How to Use Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce Business in 2020?

In today’s cut-throat competition within the business landscape, running an ecommerce business successfully has become difficult than ever. You not only need to have a truly worthy product/service that consumers want and need but also a robust multi-channel marketing strategy, with social media being a major and the most cost-effective component of it.

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Take a look at the below image to understand the cost difference.Cost difference


And when it comes to social media marketing, you’ve to consider Facebook marketing. Why? Because Facebook offers you the most cost-effective way to access the largest percentage of your target audience and thus, lets you have a tremendous opportunity of acquiring new and sometimes repeat customers. If you’re still in a dilemma of whether you should build a Facebook marketing strategy, take a look at the below statistics.

So, it can be easily assumed that most prospective consumers are most likely here. And that’s the reason you need to have a concrete Facebook marketing strategy that can go a long way in attaining success for your ecommerce business. To help you out, we decided to come up with this nearly all-inclusive guide to effective Facebook marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

It refers to the process of promoting your brand and maintaining relationships with your target audience to attract customers. It can be done through two ways –organic strategies (free), and targeted strategies like paid ads.

Why Should you Focus On Facebook Marketing?

Though Facebook began its journey as a social media networking platform with the goal of helping people to connect with family and friends, now it has become one of the most effective online sources for marketing a business. Click To TweetLet’s take a look at five major benefits of using Facebook marketing for your ecommerce business.

1. Worldwide massive exposure

Keeping in mind the statistics we mentioned above, it’s safe to say that irrespective of who your target customers are, they’re most likely present on Facebook. It means, by creating a robust Facebook marketing strategy, you’re stepping into a new world of a huge opportunity of attracting new leads.

2. Highly affordable form of marketing

You can create a Facebook page for your ecommerce business free of cost and upload any content on this page. If you want to target your prospective customers, go for Facebook ads, which are quite budget-friendly as well. The overall Facebook marketing expense is much cheaper than other marketing modes like television commercials, billboards, etc.

3. It increases website traffic

By increasing engagement with your target audience, you can direct them to your online store, which directly boosts your chances of increasing your conversion rate.

4. Highly targeted form of marketing

With the help of Facebook ads, it’s possible to target prospective customers based on their interests and demographics. You can also use Facebook retargeting ads to attract those visitors who had visited your store earlier, which increases your chances of converting them.

5. It promotes word-of-mouth marketing

If you can make your content for Facebook marketing go viral and reach the right people, they’ll likely share it with their family and friends. This particular ability to spread word-of-mouth marketing makes Facebook a unique platform that you can leverage to trigger conversations, and, in turn, increase sales.

Do Facebook Ads Help in Generating Actual Sales?

Did you know that Facebook is considered as the most important platform by 61% of marketers? Now, take a look at the below image to understand how Facebook dominates the social media landscape.Facebook dominates the social media


And at this to understand the level of activities performed by major industries on this platform.Level of activities


And finally, at this.Average Conversion Rate


From the above, it’s evident that Facebook offers tremendous potential for ecommerce businesses to boost their growth. And Facebook ads would actually work for your ecommerce business providing you opt for a calculated approach rather than rushing and have got a robust Facebook marketing strategy in place.

7 Top Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Get the basics right

No matter how much time and effort you invest to build your Facebook marketing strategy, they won’t be of any help unless you strengthen the fundamentals – defining your audience and setting your goals.

Start with identifying your target audience based on your prospective customers’ gender, location, education, relationship status, Facebook usage, etc. and how your product/service could benefit them. Set clear and specific goals so that you can build your strategy encompassing them. Though goals differ for one business to another, the most common ones include generating leads, boosting your conversion rate, and improving customer service.

2. Use captivating content in your ads

Remember that even though your target audience checks Facebook multiple times a day, their attention and time spans are limited. So, keep your ads concise and compelling and incorporate stunning images and videos into them to capture users’ attention. Make sure that your images are high-quality and of the right size for your ads. Stay away from using stock photos as most Facebook users are used to viewing real pictures.

When it comes to Facebook marketing for ecommerce success, video ads are considered stepping stones and often convert at higher rates than their static image counterparts. If you’ve dialogue in a video, make sure that the story is conveyed textually, acoustically, and visually because 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. And always remember to post easy to understand videos as it’d encourage the viewers to share them.

3. Leverage Facebook ads

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts, running Facebook ads would be a good idea. Here, you pay to share the content with specific targeted audiences, placing your ad in front of prospective customers to attain customer goals.

