Ecommerce Videos and their Role in Improving Your Market Reputation and Sales

Since the integration of videos in Ecommerce, a lot of businesses have moved towards this new trend. A whole lot of other companies are still moving or planning to add Ecommerce videos in their marketing campaigns. Click To TweetThe statistics data by Wyzowl claims that more than 63% of the businesses are leveraging Ecommerce videos for better sales. The data also presented that out of these 63% businesses, 99% of the business owner plan to continue with video marketing. 82% of these businessmen also stated that they plan on increasing spending on video in the upcoming times.

They clearly present video marketing as a preferable option, but the question is why? Why Ecommerce videos are a recommended marketing tool.

This post will provide you the answer to this ‘why’ along with some tips for this marketing tool. Have a look:

Reasons for Why Ecommerce Videos are a Recommended Marketing Tool

Eliminate “My Product Won’t Look the Same” Issues

An infographic by investopro shows that about 30% of the product sold on the Ecommerce store tends to return. Strangely, about 22% of these products come back because the customer feels that the received product appears different from the images on your website.  The stats by also state that about 50% of the consumer considers the difference in actual product and the image as their main concern while shopping online. Video marketing can come in handy for solving this issue.

Infographic by investopro


The product video will give you a chance to present your product from every angle, and even present it in use. Videos can also offer the colors in comparison with other objects to reduce the lighting difference. This way, the consumer has clarity about the actual product and can buy it confidently. It will also help to reduce the number of products returned by the users.

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More Engagement Rates than Text

Text, graphics, and images are a good source of information, but they are limited. They cannot transmit all the information in a single go and the user has to depend on a lot of them to get a clear overview of the product. On the other hand, Ecommerce videos are free from such limitations. You can add any amount of details and information according to your needs. They are also flexible for integration with images, graphics, or other stuff to clear out your message. It is one of the reasons why more than 62% of businesses have at least one explainer video on the video channels.

About 56% of Ecommerce businesses have even integrated a video explainer on their home page. The strategy worked pretty well for them. The infographic from socialmediatoday revealed that consumer spends 60% more time on a website with video rather than the ones with just text.

More Engagement Rates than Text


Another infographic by renderforest also showed that the marketers using video to promote their product experience 41% hike on their website. It also states that these marketers have seen much higher growth in their revenue than non-video users.

Infographic by renderforest


Influences Decision Making

Images, text, and other content can transmit your message to the consumer, but it lacks the human touch. The consumer feels it difficult to connect with the content, and he/she ends up with doubts about the purchase. Ecommerce videos can prevent this issue. They can provide you a way to have nearly face-to-face contact with the consumers and introduce them to every aspect of your product without long texts or other boring content.

This content has a relatively higher chance of succeeding than any other. Hubspot video marketing statistics saythat about 50% of the internet users watch online video to get an idea of the product or service before availing them. 62% of these consumers revealed that they got more interested in the product after watching the demo video.

Hubspot also says that the video has much better chances to influence the consumer as they pay much more attention to the video content than podcasts or written content.

Influences Decision Making


Enhanced Click-through Rates

The benefits of video marketing in terms of click-through rates are higher than you can expect. According to the data of renderforest infographic, a single video in email marketing can provide you with a 200-300% hike in the click-through rates. It also states that you can get an 80% rise in conversion rates by adding one of these videos on your landing. Replacing the images on your website with videos will further increase the rates by 12.62%.

Enhanced Click-through Rates


The study by also reveals that some marketer has seen a drastic rise of over 144% in their online sales using Ecommerce videos.  Cielo24 says that by 2019, videos will influence over 80% of the global internet traffic. It will produce 66% more qualified leads and ensure 54% better brand awareness than other sources.

Screen Flexibility

In this era of technology, people don’t rely on a single type of devices for accessing the internet. The statscounter by Globalstats presents that out of the total internet users, 51.65% use smartphones, 44.6% use desktop, and about 3.75% of them depend on tablets. Further, there are different models, types, and sizes of devices from each of these categories.

Screen Flexibility


Therefore, it’s crucial that your content can adapt to multiple screens and video are outstanding in this aspect. They can run on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or any other smart devices without much editing.  Large scale businesses like Zappos are also taking benefit of this feature.

Here’s a snap of their video that will provide clarity of the compatibility a video can offer. The first image shows Zappos’ footage of a shoe on a desktop, and the second image shows the same video in an HDM global device. The difference in these Ecommerce videos is so minimal that you can’t even tellit in a single stare.

Ecommerce videos

Clarity of the  video


Get More Results Using Ecommerce Videos

Video marketing is one sure way to enhance your Ecommerce sales and get the most out of it. More than 33% of consumer sees it as a perfect way to learn about different products. The video platform YouTube single-handedly acquires a majority of the population that receives 1.9 billion visitors per month. It reveals that 500 hours of video are watched on YouTube in a single day.

These numbers are pretty high for a single platform, and you can imagine how much influence you can get by combining more than one or all of the video platforms. However, you are not the only one who knows about video marketing. Today, almost every business is aware of this strategy and is making efforts to master it.

Therefore, you have to work hard to thrive in the video marketing field. The following tips will help you with your task. Have a look.

  • Use both technical experts and ordinary people in your product videos. About 68% of people want a video from people like them, while 45% prefer expert opinions.
  • Consider uploading or sharing the video on your social media pages. The social media video has 12 times more shares than an average video.
  • Maintain a company channel on the video platforms. 7 out of 10 consumers prefer to watch company created videos.
  • Invest in more than one type of videos. There are many options like 360 videos, animations, explainers, review, unboxing, and more that you can explore.
  • Focus on engaging and quality content in the video. A massive amount of viewers will click out in less than 10-seconds if they don’t want the content interesting.
  • Create a Facebook account and upload stories about your product on it. 62% of consumers say that they are more likely to watch videos of the product they have seen in an FB story.

The video should be informative but not too lengthy. Usually, 2 minutes is the best time for standard product videos. After this, the engagement rates start to drop.Get More Results Using Ecommerce Videos


  • Consider live-streaming sessions in your video marketing strategy. The study by Facebook suggests that live streams have three times engagement rate than static content.Video marketing strategySource
  • Try to include video links in your newsletter emails. It will increase the click-through rates by over 50%.
  • Implement proper SEO optimization on every video that you upload. It is necessary to ensure its appearance on the search engine.

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The Final Words

With the advancing of time, the trend in marketing and the consumer view about the content keep on changing. The present consumer wants a quick answer to their question, and that’s exactly where the video step in. It provides them the accessibility, reliability, and a much simpler way to get a total overview of all the products they want. The tool even offers them a humanoid touch that influences their connectivity with the subject and makes it look more appealing.

Moreover, all these benefits are not just on paper; the above stats are clear proof of the benefits that an Ecommerce video service.

So, if you are an Ecommerce owner who wants to grow and thrive in the upcoming times, do create and share your product videos. Click To TweetImplemented with proper knowledge and skill, this marketing strategy will guarantee your growth and never let you down.

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