10 Best Tips on E-commerce Facebook Ads for More Sales

With every passing year we can see how e-commerce landscape is changing and becoming more competitive. This means, as an online store owner you must compete with more businesses each year. With such e-commerce trend every single conversion counts.

I am sure as a business owner you would have explored multiple marketing strategies. Each of this has a certain potential to increase conversion and this is grossly dependent on how many active users does the platform have.

One such tested marketing strategy is the e-commerce Facebook Ads. Facebook has over 1.39 billion active users. This is considered as one of the best e-commerce conversion platforms. Click To TweetAs compared to a lot of platforms Facebook ads give a good ROI.

The benefits of using Facebook ads are so many that most businesses prefer to invest in this to see a good amount of sales traction. Facebook Ads allow you to target specific customers based on their interest and behavior.

Through this post, we will check some of the sure-shot ways you can build a successful e-commerce Facebook Ad.

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Why to Choose E-commerce Facebook Ads?

If you are still unsure if you want to invest in Facebook ads, then hold on while you read some of its benefits.

  1. Simple – Simplicity is the key to any tool. Creating and promoting Facebook ads are simple.
  2. SupportThese come with a lot of online support including community-driven support. While using Facebook for marketing you would never experience lack of information.
  3. Traffic – Facebook ads have a huge potential to drive website traffic. Owing to its huge active user base, it is one of the highest performing platforms for marketing business.
  4. Targeting–Facebook uses intensive algorithm considering demographics, customer behavior and interest that helps in driving traffic. You can target specific customers and increase your chances of getting a conversion.
  5. Brand awarenessFacebook lets you directly get connected with your customers. Over a period, this increases followers and eventually creates brand awareness. Its works as a catalyst to create market presence.

How to Create a Facebook Ad for a Shopify E-commerce Store?

Before getting into the details of Ad creation for Shopify e-commerce store, let’s check some basic concepts. One such very important piece is the Facebook pixel.

So why is Facebook pixel so important?

Facebook pixel is a code that helps you track your website traffic. This code lets you get a lot of insights about your customer, their demographics etc. Facebook pixel also is useful to retarget customers. Eventually, these factors help to make your Facebook marketing campaign successful.

To start using this, you need a Facebook business account where you can view the Ad Manager. Here click on the Pixel tab to generate a new pixel.Facebook pixel

Click on create pixel as shown below.Create pixel

Enter a name for your pixel.Remember each ad account can have only one pixel. Accept the terms and conditions mentioned on the page and click on the Create Pixel. This will create the pixel for your Ad account.

The next step is to map this pixel to your Shopify e-commerce store, so that the website traffic can be tracked. On Facebook, click on the Pixel tab in Ad Manager. Click on Actions and then view code. Here you would be able to see the pixel Id for your Ad account. This will be a 15-digit number.Facebook pixel code

Now, go to the Shopify dashboard and click on Online Store.Shopify dashboard

Next click on preferences where you will be able to view a section to add Facebook pixel.click on preferences

Here add the pixel id and you are ready to track your website traffic.

On the Facebook Ads Manager, you can create custom audience.Facebook Ads ManagerCreate custom audience

Here you can also add standard events that you would wish to track and can also maintain custom conversions.

In order to create a Facebook Ad for your Shopify store, you need to access – www.facebook.com/ads/create. Or you can also access it from the Facebook Ads Manager.

Next, choose an objective for Ad creation such as Send People to your website.Objective for Ad creation

Facebook provides multiple objectives and to see the right performance for your Ad, its important to choose the most appropriate Ad objective. Next, you can select the kind of audience you would like to target.select the kind of audience

Once this is set, you can work on the Ad placement. This means you can choose where you want your Ad to be displayed.Ad placement

Next, you can set a budget, schedule, and create your Ad.set a budget

Choose an image and add text for your Ad. Ensure to add your business website information here. Before finishing the process, do an Ad preview to ensure everything is looking ok.

Next click on Place Order where you would be redirected to the payment page.Add text for your Ad

With this, you would have successfully created Facebook Ad for your Shopify online store.

How to Increase Sales Using Facebook Ads?

We have seen how to create Facebook Ads for a Shopify e-commerce store. It is extremely simple to get started and this is almost similar irrespective of the e-commerce platform you choose.

Now that you have a Facebook Ad created, the next step would be to check how you can increase your sales. Basically, that is the main reason why you created a Facebook Ad in the first place.

