How to Drive Traffic in 2019 and Increase E-commerce Sales?

There’s no denying fact that e-commerce sales are growing immensely. And, with the increase in the number of online buyers, the retailers and marketers are looking for every possible way of how to drive traffic in 2019 to their site. Click To Tweet

But, do you know that the e-commerce sales in 2017 amounted to $2.3 trillion? And, this stats show it’ll be $4.8 trillion by the year 2021.

Also, the competition is huge with 12 Mn+ e-commerce sites. Hence, implement the following strategies to beat competition and drive traffic in 2019

Maybe you’ve tried every trick and strategy but still are not getting enough traffic.

Now, how can you drive traffic and increase your e-commerce sales?

Here, in this article, we’ve rendered various ways by which you can boost traffic in 2019 to your website and increase the sales.

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Introduce and Leverage Voice Commerce

After chatbots, voice shopping and voice commerce have taken over online shopping. According to stats, 30% of web browsing sessions will be voice driven by 2020.

Many teens have already started using voice search and new audio technologies. In 2019, the voice search will only increase in adoption rate and boost the e-commerce sales.

Moreover, eBay Australia and Google have partnered up that allows the customers to talk to eBay using the Google Assistant app. The app lets the shoppers search for items or find out the price of their products.

Introduce and Leverage Voice Commerce

This platform ensures a unique personal shopping experience that allows the customers to start a search for a product anywhere from the house with the Home Speaker.  This eliminates the need to use the eyes and hands for browsing and these vocal interactions extend the browsing experience to multiple actives like cooking, driving, exercising, etc.

Provide Live Chat Support to Offer a Smooth User Experience

The major issue with the online stores is that the customers can’t touch the products. So, they can’t understand what the items would feel in person.

Well, make sure you add live one-to-one discussions to your online store beside the videos.

Live chats also allow e-commerce retailers to learn more about their customers. It also makes sure the store is always on for its customers, and they can get their queries resolved whenever they want.

So, consider making room for interactive and conversations in real-time so visitors can ask questions. It helps dispel their doubts and increase their purchase confidence. Make sure to collect this data and use it afterward to improve your services.

Provide Live Chat Support

Include Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option

Online payments may seem daunting a few years ago, but now the fear is slowly dissipating. With payments via PayPal or debit/credit card, the use of cryptocurrency is increasing as well. So, adding various cryptocurrencies and digital wallets will push your cart conversion rate in 2019.

And, as cryptocurrency carries a very low transaction rate, bitcoins are most likely to be the most popular payments methods in the future. Overstock is such one site that is using cryptocurrency since 2014.

Include Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option

According to a survey, 36 percent of payments industry professionals think blockchain will impact the European payments industry by 2025. In fact, some professionals say it’ll impact our world more than the internet has.

Also, the cryptocurrencies are expected to be widely adopted by the year 2025. But, less than 14 percent of the people have invested in Bitcoin.

Those businesses or online stores that adopt this popular form of payment are likely to benefit from it in the long run.

So, it’s a good time to start trading in bitcoins, before your competitors do.

Enable Augmented and Virtual Reality for Product Visualization

Augmented reality is a big and the latest move in e-commerce. It helps the buyers to choose items or products by creating an environment where buying can be more realistic.

55% of the customers prefer visiting in-line stores as they can’t fully visualize products in online stores.

To remedy this problem, e-commerce stores have come with many solutions including augmented reality.  Well, many stores have already a step ahead by introducing AR to their websites.

For example, LensKart, an online eyewear store uses augmented reality so the buyer can try different frames on themselves and see what suits them the best.

Enable Augmented and Virtual Reality

Another site that uses augmented reality is Amazon. It lets the visitor try various products with an AR app that allows them to make a refined decision about their purchase.

How AR boosts sales:

  • People feel closer to a digital model of the product more than a 2D printed image.2D printed image


  • AR helps transform any aspect into a multimedia platform and to get anyone interested.
  • The experience of AR is so charming and interesting that you cannot help but dive into such a wonderful and unusual world and make it real. A product that makes you happy is a product that is worth buying!
  • With the help of the AR service, all the products that are going to be purchased are without customer doubts since a 3D visualization is used for the AND test.3D visualization


  • Before choosing a product, the buyer can ask some people who have already bought. You’re giving them a platform to make a refined choice.

AR and VR have already made huge progress up till now, and it will undoubtedly be one of the game-changing trends in 2019.

Show Credibility To Win Customer’s Trust

According to a study, 93% of customers say their purchasing decision is affected by online reviews on the site.

In this world of fraud, half-truth, and gimmicks, credibility matters the most to a customer.

So, why not include reviews, certificates, and awards to boost the sales and make customers know they are in good hands.

But, how can you increase the credibility of your site?

  • Show third-party awards
  • Make sure you include on-site customer reviews.Show Credibility To Win Customer’s Trust
  • Display certified trust seals

Display certified trust seals

  • Using specific details can really boost the credibility

Boost the credibility


Show Scarcity Of Products

A study shows that the people would value the product with limited pieces available than the product available in high amount. This is where the scarcity principle comes into play.

Well, it means people will place a higher value on a scarce product than that the product in abundance.

So, displaying your stock meter is a good practice to increase the conversion rate. It definitely speeds up the buying process.

Flashing “2 pieces left in stock” or “only 1 piece left” can have a significant boost in your sales.

Show Scarcity Of Products

Enable Image search

In 2019, the option of image search will be an emerging trend.

In this, the user can upload an image of the product or point the camera towards an item and search it online.

eBay visual search, Google lens, Target, and Pinterest have already given the users to opportunities to search a product online.

Enable Image search


Refining and redefining this technology is sure to give the e-commerce business an edge over others in the upcoming years.

