8 Effective Strategies to Make Money on YouTube: The Full 2020 Guide

YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world. With over 1.8 billion users, it is increasingly easy to make money on YouTube as of 2020. This guide explains everything on a few strategies that may help your YouTube income in 2020.

YouTube gives you an ocean of opportunity to improve your sales. With so many viewers your YouTube channel can provide you several ways you can make money on YouTube. Click To Tweet If this still doesn’t seem convincing, then let us quickly check why YouTube is considered as a gold mine to monetize.

  1. There are over 1.9 billion users logging in every month. With more than half of the internet population, YouTube is one of the most preferred places to watch videos.
  2. You can optimize your content by using standard SEO techniques. This helps in improving your viewer base.
  3. YouTube supports sharing, and also subscription which over a period generates more viewers for your content
  4. You can have viewers spread across multiple geographical locations. This is one of the best parts of YouTube content
  5. Ample of opportunities to make a video viral, provided the content is right and unique
  6. YouTube provides ample opportunities to monetize your content.

Clearly, YouTube lets you monetize, and you can have additional income for your e-commerce business. However, before going any further a point to note is that YouTube provides a strict policy for monetization.

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These policies are updated regularly by YouTube and can be viewed on the official YouTube website. This can be viewed in the support section as shown below.YouTube provides policy for monetization

Let us quickly check on how this review process works, before we see how we can make money on YouTube.

YouTube Policies for Monetization

To make money on YouTube, the first thing is to check all the policies. YouTube has well-defined policies which are imposed before authorizing any user to monetize on videos. The YouTube reviewers review the video channel and not look at each and every video.

Hence the complete channel must follow certain guidelines. Some of these include:

  1. Checking the main theme of the channel. This must be closely associated with your product.
  2. The reviewer views the most viewed videos.
  3. The review also includes the newest video
  4. Basic checks on metadata such as titles, description, thumbnails, etc. for the channel
  5. They might also check other aspects of the channel such as the average length of the video

The reviewing process ensures standard channel guidelines and policies are followed. This can include reviews of any video within the channel and can vary based on the reviewing.

If YouTube finds any video that is violating the community guidelines, then such a channel is not eligible for monetization. There are strict guidelines which are mentioned as shown below:Strict guidelines

Courtesy: YouTube support

Further to this, let us check how to make money on YouTube.

How do you make money on YouTube?

In any case, if you want to seek monetizing opportunities on YouTube, then you would require launching your business YouTube channel. Click To TweetThere are multiple guidelines on how well you can build a successful YouTube business channel.

Once the YouTube business channel is setup, the next part is to add as many intuitive videos as you can periodically. Make ways for your channel to be found. Clearly, here YouTube SEO techniques play a key role. YouTube SEO is a bit different from a conventional SEO and hence if you are a beginner then its perfect to know how to enhance YouTube video SEO.

Additional features such as subscription, shares, likes, comments give brownie points to your videos. This is clearly the best way to capture more viewers. Now to make money on YouTube your number of viewers and subscribers play an important role.

YouTube has 2 rules in case you want to join the YouTube partner program.

  • To join the program your channel should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers
  • In addition to this, you should have 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

Once you have both of these criteria meeting, then your channel can be applied for the YouTube partner program. With this information, let us look at different options that are available on YouTube to monetize.

8 Ways to Make Money On YouTube Channel

YouTube AdSense

Google AdSense focuses on placing different Ads in videos. To get paid from YouTube you will require an AdSense account. In case you already have an AdSense account then you can use the same account across multiple channels.

In case you do not have an AdSense account, then you can setup a new one using the YouTube guidelines. This is free to setup and makes your channel eligible for Google Ads. The AdSense setup is simple, and the revenue gets computed based on clicks or impressions.

There are 2 types of AdSense accounts which can be created.

  • Business Account
  • Personal Account

AdSense allows users to generate revenue from Ads used within the videos.

YouTube partner program

The best way to make money is by being a part of the YouTube partner program. As mentioned earlier there are few requirements to be a part of the YouTube partner program.

  • The YouTube channel should have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • There must be 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months
  • You should have an AdSense account to get payments
  • Your channel needs to abide by the YouTube guidelines and policies

With all this, you can apply for the YouTube partner program. Once you have applied, YouTube will take some time to review your channel. Before approving, the channel is sent for review. This is a manual review and hence can take some time.

Sometimes for certain channels, YouTube provides approval within a few weeks. However, in certain cases, the delay can be for an extended period. Being associated with the YouTube partnership program can allow users to make money using different avenues that YouTube offers. Not just Ads, but there are other options also available.

Revenue from Ads

To get revenue from Ads you need to have an AdSense account as mentioned earlier. There are multiple advertisers who may choose your video. However, your video content should be appealing enough so that advertisers are comfortable to choose your video.

With more advertisers, you would have more openings to generate money. Avoid making content that would be considered controversial. This can reduce your chances of finding the right advertiser.