Like most marketing platforms, do not expect Facebook Ads to do miracles, unless you are using the right Ads creation tips. So, while you know how to create Facebook Ads, you must also be aware of the tips to be incorporated in your Ads to see an increase in sales.

Below are a few tips on e-commerce Facebook Ads to increase sales:

1. Facebook Pixel–With Facebook pixel, you can track user activity better and target specific customers. While using Facebook pixel, ensure to provide parameters that you want Facebook to track. Along with this, opt for the creation of a custom audience so that Facebook can target a certain set of customers.

2. Research on Interest–If your Ads do not target the right set of audience then your marketing efforts will be wasted. The Facebook Interest option lets you get details of pages and categories that are relevant to a specific set of audiences. If your product closely resembles these interests, then you can select a similar set of the target audience. Make the search as narrow and precise as possible to get the most relevant audience.Research on Interest

3. Custom Audience – Facebook lets you create a custom audience list. Ideally, you can create a custom audience list for people who have viewed your products but have not made a purchase. Most often viewers take multiple glances of the product before deciding to purchase. You can create custom audience by excluding your already existing customers and create a new Ad campaign. The Ad campaign can focus on giving a discount on the product or any other deal that can result in these viewers getting converted to customers.

Similarly, you can target customers who have added products to their carts but have not made a purchase. Cart abandonment retargeting with a motivation to make a purchase such as discounts on products can see a huge surge in conversion. Its easier to target customers who have abandoned carts recently than customers who have abandoned carts long back.

4. Upsell – Like any other marketing strategy, Facebook marketing also has a huge potential for upselling. This is a great way to target existing customers and showcase new products. Existing customers are more likely to show trust in the brand and make yet another purchase. By creating upselling ads, you can see a boost in your sales.

5. Build a lookalike audience – Facebook has this feature that enables building lookalike audience. This means with your existing customer base; you can build a lookalike audience list. This feature lets you quickly build a newer audience who have interests similar to your existing customers. You can personalize your content and target such a lookalike audience.

6. Referrals–Using Facebook Ads you can not only target repeat customers but can also drive referral programs. In exchange for a referral, you can offer a discount or any other relevant incentive. There are high chances of conversions using referrals and this also works as social proof, since existing customers end up fetching newer customers.

7. Personalize content – Categorize your audience into multiple categories. Each stage in the sales funnel will require a different kind of Ad content. By segregating your audience, you can target specific campaigns to specific set of customers. This provides more relevant and personalized content. This ensures people throughout your sales funnel are motivated to make a purchase and always are viewing the most relevant content.

8. Contests–Contests are yet another great way to drive more sales. Host a contest and you can see within hours how quickly it can get viral.


Winning a contest with a small incentive can do wonders for your sales. Be sure to follow Facebook rules for contests.

A contest not only increases sales but also provides a gateway for future sales by creating brand awareness. Secondly, there is a direct interaction with your audience.

9. Content and Visuals – Focus on the content you add. You need to use words that can see more users clicking. This needs to grab user attention. As shown in the below example where minimum content is added with attractive product images.Content and Visuals

10. Offers – Create Ads with offers or discounts that convey a sense of urgency as shown below.Offers

Use specific target keywords that will result in better conversion. Some of these keywords are – Hurry, Limited Time Only, Offer expires, Last chance etc. Notice in the above ad how keywords are highlighted to get the viewer attention.

Above mentioned are some of the tips you need to consider before creating any e-commerce Facebook Ad. Additionally think of ways you can make your Ads more engaging, unique, and creative.Think out of the box to gain viewer attention and increase your sales.

How does Facebook Remarketing Work?

If you have used the best strategies for Facebook Ads and still you can see cart abandonment, then do not panic. You are not alone.

Several online store owners experience cart abandonment due to multiple reasons. Most often such buyers just need a small motivation to finish that incomplete purchase.

This is one of the reasons why Facebook remarketing exists. Facebook remarketing allows you to target past visitors to your website who have not completed a purchase. Using Facebook pixel, you can track the point at which you see the most traffic drop-offs.

One fit Ad would not work here and hence you need to customize the Ad so that you can see better conversion. Facebook remarketing is based on the custom audience that you create. This could be based on the customer list, website traffic, or app activity.

You would be surprised to know that Facebook remarketing can give a 3 times better conversion than a regular Facebook Ad. Facebook remarketing Ads are not stopped by Adblockers, these are directly added to your newsfeed and aren’t intrusive.

