celebrated within the organization.

Product Launch

Below is one such example where OnePlus dedicates a blog showcasing what is unique about their phone by using #NeverSettle.

OnePlus dedicates a blog by using #NeverSettle

Such blogs let readers get a better perspective about the product, something which they would not be aware of. With more readers hitting this content, certainly, this will gain more sales.

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9. Popups

Popups are sometimes helpful over blogs. As the reader is about to leave the website, you can provide a popup showing products or display offers or simply grab email id to add to your email list available in your store. You need to watch the exit intent carefully. This is a great way you can attract reader attention and let them know the products you have. A great way to market your product.


In the above example, the email Id is captured which can be in turn used for email marketing which is a great strategy to improve sales.


Online Marketing Blog


With an online marketing blog, you can blend a lot of innovative techniques that can not only help drive traffic but also create interest amongst reader. Click To Tweet

Many e-commerce stores miss out giving much priority to developing online marketing blog. However, an online marketing blog can amplify your market presence instantly and can also build customer loyalty.


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