How to cut down the rate of shopping cart abandonment – Infographics

Today, the most common problem among e-commerce store owners is shopping cart abandonment. It has become a nightmare for the e-commerce site owners with the ever-increasing rate of cart abandonment.

The Baymard Institute report from more than thirty-seven sources reveals that the average worldwide cart abandonment rate is 69.23% as on January 2017. But there is a good news, out of this, 63% can be recovered as per the reports suggested in the BI Intelligence.

Today, customers are very demanding and they settle for nothing less. They want a maximum buck for their money and continue to hunt for the very best deal. Fortunately, cutthroat competition, among e-commerce stores, has led to unlimited options for customer and customer can compare all the e-commerce deals from the comfort of his/her house.

Here are some of the best practices to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Best-practice -to-reduce-high-cart-abandonment-rate

You want to the know the reasons why shoppers change their mind and leave the cart after spending so much researching, comparing and selecting an item or product? – Read More

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