To be applicable to accept revenue from Ads, you must be above 18-years as per YouTube guidelines. Overall YouTube does not provide any restriction;however, your video should be advertiser-friendly.

The Ads being displayed depend on the context of the video, metadata, and similar such parameters.Also,YouTube does not guarantee that Ads will be displayed every time.

YouTube provides a clear guideline on Ad formats as shown below:Guideline on Ad formats

Courtesy: YouTube support

Below are a few scenarios where YouTube will not consider your video for Ads:

  • Video may consider age-restricted content. This depends on the topic in the video.
  • Video may contain limited features. In case the video does not violate YouTube policies however has certain content that can be offensive to certain users, then YouTube will turn off specific features such as comments, likes etc. Such videos are considered as having limited features and are not eligible for displaying Ads.
  • Video may contain third-party claims. If you have existing copyright disputes on your video, then YouTube will not show Ads till the dispute is resolved.
  • Video may be set as private. Private videos are extremely restricted videos. Below is a visibility categorization of the video content as provided by YouTube.Visibility categorization
  • If the account settings have Ads disabled for your channel, then no Ads will be displayed.

Per video earning can be viewed by using YouTube analytics.

Partner Sold Ads

YouTube also supports Partner sold Ads. Specific content will have a set of pre-defined advertisers. Video makers work directly with advertisers to show Ads on their content.

This means even if YouTube does not consider your video suitable for Ads, still the Ads using Partner Sold Ads will be displayed on your video. Also, this means the advertiser works on the placement of Ads within the content and the brand relevance of the video content.

While YouTube does not take the onus of such Ads, however, the partner is not allowed to sell Ads on content related to tragedies. This means there is a certain level of monitoring and review done by YouTube.

Channel Memberships

To be eligible for channel membership there are some basic requirements as provided below:

With the above requirement, you are only eligible to apply for a channel membership program. Using channel membership, your viewers make a recurring payment in order to avail of specific benefits or perks that your channel offers.

As per YouTube guidelines, to opt for channel membership you would need:

  • At least 30K subscribers and in case you have a gaming channel then you need 1K subscribers.
  • You should be over 18 years and should be a part of YouTube Partner program.
  • There are specific locations that YouTube supports currently for channel membership. Below is the list as per YouTube official guidelines.Channel Memberships
  • Your channel should not be set as made for kids.
  • The channel contains fewer ineligible videos as per YouTube standard guidelines.

YouTube plans to make some amendments to encourage more channel membership and these guidelines may see some changes.

Merchandise Shelf

 To be eligible for a merchandise shelf, below are the basic requirement.

  • You must be atleast 18 years old
  • Your channel should have more than 10000 subscribers.

With this program, your viewers can browse merchandise on your watch pages and make purchases. This is a great way to increase your business opportunity. Here you can display up to 12 products to your viewers. You can change the order of merchandise being displayed.

There are several merchandises you can sell. For instance, if you have a sports shop then you can sell limited edition celebrity autographed products. One such example is as shown below:Merchandises you can sell

While there are no specific restrictions or guidelines on the products you choose, however, to make better sales you need to offer a unique proposition to your fans. Something that would be hard to find and is not readily available in other stores.

Super chats and super stickers

Super chats and super stickers are features were your fans pay so that their chats get highlighted. This has the below eligibility criteria:

  • To avail this feature, you should be at least 18 years.
  • You should live in a country or a region that supports super chat

Such messages in the chat feed appear in a different color. So, when a fan makes a purchase their profile remains on top of the chat feed based on the purchase amount. While your fans add chats, a great way to acknowledge their gesture by saying “Thanks” can help you build more audience.

Super chats allow you to generate revenue and at the same time, you know who your top fans are. Super stickers can be purchased by viewers during live streaming where their thoughts are shared using a sticker. Stickers are available in multiple languages and categories.

The key to earning more super chats and super stickers are by being interactive and giving enough credit to your fans. You can also ask them suggestions on what they would like to see in your next video. Be expressive to your fans and motivate them to continue supporting your channel.

Make tailored videos for your audience. Build up the momentum so that more viewers choose to include super chats and super stickers.

YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium membership is yet another way you can make money on YouTube. YouTube Premium members can view videos without being interrupted by Ads. This is available across specific locations as per YouTube guidelines and premium members can also download videos to view offline. When such users view your content then you get a share of the revenue.

Guidelines On YouTube Video Monetization

To be eligible for monetization on YouTube there are specific guidelines and a minimum number of subscriptions your channel needs to have. Click To TweetIn order to expand your viewer base, you need to upload videos that can gain more subscriptions.

      1. Connect with your audience and showcase your product and designs
      2. Share details about your product along with benefits it provides
      3. Promote your products in your videos
      4. If you are working on sponsored content, then be transparent about the advertisement
      5. Choose a brand partner who can be part of your videos
      6. Motivate your viewers to opt for the subscription
      7. Encourage fans to choose super chats and super stickers
      8. Encourage fans to become YouTube premium members
      9. Add appropriate content Copywrite. Learn more about YouTube video licensing

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