5 Tips to Find Best Selling Niche Products Online for 2019

With a New Year starting, it’s a perfect time to start sourcing and sell products online and rev up your sales.

Or, if you’re just diving into the e-commerce business in 2019, the first step is to decide the niche you’ll be selling.

In today’s competitive market, the success of a store relies on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. And, to survive in this market, you need to find a sustainable niche. Click To Tweet

Now the question arises, how do you choose the e-commerce niche that’s right for you?

That’s a tricky question to answer as everyone’s experiences, goals, and knowledge base are different.

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However, everyone has to choose the e-commerce niche that suits them. If they don’t, they’ll probably fail.

Many people ask about popular, expensive products. Like, doesn’t everyone want the latest iPhone or a 75-inches LED television? And, you probably think this is the best place to start in e-commerce, right?

No, that’s definitely the wrong place to start.

Just because everyone wants the latest phone or television doesn’t mean you should start selling them. In fact, that’s a pretty good reason to avoid that particular niche as the competition is fierce than ever. According to a report, three-quarters of the retailers say they face challenges in delivery speed, pricing and brand recognition, which make them increase their investment.

So, here are 5 tips on how you can find the niche products that best suits you and your e-commerce store. Also, we’ve compiled a list of products for you that would be trending in 2019.

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Go With Your Passion

As simple as this sound, it’s also essential.

If you don’t enjoy your e-commerce business, it won’t be a source of profit.

For a successful e-commerce business, you have to devote significant time, resources and energy to it.

So, if you have zero passion for the niche to sell products online, your motivation will go down. However, using your knowledge and interest to create and position a unique product will be extremely profitable.

For example, the couple, Cinnamon and Jason, started their doll clothing business when their daughter turned six, and they wanted to satisfy their daughter’s interest for dolls. Cinnamon, is an excellent designer, began running up original doll’s clothing.

Now, their estimate revenue is $600,000 a year with their site Pixie fair.

Pixie fair

So, if you brainstorm a list of items you’re passionate about before diving straight into the business, you’re already halfway there.

Track the Trends

Many products and fads rise and fall in popularity suddenly.

That is why you want to go with a niche that has a consistent upward graph.

You can hop on Google Trends and research your options.

  • Type your keyword in the search box.Track the Trends
  • For instance, you want to search for electronics.Search for Electronics

You’ll see this type of graph to see what’s in the trend and what’s not.

You can even expand or narrow down your data based on your needs.

If you incorporate a graph for the past 5 years, you can get a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

Expand your data based on your needs

Moreover, you can limit your search to a specific part of the world.

For example, if you want to sell products online only in Australia, you can limit the data to Australia and nearby countries.

Search to a specific part of the world

With the handy map, you can display the interest from different parts of the world.

Displays the interest from different parts of the world

This holistic view of the information will help you make a better decision for your e-commerce niche.

Besides knowing about the latest trends, you need to keep yourself ahead on the latest trends. Recognizing a trend early can be a major hit for a new business. It will help you in establishing yourself as a leader before anyone has a chance to.

Some more ways to keep track of what’s trending are social listening, trend hunter and through Reddit.

Do Some Keyword Research

Undoubtedly, organic traffic from search engines is an important marketing channel.

So, if you search for keyword opportunities, you’ll be looking for a product based on the number of searches per month, the products people are using and overall competitiveness of the products.

You can use a free keyword research tool available online. Here we’re using Wordtracker.

Do Some Keyword Research

  • Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box. For example, you want to sell laptops. Type ‘laptops.’
    Enter a keyword or phrase
  • You’ll instantly get some results. You can also restrict your search and look up for specific types of laptops.
  • For example, try ‘Dell laptops’You’ll instantly get some results

Now, the result is more realistic, so does your competition.

After this, you can continue the search until you find useful keywords.

Import the data in the spreadsheet and keep track of the data. This will help in the marketing of your site as well.

Look For Products with Higher Profit Margins

Many entrepreneurs sell hundreds of low priced item.

But, that’s not the much-appreciated way to start an e-commerce business. Instead, you should focus on high-dollar products.

For instance, if you want to earn $10,000 per month, you could either sell 1000 $10 products or just 10 $1000 products.

There are many high-dollar products on Amazon such as Men’s electric shavers, pet supplies, mountain bikes etc. that are sold like hot cakes.

Also, you should focus on low-cost that can generate a high ROI to sell products online. Do not just consider the cost to create the product, but take into account how much it costs to promote, hold and ship the item.

Know Your Competitors

Before stopping your search on one particular niche, you might want to look at your potential competitors.

If you see several sites already dominating that niche, consider avoiding them. Should you still want to go for that niche, you’ll know the hurdles you have to face.

You can check your competition on any competitor analysis platform like Serpstat.

  • Type ‘dog food’ in the search boxKnow Your Competitors
  • Click on the search to see the data about your domain or keyword.
  • You’ll then see stats related to your competitors.Analysis platform like Serpstat

Now, you can decide with who have to compete or whether you can compete or not.