Eventually, your remarketing Ads are never blocked. With a huge number of users on Facebook, you can reach more customers. Facebook lets you create custom audience based on social engagement.Facebook remarketing

Facebook remarketing is one of the best strategies to bring back missed business opportunities. It’s important that you target only a aspecific audience set and not everyone who has visited your website.

Make an irresistible offer or create a sense of urgency to grab an offer as shown in below example.Make an irresistible offer

How to get Traffic from Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads or remarketing Ads, all this boils down to a single purpose. Yes, the main motto is to drive more website traffic that can eventually increase your sales.

Below are some ways you can ensure to drive more traffic by using Facebook Ads.

1. Targeting – No matter how good your Ad is, unless you target the right audience you would never see the expected Ad performance. Refine your audience based on location, demographics, age, gender, interests, buying behavior and similar such parameters that may impact your sales. Over Facebook Ads Manager all this data analysis is readily available so effectively use this feature.

2. Remarketing –Do not shy away from creating a Facebook remarketing Ad. Like we have already seen, remarketing has a huge potential to drive traffic. Again, Facebook has features to track user activity and lets you target a specific customer base who would be interested in a remarketing Ad.

3. Ad Management–Choosing the most appropriate bidding strategy lets you maximize your profits. This could be a simple choice between pay per click and pay per conversion.Ad Management

The best way is to try a bidding strategy and evaluate the success of your Ads. If you do not see the expected results, then you can make changes to your strategy accordingly.

4. Ad Schedule–The time at which you post your Ad makes a lot of difference. This depends on the geographical region you are targeting, along with the demographics of your audience. Facebook lets you schedule Ads, so make use of this feature to increase traffic.Ad Schedule

Facebook gives you the best choice time slots for the Ad to be scheduled based on the customer time zone.

5. Ad placement–Ad placement is yet another parameter that impacts traffic driven through Facebook Ads. You certainly want your Ads to be placed prominent so that users do not miss it.

Create ads that are equally accessible in mobile as well as desktop.Ad placement

With this also chose the platforms you wish your ads to be displayed.Chose the platforms

6. Ad display–This is something most of us have heard, however you need to have creative Ads. Include high-quality images, videos, text content, title, keywords, highlighted font style.

Most importantly have a CTA as shown below.Ad display

7. Landing page–Something very important is your landing page. After putting in so much efforts on Facebook Ads, if your landing page does not work properly then it is certain that you would lose your visitors.

Add a branding for your Ad that is like the landing page. Perform multiple A/B testing to ensure a seamless customer journey between your Facebook Ad and landing page.

These are some of the well-tested methods you need to incorporate to experience substantial traffic from Facebook Ads.

What is the Minimum Cost for Facebook Ads in India?

You need to pay for Facebook Ads, however, how much is the question that most online store owners have. Irrespective of the size of business, you certainly do not want to fall for the bait to a marketing strategy that is way too expensive.

It’s important to know the minimum cost of Facebook Ads, in case you need to evaluate the ROI. In India, the minimum cost is Rs. 40 per day.

Below are the average costs and since these are average it may vary.

  • Average CPC for link clicks – Re. 0.52 – Rs. 2.3
  • Average Cost per 1000 impressions – Rs. 9.3
  • Average Cost per Action (CPA) – Rs. 2.85
  • Average Cost per LIKE – Re. 0.72
  • Average Cost per Engagement – Re. 0.18
  • Average Cost per Video View – 0.27
  • Average Cost per mobile app install – Rs.13
  • Average Cost per Conversion – Rs.36.42
  • Average Cost per Lead – Rs. 52.12
  • Average Cost per ad recall – Re. 0.22

Facebook lets you choose one of the below cost models:

  1. Cost per click
  2. Cost per thousand impression
  3. Cost per Like
  4. Cost per Action

Overall Facebook does not provide a minimum cost guideline since this will depend on your bid and budget. This price would depend on how much your competitors would spend.


E-commerce Facebook Ads provide a whole new perspective on the marketing campaign. These aren’t in any way complex to master. Click To Tweet

Facebook provides a range of inbuilt features that lets you quickly check your Ad performance. Not just this, Facebook remarketing Ads are yet another boon for creating newer sales ventures and monetize on missed business opportunities.

With Facebook Ads, you can target a huge customer base and can quickly see rapid growth in your sales, provided you are incorporating the right Facebook Ad strategy for your e-commerce store.

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