Facebook Campaign Planner to Outreach Target Audience

Facebook campaign planner available with Facebook business, lets you plan your campaigns better. Any campaign requires precise planning and targeting the right set of customers. Unless you have a strategy, it’s difficult to run a campaign.

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Facebook Ads is something that many online stores adopt. While you use the Ads Manager, you can also check the Campaign planner available on Facebook. This lets you plan your campaigns better. Click To TweetCampaign plans let you identify target audience, monitor marketing activities, focus specific demographics, target certain devices or channels.

You can use a Facebook campaign planner for one of the below:

  1. Create brand awareness
  2. Product launch
  3. Increase sales

So as a first step you will have to ascertain a goal before planning a campaign.

Campaign plan

Below are a few Facebook campaign tips that would help you create a better campaign.

  1. Focus on a campaign goal. Have a realistic goal that you wish to achieve via your campaign.
  2. Target specific customers. Add influence to target audience rather than setting a generic audience target
  3. Provide a key and impressive campaign message and an offer. Speak about your offer better.
  4. Choose appropriate media plan and budget.
  5. Execute the campaign and analyse the results
  6. Make alterations and re-execute the campaign.

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Few inspiring Facebook campaigns which have run successfully

1. Promo powered by Slidely help create better advertisements. The goal was to increase their sign-ups and below is a Facebook campaign which was run for this.

Promo powered by Slidely help create better advertisements

The text along the video made it even better and appealing. While the text isn’t too formal, yet it gives the essence of the brand and clearly gives out a message saying why they are good.

The Ad resulted in over 2.2 million views with a good number of likes and shares.

2. Airbnb known for its hospitality services always comes up with innovative Facebook campaigns. One such example is as shown below.

Airbnb known for its hospitality services

The campaign is interesting and amusing with an offer to win goodies. The goal here was to target specific customers interested in visiting Paris. The brief description of the campaign with an equally appealing video makes this a successful campaign.

This campaign had over 2.5 million views with an equally huge number of likes and shares.

3. Halo Top Creamery known for Ice-creams had run the below campaign.

Halo Top Creamery known for Ice-creams

This includes combining with another popular brand Bougie cakes to give a free gift that would certainly attract many. Surely people with a sweet tooth would not be able to resist this offer. Again, a good example of creativity along with good campaign strategy.

4. MobileMonkey is known for its chat solutions. They ran a basic campaign to generate more leads. Below is an example of the same.

MobileMonkey is known for its chat solutions

The campaign is simply irresistible for people who are looking for chatbot solutions. The Ad simply makes a user think that working over chatbots is extremely simple. Building a chatbot in 5 minutes is certainly tempting. This is one of the reasons, this campaign was a huge success.

5. Another such appealing campaign example is as shown below by Denny’s.

Denny’s appealing campaign example

This makes the deal even more tempting and compelling to try. This is an example of being to the point and perfect campaign strategy.

6. Bigger brands like Toyota also use Facebook campaigns. The goal here was to promote a new car.

Toyota also use Facebook campaigns

Giving a preview of the car using an International Auto Show was the main goal. Again, a simple yet appealing campaign which clearly put through the message and ensures enough marketing being done.

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While these are a few inspiring campaigns, you can check many such successful campaigns over Facebook. Most of the Facebook campaign planner tools provide inspirations to run your campaign. Click To TweetWe will further see Facebook campaign planner along with some of its alternatives.

Steps to use Facebook Campaign Planner

You can start working on Facebook Campaign Planner, by Selecting Ads Manager and under the Plan section, you will find Campaign Planner.

Facebook Campaign Planner

Next, you can add a name to this campaign. Add a logical name, so that you can remember this as a future reference. You can edit this same campaign and reuse it to re-run campaigns in the future.

Based on your plan set, you will be able to see the budget and change the CPM accordingly. This setting gets auto-populated based on your other values. These details will keep changing based on your settings.So, if you change your budget then you Reach will change accordingly.

Reach based on budget

Over here you can also change the frequency. You can choose a logical frequency that you want to target. The frequency also affects the CPM.

Facebook campaign planner also lets you target a specific audience. You can select a target audience based on age, gender, location, and other demographic details. Using the campaign planner, you can also select the placement for this Ad along with targeting specific device types.

Once these details are set you can add a campaign objective. This contains a predefined set of values.

Add a campaign objective

Similarly, you can choose the Ad format that you wish to use.

Choose the Ad format

Next, you can review your plan. You will notice that your CPM and other values have changed based on your settings. Facebook Campaign planner also provides a prediction about your campaign.

Review your plan

This also provides other analytics such as frequency per person, which indicates how many times will a person see your Ad.

Analytics such as frequency per person

Similarly, there are multiple other predictions which can be seen over this.

You can create a variation of this campaign and compare the predictions to understand the performance of campaigns. Facebook campaign planner can provide predictability about frequency, different devices that would be used to access the Ad, different channels used to access the Ad, impressions, etc.

