How to Increase E-Commerce Sales Using Influencer Marketing in 2020?

Influencer Marketing is a strategy adopted by companies to increase sales by inspiring consumers. This inspiration is in the form of an influencer who is a person with a large fan following. The job of an influencer is to forward the brand in such a way that the followers will get motivated to buy it. This type of marketing technique goes hand in hand with content marketing and social media marketing.

Have you ever wondered how influencer marketing started? The first record of influencer marketing started way back in 1931 with the Coca-cola Santa Claus Commercial. Coca Cola thought if they used someone the people liked, then their product would automatically sell. Click To TweetThis is the same driving principle that is followed to date for influencer marketing.

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When we talk about influencer marketing, it involves two key constituents, namely social media marketing and content writing. Every kind of influencer marketing has some kind of social-media campaign attached to it. The influencer needs to have one or more social pages on established sites where they can market the product. The rise of influencer marketing began with the boom of social media platforms. Let’s find out more about influencer marketing and how you can take advantage of it.

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Here are a few types of influencer marketing campaigns to inspire your next digital marketing strategy:

Product and content collaborations

These collaborations are with influencers who share the same content strategy and brand ideology. These influencers can bring so much to the table with their unique content and product usage. The way they use or create the content for the brand will adjudge the number of sales they will generate through this type of influencer marketing.

Competitions and giveaways

Giveaways are the most engaging and trending type of influencer marketing. Through the competitions, the consumers can be seen engaging with the brand and discovering new products. The giveaway part of the marketing strategy helps to generate a buzz around the product. A good example of giveaways and competitions is seen around the time of holidays. Various brands employ influencers to float their holiday-themed products.

One of the most popular kinds of influencer marketing is sponsored content. This type of influencer marketing helps the influencer to convert the reach of the brand into sales. Sponsored content is often seen as a “Paid partnership” on Instagram to make sure that the followers know that the influencer is having some monetary gain from this.

Sponsored content is often done with celebrities and famous people because they have the most reach in terms of people. For sponsored content, the influencer is given a set of guidelines that he has to follow to market the product. Even though there are guidelines to follow, the influencers should be given the freedom to design their content as their followers will know if the content was not genuine.


Reviews are in terms of the “unboxing” videos that you see on YouTube. The brand offers the influencer some free products in exchange for an honest review of their social media channel. This type of influencer marketing campaign is considered to be very successful due to the genuine content that is being expressed by the influencer. The brands should opt for this type of influencer marketing if they are interested in creating a buzz for their products. The buzz is created by generating curiosity and demand for the products when the influencer is seen trying them.

Long-term ambassadors

Brand ambassador programs involve a large group of people who are motivated to work with the brand for a long time. These ambassadors are celebrities or influencers who fit the brand profile so effortlessly that they are hired as ambassadors.

The ambassador profile on an influencer restricts them from promoting any other brands with conflicts to the existing brand. There is usually a contract that is involved in this kind of influencer marketing that binds the influencer to the brand.

‘Takeovers’ on your platforms

“Takeovers” on social media platforms is seen as one of the quickest ways to increase the reach of the brand. This type of influencer marketing is usually done by brands that are in the media and technology-related space. These brands can get popular and experienced people to feature on their page in the form of a blog/post. Popular celebrities and famous people can be approached for this type of influencer marketing campaign.

How to find the Right Influencers for your Brand?

When considering an influencer marketing campaign for your company, there are a few things to keep in mind. These points will help you find the right influencer to promote your brand.

Know your audience 

A successful influencer marketing campaign is one where the amount of sales generated is higher than the amount spent on marketing. For having a successful campaign, you need to know your audience. It is advised to hire an influencer who is already an inspiration to your target audience. This way, the audience can strike a chord and trust the influencer for trying out your products.

Getting real with the truth

When launching an influencer-driven marketing campaign, it’s always advised to be real about the content. Tapping the audience’s raw emotional quotient can lead to the success of the marketing campaign. Your campaign should be focused on striking a chord with the target audience.

The more your product relates to the people, the more your product does in sales. The influencer numbers are not only dependant on the reach that they have, but also on how they can convert those into sales.

Establishing trust among consumers

With the explosion of social media and the boom of influencers in the industry, it is no surprise that consumers have lost trust. The trust is lost due to excessive and paid advertising campaigns, which leave the consumer doubting the opinions of their influencers.

So how do you gain their trust?

Establishing trust by getting target consumers to get inspired by brand-loyal consumers is a new technique. This can be done by publishing brand and product reviews. This way, the consumers get a real insight into the product and the brand by real users.

