Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing: Use of Targeted Advertising

Statistics show that 75% of online shoppers, add products to their cart but do not check them out.  These missed conversions are not good for your business, they are making you lose a lot of money. In today’s competitive market, you will need to be more proactive and smartly try to convert and close these potential customers and leads too. Let’s understand how Facebook remarketing works and how it will be useful in improving your businesses social campaigns.

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Remarketing or Targeted Advertising is a strategy which can help you remind your potential customers about your brand and products. Click To TweetRemarketing keeps targeting the potential buyers with messages and images of the products they had earlier shown interest in. It may sound impossible and very difficult, however online platforms like Google and Facebook make targeted advertising a simple process.

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Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing or Targeted Advertising means displaying customized ads to viewers who have previously interacted with your brand online or on your website.

How does this work? Whenever a viewer browses through your website or social media page, a cookie or pixel is attached to the viewer’s browser. This will allow your customized ads to follow them on other digital platforms with content centered on the information stored in the cookie. Wherever your users go, these cookies will follow them.

Bigbasket Remarketing

Urbanclap Beauty&Home Services Remarketing

Remarketing or targeted advertising is an established method to entice and lure customers who did not complete the sales transaction, to come back and finish it.

Uses of Facebook Remarketing

  • You can emphasize your message or advertisement to visitors or viewers who have viewed specific pages.
  • Use target advertising on potential customers who bounced.
  • You can upsell and cross-sell the latest products to past customers.
  • Your advertisement or message can encourage viewers to gather more information or complete a pending purchase.

Club Factory Remarketing

Despite the fast growth of other social networks, Facebook is the best option to attain digital marketing success.

As per an eMarketer survey, over 95% of social media marketers have voted for Facebook as the best social network for generating ROI.

So in simple words, if you want to use targeted advertising for increasing your sales, choose Facebook Remarketing.

How to Target a Custom Audience in Facebook Remarketing?

The Custom Audience tool in Facebook has been designed in a manner that it will project your remarketing ads in front of a custom audience who have already shown interest in your products or brand earlier.

One can create Custom Audiences based on the following data:

  • Existing and Potential customers.
  • Website Traffic
  • Activities conducted in different mobile apps.

1. Existing Customers

While setting up a Facebook remarketing promotion, existing customers who have sometimes purchased from you are the best place to start.

Statistics show that repeat purchasers will spend around five times more as compared to other shoppers. Facebook advertisements can help you reconnect with these customers, and entice them to shop more on your website. You can display on their screens newer versions of their past purchases, or offer discounts for related products.

Also, remember targeted advertising does not mean only upselling or converting the cart abandoners. You can use these remarketing campaigns to convert your existing customers into brand loyalists and advocates.

Facebook advertisements

Hopscotch.in Facebook advertisements

2. Website Traffic

If your website is getting some traffic on a regular basis, but the conversions are low, Facebook remarketing can help you. Converting these leads will not be as easy as converting existing customers, however, Facebook remarketing can help in reducing your advertising spend considerably.

Visitors to your website, who have shown interest in your products, make them a high-value target as compared to someone who is unaware of your brand and products.

Website Traffic

How to target these viewers?

  • Select ‘Website Traffic’ in your Custom Audience builder and then mention the URL of the website on which you want to base your remarketing plan.
  • The Facebook pixel will make a note each time the user visits the mentioned website
  • These pixels will help in connecting that viewer to a Facebook profile which will be able to see the remarketing ads published.

Create Audience

These potential customers are only casual browsers, you need to entice them with offers and products to help them close the sale. Try focusing on the new products, their benefits, and promotion codes to grab their attention.

3. App Activity

If you have a custom iOS or Android app, you can remarket to your customers on Facebook depending on their in-app activities.

With the booming growth of social media, it will be a huge mistake to ignore these potential customers who are using your app or have downloaded it.

It is very easy to set it up, all you need to do is register your app with Facebook and then select activities which will trigger your ads on the customer’s screen.

App Activity

The activities can be predefined or customized, starting from the app being opened for the first time or making the final purchase.

Create a Custom Audience

How to target these App users?

  • Go to Create a Custom Audience menu and then select the option  App Activity
  •  Select the timeframe for your campaign. For eg, you can select users who’ve made in-app purchases by mentioning “In The Last 15 days” to connect with people who have made a purchase on your app in last 15 days.

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How to make the most from Facebook Remarketing Campaigns or Targeted Advertising?

1. Relevant Ads

The Facebook audience has varying likes and dislikes. Your remarketing campaign should consider these individual preferences before undertaking targeted advertising on the viewers.  The most effective approach is to strongly enhance your targeting techniques. Facebook’s remarketing tends to focus on demographic data. But demographic data alone cannot help in creating your target audience. Interests mentioned in an individual’s profile can be used to customize “either/or/and” combinations to define the target audience.

Relevant Ads

You can make your advertisements relevant by designing a different advertising campaign for each and every stage of marketing.

2. Relevant Buyers

Before running your remarketing campaign, you need to choose your target audience and the relevant buyers for your products. You can shortlist these high returns audience by:

  • Pursuing viewers who have viewed or visited more than one blog post or any of the landing pages or pricing pages

You can make similar updates for other viewers who have got involved with your content on a stronger level.

3. Correct Timing

One of the major benefits of Facebook remarketing is that it keeps the product and brand alive in a potential customer’s mind.

For your marketing campaign to be effective and have the right impact, the timing should be perfect. You can customize the timing of your campaign depending on your customers and their behaviors.

For Example, if your product has a short sale cycle, it is advisable for you to remarket only to website visitors from the last 15 to 30 days.

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4. Exclusion

We have all experienced remarketing campaigns which are trying to sell products which we have already purchased. These instances should be avoided. They are a huge waste of time and money. And they are also not useful in getting your customers back to the website for a new purchase. To avoid such instances, you should set up your Facebook remarketing campaign in a manner which leaves out viewers who have been recently converted.

Successful targeted advertising campaigns exclude their recent buyers for around one or two weeks, except if there is a cross-selling opportunity available.



Final Words

Facebook remarketing may not always be fun, it can become tedious and time -consuming.But it is cheap, it is effective. Facebook remarketing will bring back your lost sales. Click To Tweet

These targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook can help you maximize returns from your paid advertising by keeping your brand name fresh in the consumer’s mind. They can help in offering incentives to convert the potential customers, and at the same time reduce cart abandonment.

To make the maximum from your campaign, you need to refine your targeting, so that only relevant users are able to view your ads. To maximize the interest level and to avoid any redundancies, it is very important to time your campaigns well.

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