While these analytical predictions are helpful, these are not completely accurate. Getting started with the Facebook campaign planner is simple. However equally important is to ensure you have a right Facebook Ad to run this campaign. The campaign will fail to make an impact unless your Ad is appealing.

There are few alternatives to Facebook campaign planner available in the market. Though Facebook Ads and Facebook Campaign planner are most popular, you can also explore these other options. Click To Tweet

Few Alternatives to Facebook Campaign Planner

1. Qwaya

Qwaya platform for creating Facebook campaigns

This is one of the top platforms for creating Facebook campaigns. This has the capability to perform Ad testing. Qwaya comes with several intuitive features. You can add an Ad placement as well as schedule campaigns. It lets you run campaigns on specific days. While this is not very simple to use for beginners, yet it has several out of the box features.


  • Supports Facebook as well as Instagram
  • Gives free trial
  • Provides complete campaign scheduler and planner


  • Expensive
  • Complex for beginners

Pricing: Starts at $149/month

2. AdEspresso

Good and straight forward tool for running Facebook campaigns

This again is a good and straight forward tool for running Facebook campaigns. AdEspresso has huge analytics support, which is an added advantage. This is easy to understand the tool and provides a customizable dashboard. The tool quickly lets you focus on top performing Ads.


  • Provides a 14-day free trial
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good support for optimization, scheduling, and analytics for campaigns


  • Detailed analytics is low

Pricing: Starts at $49/month for the basic plan.

3. Hootsuite Ads

Popular platform is easy to use

This again being a popular platform is easy to use, customize, create Ads, create campaigns and provides analytics. This can automatically scan Facebook pages to search for best posts where you can use to promote and find a new target audience. This platform isn’t much complex to learn and is a suitable option for beginners.


  • Simple to use platform
  • Supports automated scheduling
  • Gives 30-day free trial


  • Basic plan is suitable for very small-scale business. Supports only $400/month for Ads.

Pricing: The plans start at $28/months

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4. AdStage

This is not specifically for only Facebook but can also be used across multiple other platforms. AdStage has a convenient to use dashboard. The platform also supports automated rules which can be applied. AdStage is good to use, a simple platform to plan Facebook campaigns better.


  • Provides a 14-day free trial
  • Good reporting
  • Easy to use platform


  • Expensive

Pricing: Starts at $1048/month

5. DriftRock

Popular platform and is used by bigger brands

Driftrock is a popular platform and is used by bigger brands. You can create campaigns, automate it, and run analytics. You can optimize your campaigns and can let them run at a specific time. This helps in improving your ROI as the tool lets you strategize your campaigns.


  • Supports multiple social platforms
  • Works over complete marketing life cycle


  • No free trials
  • Complex to start using

Pricing: No specific pricing details are mentioned. You need to raise a ticket to know the pricing.

6. AdRoll

AdRoll works towards lead generation

AdRoll works towards lead generation by allowing you to approach customers with what they are interested in buying. It supports cross-device reach. This is a tool that helps to focus on retargeting customers. AdRoll intelligently retargets Ads to ensure maximum clicks. The tool is simple to plan campaigns.


  • Good for retargeting
  • Works across multiple devices


  • Expensive
  • Low analytics and reporting support
  • No free trial

Pricing: Starts at $1000/month

7. Perfect Audience

Another tool which focuses on Facebook retargeting

This is yet another tool which focuses on Facebook retargeting. This is extremely simple to use. The Perfect Audience platform gives analytics data for clicks, impressions, conversion and many such parameters. Planning a campaign using this is straight forward. This is good to use a tool for medium scale business requirement.


  • Helps in retargeting
  • Works over multiple social platforms
  • Provides a 14-day free trial


  • Low reporting capabilities
  • Pricing is based on Ad budget and gets expensive as the budget increases.

Pricing: The pricing depends on your Ad budget.

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8. Adspringr

This tool can create Ads, optimize, retarget

This tool can create Ads, optimize, retarget and provide loads of analytics based on your campaign performance. You can add customer campaign rules, auto adjust bids, provides a campaign scheduler. Adspringr has pre-defined targeting templates for different business types and can optimize campaigns based on clicks, links, and shares.


  • Provides complete Facebook campaign optimization
  • Huge analytics support
  • Budget-friendly


  • Basic plan does not support campaign rules

Pricing: Plans start at $399/month

Certainly, there are multiple alternatives to Facebook campaign planner. Irrespective of the tool you use to plan your campaigns, you need to have a really appealing Ad along with a campaign strategy and a well-defined campaign goal.


There is a reason why planning your campaign is so important. Not only does this impact sales, but can also build your brand image and customer loyalty.

Over here we have seen the use of Facebook campaign planner, other tools to plan campaigns over Facebook and few Facebook campaign inspirations.It takes multiple iterations to master any campaign planner and planning your campaign for Facebook is no exception.

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