How to Improve Conversion by Facebook Ads?

Unarguably, social media marketing has reached a different level. Predominantly Facebook-based marketing is a widely used technique. This Facebook ads guide on conversion will help you get started.

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Facebook Ads are used more frequently as compared to other social media channels. This is owing to the fact that Facebook is the most popular social networking websites. With over 1.59 billion active users, Facebook is a place you just can’t afford to miss.

Having Facebook Ads is an incredible strategy to boost your sales. However, there is a certain way in which Facebook should be used to propagate your Ad. Click To Tweet Remember Facebook is predominantly a social networking site and not a shopping site. Hence a regular Ad strategy would never hold true when we speak about Facebook.

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Facebook Ads have grown considerably over the past few years.

Facebook users is growing year on year

Courtesy: Facebook data

On average, the number of Facebook users is growing year on year. With this in mind, you would always keep hitting a wider target audience.

Monthly Active Users

Courtesy: Facebook data

Basic Tips to Create Better Facebook Ads

Facebook has more advanced techniques to improve conversion, which will be discussed in this blog post. However, there are few basic tips which will help you create better Ads and improve your conversion.

  1. Target suitable audience. There is no point targeting people who may never be interested in your brand.
  2. A well-built landing page is important. A landing page is the first place that can convert a customer. If you do not have a good conversion strategy then Facebook Ads can become expensive.
  3. Work on visuals. Include videos wherever required. Videos are shared more often and this certainly can widen your target audience. Use high resolution and optimized images.
  4. Use minimum text. Be creative. It’s unlikely that people will read through a lot of text.
  5. Invest in images. You can either create and develop your own images or buy.
  6. Think through your sales funnel. You will need a well-thought-out strategy for buyers of every stage.
  7. Leverage Facebook Lookalikes to target specific personas.
  8. Use Facebook Testing tools to improvise your Ad performance.
  9. Make your Ad creative and appealing.

Facebook ads guide to improve conversion

1. Creating your sales funnel: Targeting anyone and everyone simply does not work out. Facebook Ads are different from Google Ads. While some visitors show buying intent on Google, Facebook visitors don’t come with the intention to buy.

A video is one of the most effective ways to create interest. Create multiple campaigns with different messaging..

Create multiple campaigns

You can define the people you wish to target. Facebook allows you to target a focused audience and reduce ad wastage.

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Using Facebook, you can create a lookalike audience.

Create a lookalike audience

For instance, you can target people based on their specific interests. Facebook has a broad audience and understanding about your target market will improve your ad performance.

Below is a Facebook Ad from CoSchedule.

Facebook Ad from CoSchedule

2. Look-alike Videos: You can create a custom audience and expand this with look like

Create a custom audience

Next, over here you can select Video. Once you create your video, you can view your custom audience. Select your engagement criteria.

Select your engagement criteria

Similar to this video audience, next you can create a lookalike audience.

Create a lookalike audience

To start with, you can have a small audience size and then scale up the target audience. This is one of the best ways to target a focused audience.

Here is one such Facebook Ad

Here is one such Facebook Ad 3. Lifetime Value Lookalike audience: Lifetime value of a customer goes beyond personal details and evaluates their purchase decisions. This gives a higher quality lookalike audience. Creating this is as simple as shown in the above method.Lifetime Value Lookalike audience

There are several strategies you can build using Lookalike which is a powerful way to choose your target audience.

4. Monitor You Ad: Any consolidated Facebook Ads guide never reveal the minimum Ad frequency. This is left to the discretion of the users. Ad frequency is the number of times your Ad would be shown to a user. Showing your Ad too frequently will be annoying while showing it too little will make your sales die.

Keep a frequency cap to your Ad and monitor the costs per click.

Monitor You Ad

If the frequency exceeds 1.7 and if costs also increase then consider adding new targets and refreshing your campaign.

5. Evaluate your budget: Similar to Google Ads, have multiple Ads running and evaluate each Ads performance. Evaluate and keep the best performing Ad and pause the others. Once you have found the better performing Ad, you can increase the budget by 15 to 20%.

Again, reiterate the process and evaluate your budget. Monitor your campaign for at least 24 hours before making any alterations.

Evaluate your budget

The learning phase progress indicates that the Ad is still getting stabilized and hence gives you an idea till when you should wait before making any alterations.

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6. Customize Ad placements: Facebook supports placement asset customization tool that lets you choose any strategic Ad placement. Placing the Ad in the right position can improve Ad efficiency and make it look more prominent.

Customize Ad placements

Currently, this supports Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories to name a few. You can add an image that should appear for individual placement or can choose a single image that would appear for all placements.

Supports Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories to name 7. Test and Learn: Facebook provides a Test and Learn tool which lets you determine the performance of Ads. You can find this in the Ads manager.Test and LearnYou can select a campaign compare question and run a test.You can run the test on the event

Here,You can run the test on the event you want to track and select a time frame. This would require you to do some research and learn how to get actionable insights.

8. Split Testing tool: Facebook provides a split testing tool that lets you have multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing. Currently, you can compare:


b.Delivery optimization



Again, this can be accessed from the Facebook Ads manager.

Split Testing Tool

Here again, you can choose your target audience and create a split test. Ensure you add a realistic budget and a suitable duration.

9. Reuse Ads: Once an Ad is abandoned, you can very well alter it and reuse the Ad. This keeps the engagement metrics almost intact while you can change a certain look and feel around the Ad.

Every Ad must have the below:

  • Highlight the deal
  • Provide the benefit
  • Provide actionable link

Reuse Ads10. Remarket: Facebook lets you alter your target audience base based on demographics and other attributes. You can include and exclude certain domains. Facebook also supports dynamic remarketing.

This automatically displays products to people who have shown interest in your product, recent website visitors, or anywhere else over the internet.

You can simply retarget your audience by displaying a sense of urgency to buy a product or enough incentives to make a purchase.

11. Facebook pixel and SDK: You can install Facebook pixel on your website. Facebook pixel is a code that will be placed on your website and will collect data that can track your Facebook conversion.

This can be used to optimize ads, build a target audience, remarket and use this data for future Ads. In case you have an app, then you can use one of the multiple Facebook SDK to show relevant downloads, increase engagement, and show ads that drive directly to the download of the app.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned tips can guide you to build a better Facebook Ad and run a more successful campaign. With these Facebook Ads guide, you can explore Facebook Ads better.

This does take some time to master and get that perfect Ad. In a sense, this is similar to AdWords which make Ads better by reiterating the process.

Facebook provides several inbuilt tools which help improve Ad performance by providing insights and optimizing Ads. Click To TweetThese Facebook Ads guide can certainly improve your conversion if used appropriately.

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