Facebook offers lots of options for advertisers like user engagement, brand awareness, app installs, and more. While crafting your Facebook ad, it’s important to maintain the key structural components – post text, headline, media in the form of image or video, and call-to-action. Take a look at the below image.Leverage Facebook ads


4. Focus on cart abandonment

Did you know that nearly 70% of visitors who add a product to their cart will navigate away from it before checking out? That’s a massive percentage of potential sales because those people were already considering buying your product. What you can do is nudge them by creating an ad to ask them if they’ve forgotten to purchase the product. Take a look at the below image to understand how this kind of Facebook marketing effort could be taken a step further by incorporating a discount offer.Focus on cart abandonment


5. Optimize your Facebook Business Page

In order to help people, find your Facebook Business Page easily, you’ve to optimize it fully. Remember to optimize the Facebook Page cover image as it’s the first thing someone sees when he/she visits your page. Take a look at the below example from Sprout Socialwhere they used a color scheme that aligns with their brand.Optimize your Facebook Business Page

Also, your website and blog should have Facebook Like and share buttons to help people find, follow, and share the pages in one click.

6. Utilize carousel ads

These days, running multi-product carousel ads has become an important Facebook marketing strategy since attention spans of people are getting shorter. Here, you can showcase many different products in just one ad unit, which increases your chances of generating more sales.Utilize carousel ads


Though this tip is particularly useful for online stores having large product catalogs, any ecommerce business with multiple products can implement it to capture users’ attention.

7. Utilize posts that don’t talk about selling

While your goal with Facebook marketing for your ecommerce business is to sell the products/services, all your ads shouldn’t be focused on selling. Remember that people tend to ignore blatant ads because they get a huge amount of them online.

Ideally, sometimes you should post something informational and creative without focusing on selling your product/service. For instance, you could post information about an event that you’re going to host.Utilize posts that don’t talk about selling


See how Jasper’s Market isn’t selling anything actively, but the ad contributes to increasing brand awareness and thus, eventual sales.

In addition to these, make sure that you commit to a posting schedule so your target audience knows what and when to expect. It should depend on your audience’s response so be prepared to tailor the messages.

Best tools for Facebook marketing

Though Facebook offers you a huge opportunity to reach a wider and diverse range of audiences, you need super-effective Facebook marketing tools to get the most out of your time and effort. Here’s a rundown of seven such tools that would give your Facebook marketing strategy a solid boost.

Post PlannerPost Planner

This tool not only helps you find pieces of great content but also plan and post them on your Facebook page. Here, you can search based on hashtag, blog, topic, or social media account and get content suggestions categorized by industry.


We’ve already discussed the importance of high-quality videos in Facebook marketing and this drag-and-drop video maker lets you add photos and full-featured videos to pre-built storyboards.


This AI-powered social analytical tool lets you get in-depth social media analytics along with social media conversion monitoring, content ideas, top trends, to name a few.

Headline AnalyzerHeadline Analyzer

If you’re struggling to create captivating headlines for your Facebook posts, this tool can come in extremely handy. Once you plug a preferred headline into it, you get a detailed assessment along with case studies, tips, and examples for each section.

Sumo ShareSumo Share

This tool lets you add social sharing buttons to your site, making it easier for your online visitors to share the content. It also offers a heat map that would help you understand the areas of your web page that are getting the most attention.


With the help of ML and NLP algorithms, this Facebook marketing tool saves you from investing a huge amount of time and effort in finding relevant, shareable content that you can post in the Facebook wall. It goes through lots of online resources and provides you with fresh content based on the keywords provided by you.

Timeline ContestTimeline Contest

This comprehensive tool from Agorapulse lets you boost engagement by allowing you to launch different types of contests, from sweeps takes to photo contests to quizzes, on your timeline.

Real GeeksReal Geeks

If you’re into real estate business, you should check out this all-in-one Facebook marketing tool that would help you organize and streamline the process of reproducing the campaigns. With it, you can set different marketing parameters and create custom lists of your target audience to make the entire process easy.


Did you know that when it comes to making buying decisions, emotions are the biggest factor? With so many customers sharing their feelings and thoughts on your Facebook page, it’s extremely important for you to get a pulse on how your products make people feel. By taking a specialty text mining approach, this sentiment analysis tool assesses whether you’re getting positive or negative engagement.

Parting thoughts

Keeping in mind the statistics mentioned above, it can be easily said that Facebook marketing is only going to become exponentially effective. So, it’s a no-brainer to focus particularly on strengthening your Facebook marketing strategy in order to help you make every marketing campaign a successful one.

Whatever your objectives are, you can always implement the above-mentioned tips with the help of the tools we just discussed. Each of them will offer you a solid competitive edge in developing and managing your Facebook presence, leading your way to increased visibility and in turn, improved bottom line.

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