Influencer Marketing Platform

Investing in Software and Business Tools to Find the Right  Influencers

There are a lot of applications and websites that help you to find the right influencer or blogger for your brand. Influencer marketing platforms might charge a nominal one-time fee, or some are even free for use. You can use statistics to analyze and find the perfect influencer for your brand.

1. Hypr– This website has a database of over 10 million influencers with important details regarding their followers and demographic data. The categories which the website uses to group influencers are a great tool for brands to find the right influencers. It is mostly used by larger businesses.


2. Upfluence-This is a very popular tool used by brands to find influencers based on web traffic, social media statistics, and keywords. Upfluence is a search engine for influencers.Upfluence

3. Onalytica– This versatile software provides exposure and management services for influencers. This tool helps to find influencers based on marketing numbers, active social media platforms, the size of the audience, location, and more. You can also find management services if you’re a bigger brand dealing with a huge number of influencers.Onalytica

4. TapInfluence– TapInfluence has a database of more than 30,000 influencers to choose from. These influencers can be chosen from 35 different characteristics depending on language, location, age, gender, and so on.


5. Social Audit Pro– It is a tool used to know how many real and fake followers an Instagram page has. This is crucial as the brands need to know they are not wasting their marketing dollars on fake and inactive followers of influencers.Social Audit Pro

Top Email Examples of Approaching Influencers

For initial contact with the influencer

This type of email should be sent for communication for official communication and to start a relationship with the influencer. Here’s an example shared by Director of Louder, Aaron Agius on Entrepreneur:For initial contact with the influencer

Aaron’s email is short, sweet, and to the point. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of mutual respect and admiration for his latest work. It also has mentioned for future scope of influencer marketing.

For contacting a large number of influencers

It is always advised to contact a large number of influencers so as to receive a larger turnout. This should not be confused with the mass spam emailing. This email should be created for a specific group of influencers who define the brand’s image.

Here, the email template by Nadya Khoja, a marketer for Venngage, who is asking brands for quotes regarding an article she is writing for:For contacting a large number of influencers

This type of email sparks the interest of the influencer. The influencer is bound to respond to such an email because he feels like the brand really understands him.

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For a review of products 

This email template by Aaron Agius gives a very direct and smooth way to get influencers on board with their brand. This email template requests the influencer to try out the products and provide a review so that buzz can be generated for the brand. For a review of products

This is a very simple request which most influencers are happy to oblige for nominal rates.

Cost of Influencers

The hype is currently on the rise for influencer marketing. The amount of investment that you make in influencer marketing should be wise so that it can generate greater sales. It all comes down to the money spent on influencer marketing.

You must be wondering about the average cost of getting an influencer to promote your brand. Well, it depends on a lot of factors, including the type of marketing and how much creativity goes into the content. The more entertaining content, the more sales generated through engagement activity on the post.

On Instagram, influencers are asking anywhere from $75 to $3000 from brands for sponsored content. This figure can vary depending on the demographic, reach, and a number of followers.

Here’s a shocking infographic that is shared by Influencer Vertical on Rates of Sponsored Instagram posts.Rates of Sponsored Instagram posts

How to Effectively use Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are extremely influential in modern times for affecting their followers with their opinion. The followers will follow the brands and products of the influencers that they love. At the beginning of this millennium, influencers were mostly celebrities who endorsed brands. But since then, the term influencer has taken on a much wider meaning.

Influencers are people who have huge followers and are actively known to promote brands which suit their personality.Finding the right influencer is essential as the influencer needs to reflect the brand and the product it endorses. Click To Tweet

There are majorly two kinds of influencer marketing techniques, namely paid and free product marketing.#ad shows promoting the brand

Have you ever noticed the #ad in most celebrity or influencer Instagram posts when they are showing off a brand? The #ad shows that the celebrity or influencer is promoting the brand for some monetary gain. Here we see supermodel Kendall Jenner endorsing a wristwatch brand Daniel Wellington with #ad that tells us that it is a sponsored post.

As for free product influencer marketing, the influencers receive free products from the brands so that they can promote it. The second type of marketing is mostly not paid as the influencers are getting free products in return for promotion.

No matter which path you choose for your brand, choosing the right influencer is the key to creating brand-loyal customers.

To sum it up!

The influencer marketing space is a $5-$10 billion-dollar industry. The rise in the influencer marketing campaigns is a direct impact of the growth of social media platforms. Click To TweetThe way social media has integrated into our lives is the main cause of the survival of influencers.

In this modern-day and age, people are exposed to so much content and opinions that the influencers can harness this as a job opportunity. The opinions and world-views that the influencers share can be instrumental in making or breaking a brand’s image. If done correctly, influencer marketing campaigns can be game-changing for your brand.

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