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Most Trending Niche Products To Sell Online in 2019

Travel Accessories

With solo trips in trend and rise in digital nomads, traveling is becoming common day by day. That is why; travel accessories are boosting sales for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

More and more people are looking up for places to travel and the products they’d need for their trip.

For instance, a travel bag is a common item that people want.

Travel accessories are boosting sales for e-commerce

Best places to travelMobile Phone Accessories

With the technology advancement, there are many products that we’ve been relying upon and look forward to buying them. These products include wireless charging stand, phone lenses etc.

Wireless Charging Stand: Nowadays, people are getting rid of all the cords and wires, and this increases the popularity of wireless charging stand.

Wireless Charging Stand

The trend for wireless chargers is on the rise, and this is the perfect time to include this product into your store and sell this unique yet popular product online.

Phone Lenses: Next product in this line would be phone lenses. People are going for phone lenses as these are the best and cheap alternative to DSLR cameras. As people want to change their phone into cameras, this product can be relied upon to increase the sales.

Phone Lenses

As the graph for lenses is on the rise, you can sell this product for a decent profit.

Phone Cases: Since mobile phones are in a rage, there is a new variant coming out every month. With this, there’s a big market for its style and protection.

Phone Cases

Even though there is a slight fall in the sale of phone cases, this market is surely a hit in the coming years. The study shows that the mobile phone accessory market will generate revenue of $93.01 billion by 2023.

Pet Products

Nowadays, the world is going crazy for their pets, especially dogs. Their love for dogs makes them browse for dog accessories and treats more than human items. So, these products for dogs will also be in a rise this year.

Dog Collar: Every dog needs a collar, and with all the tech talks, pet tech is also a thing. In 2019, there will be more tech products for dogs such as collar and their health monitors. So, dog collars will be a profitable item to add to your store.

Dog Collar

Dog collars are steadily rising across the world. But, make sure you put some more efforts into the marketing of your tech dog collar.

Dog Bowls: The dog bowl market is on a huge rise, and this is a good time to include this product to your store. As people are looking for the best products and bowls for their dogs, this is a perfect time to gain some more profits.

Dog BowlsBeauty and Health Products

Health and beauty play a significant role in the urban lifestyle, and so does the beauty tool for both men and women. Not only people want to look good in other’s eyes, but they want to feel confident about themselves. With this being said, beauty and health products are becoming quite popular and picking steam all over the world. Some of the products that will be in trend in 2019 are:

Beard Oil: This product entered the market in 2012 and has become quite popular for some time now. Also, the market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4 percent from 2018 to 2025. As men have started to focus on facial care, these products seem to be one of the most demanding products in the coming times.

Also, the owner of beardbrand has started to earn over $100,000 per month after a few years. You can see the popularity of beard products by this.

Beard Oil

According to the graph, the sales of beard oil are on the rise and will be quite a good option to add to the online store.

Folding Mirrors: Folding mirrors are gaining popularity all over the world as everyone wants to keep a portable folding mirror with them all the time for a quick touch-up on the go. This is also a great product for a decent earning.

Green Tea: Another health product that is in demand is green tea. The sales of green tea are estimated to reach $3.515 million by 2021.

Green tea are estimation

According to the above graph, the sales of green tea are exceptionally good. And, as most people know about the green leaves, it’s not difficult to market the product as well. With affordable options and a myriad of benefits, this product will drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

Security & Protection Products

With advancing technology and do-it-yourself options in home security, more and more customers want to secure their homes.

According to a study, the global security market is expected to reach $290.7 billion by 2025.

With this, there are many products of this niche in the market that will be in demand in 2019. Some of these products are:

Home Security IP Camera: Yes, security cameras have always been in demand, but as they can now be connected with a smartphone for remote access, their demand has gone very high. A report shows that IP security camera market will grow at more than 20% CAGR from 2017-2024.

Home Security IP Camera

Along with security cameras, Wi-Fi security cameras are also in demand. Moreover, these are available in for quite a low price in the Chinese market so marketers can keep a decent margin while selling these products online.

Baby Monitors: Baby monitors are a necessary item to keep an eye on your little one. Baby monitors can be used to monitor your child by hearing the sounds they make.

Tactical Pens: Tactical pens are also in demand and are handy for customers who are into self-defense.

Tactical pens


These pens are specifically designed to provide one with basic tools to fend off unnecessary attention. It has laser beams, knives and tasing capabilities.

The demand for these pens can be seen in the graph below:

Demand for these pens can be seen in the graph

As you can see, the sales of this pen are quite high; this item could be a profitable pick as your e-commerce niche.


Selecting the e-commerce niche is essential as it defines your business. So, picking the right niche and trending product is a great way to boost your sales and drive traffic to your site. Click To Tweet

But, no matter what niche you opt for selling, the trending products are dynamic. So, it’s essential that you always add some trending and most-selling products online. Hope this article gives you a huge head start in your online business, and you have some great profits and sales in 2019.

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