Let Them Pay On Social Media

Just like the e-commerce market, social media continues to grow as well. In fact, there will be 3.02 billion social network users by the year 2021.

With the growing number of social media users, social payments are also taking a huge leap in e-commerce.

And, all major social platforms have their version of social payments such as Twitter Buy, Apple Pay, Facebook Payments, Google Wallets, etc.

Pay On Social Media


You also have seen an ad in your facebook/ Instagram feed displaying various service or product.

Moreover, Instagram has launched a feature in March 2018, which allows the sites to tag up to 5 products in a post. The post has product information including its price and link to purchase.

Besides Instagram, Pinterest also provides many ways to share their products.

Boost Sales with Influencer Marketing

According to a study, 31% of people chose celebrities and influencers influencing their purchasing decisions.

So, you can ask influencers to create some content featuring your product. Or better, you can ask them to post product reviews.

But, how can you launch a successful influencer campaign? Follow these steps given below:

Step 1: The very first step is to find the right influencer. Look for an influencer that reflects the style of your brand. For instance, if you’re into beauty, look for a beauty influencer. Also, search for top influencers that rank high in the keywords in your niche.

Find the right influencer


Step 2: After that, you need to build an effective relationship with your influencer. Introducing them to your brand and giving them details of your campaigns would result in a good relationship with them.

Also, you can provide them with some compensation. Most of the brands compensate by giving them free products.

If you want to build a long-term relationship with them, it’s necessary to provide the influencers with monetary compensation.

Step 3: Ask the influencers to review your products. The most important tactic of influencer marketing is product reviews. A study shows that 64% of the customers made a purchase after watching branded content on social media.

Ask the influencers to review your products


Most of the visitors rely on reviews of past buyers. Whether it is Amazon or YouTube, they want to determine first if they’re getting their money’s worth.

So, by getting influencers to review your product is undoubtedly an excellent way to establish your credibility.

Step 4: Encouraging influencers to create entertaining content will also boost your sales. Collaborating with creative influencers who have a huge list of followers can benefit your brand.

You can also post influencer-generated content on your website to build social proof. This will encourage the buyers to stay on your page, and these people are most likely to purchase a product.

Step 5: Creating testimonials that feature influencers is a great way you can get customers to trust your product.

Creating testimonials


Step 6: Lastly, you can offer a discount code through these influencers. That will instantly bring sales to your brand. Ask the influencers to review your products in their video and give them a discount coupon they can share with their followers.

This will be beneficial for both you and your influencer as people will get to know about your store, and the influencers will give something to their followers.

Subscription Based Model

15% of online buyers have signed up for one or more subscription boxes to receive goods on a recurring basis, often through monthly boxes.

Also, the subscription market has grown by more than 100% a year in the last five years.

So, in 2019 as well there will be a subsequent rise in the subscription-based models.

These services will offer peace of mind to the customers knowing their product will reach them when they need it.

For example, Blue Apron provides a subscription box starting at just $7.49 per meal. They’ll send recipes and ingredients every week to the customers so they can prepare their meal. Due to the subscription boxes, the site keeps growing with a significant increase in their customers.

Subscription Based Model

Use User-Generated Content In Your Site

According to this chart, user-generated content (UGC) is the single most influential factor that determines purchase intent.

The rise in user-generated content enables a brand to lead by their communities.

User-generated content is the type of content that is generated by users concerning your brand. Whether it is an image or a video, it’ll have the same positive impact on your sales.

Brands have realized the value of UGC as this content is authentic and original. Brands such as Vans encourage their customers to share the shoes wearing picture and repost that photo or video.

Use User-Generated Content In Your Site


This type of engagement results in a loyal customer following and a great way of marketing and this can bring a 20-30% increase in your e-commerce sales.

So, if you are still not getting UGC, it’s a great time to start it in 2019.


In 2019, e-commerce websites have to up their game. As technology and the world are changing, e-commerce will only get bigger and better in 2019.

So, as an e-commerce retailer, make sure to embrace the technology that best suits your needs. Click To TweetA quick recap, post Instagram and Facebook ads, focus on meeting customer experience, don’t forget to track your analytics and consider innovative technologies such as voice search and AI.

In the end, always provide value to your customers. The better the customer experience, the higher will be your sales.

FAQ on How to Get Traffic to Online Store

1. What are some of the unique ways to drive traffic to online store

a) After chatbots, voice shopping and voice commerce have taken over online shopping. According to stats, 30% of web browsing sessions will be voice driven by 2020.
Example: eBay Australia and Google have partnered up that allows the customers to talk to eBay using the Google Assistant app. The app lets the shoppers search for items or find out the price of their products
b) Provide Live Chat Support to Offer a Smooth User Experience
c) Enable Augmented and Virtual Reality for Product Visualization
d) Boost Sales with Influencer Marketing

2. What are the other tips to drive traffic to online store

Referral Marketing
Pay Attention to Social Proof
Watch Your Site’s Speed
Follow Strategic SEO
Monitor Your CTAs
Offer Free Shipping
Understand Customer Personas
Use Demo Videos
Showcase Your Best Sellers
Don’t Overlook Email Marketing
Try Instagram Marketing
Invite Niche Bloggers to Write on Your Blog
Target Long-Tail Keywords
Host a Giveaway Contest
Implement Schema Microdata
Create an Active YouTube Channel
Sell benefits on Product Pages
Buyable Pins
Repurpose Old Content
Answer Questions on Quora
Simplify the Checkout Process
Create Urgency
Incorporate Live Chat
Build Trust
Collect Data Everywhere
Guest Publishing

3. Where can I learn more about driving traffic to online store.

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