Best Apps for Buying and Selling Items Online: A Full 2020 Review

The fancy buying and selling apps are less of a hassle and now offer more fun because of the endless surprises they offer. Yes, and why not, the countless deals that you get upon just signing up in an app will leave you speechless.

Buying and selling was never a fun as it has been in the year 2019. You can only expect it to get better with time, thanks to the introduction of the online buy and sell apps! Click To Tweet

There is unlimited potential and there exists numerous apps to sell items online.

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In 2019, people prefer shopping on e-commerce websites as online platforms offer the most flexible options. You get to buy and sell at the comfort of your home, office desk, with the few taps of your fingers.

There has been a massive shift of people choosing to buy and sell app over visiting the traditional brick and mortar shops. 

Reasons for shop online

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People resort to online shopping because they get great deals and discounts during the regular days of the year when there are no festivals and celebrations.But in brick and mortar shops you will only find deals and offers during major national festivals and other celebrations.

Where earlier you only had the option to buy online now, you can also sell brand new or maybe your old personal stuff just lying around without any purpose.

We have selected some of the best android apps that are preferred by the shopping enthusiasts’ world over.

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2019 was ruled by these applications and we expect in 2020 these apps are going to be the online marketplace rage. Introducing you to a few beloved market apps:

Best Online Buying and Selling Apps in 2020

Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

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If you do not have Amazon in your shopping app list, then we would not consider it complete. Yes! The selling giant is the preference of the people world over. Apart from the millions who are already using it, countless others register themselves on the app, every single minute.

The proverbial mega-mall can be searched for almost all kinds of products ranging from furniture, garments, stationery, exercising equipment, food items, home objects, and what not?

The fantastic part of the app is that you get access to the incredible deals and daily offers that are bound to keep you all excited, at all times. If you want to enjoy some more features of the Amazon shopping application, then you can register yourself as the prime member, which would only further surprise you with more options and features.

A survey states that around 56% percent of people resort to the Amazon market as the starting point for their product research.

56% percent of people resort to the Amazon

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The possibilities for what all you can purchase here are endless! Don’t be shocked if you come across a seller who is selling houses, electronics, furniture, etc. One downside to this application is that it is not as secure as compared to its competitors.

Although they do not have an official application, you can access their service with the help of the third party application. You can access the free app in which there are no in-app purchases.

Interesting fact

In the US, Craigslist is the highest-trafficked site.


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Have you ever tried this one ubiquitous brand in the online marketplace?

 If not, what are you waiting for?

You can work quite a lot of things with this application, which is pretty much everything, from searching, bidding, purchasing, and then keeping a check on the items that you wish to sell.

 Have you started browsing already?


All the Etsy artists and designers are you listening? On this one particular application, there are around 8,00,000 sellers, and you can find around ten million items from the colossal marketplace. If there is even an atom of doubt in your mind that you buy is not going to be unique, then we would want to clear the cloud for you.

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There are products listed on Etsy that get manufactured on limited runs. There are endless possibilities of what all you can do with the app! Explore, buy items, and if you are a seller, you can even manage your shop with the help of this application. The app will keep you updated with all the things that the sellers are willing to sell in your area. For secure and more manageable paymentcheckouts, the application is supported by PayPal and Google Wallet.

Best-Selling Apps to Sell and Earn

Now, coming to all the applications that will help to declutter your cupboard space and get rid of the unwanted things. So, if there is anything on your mind and let that you wish to sell and earn some money, then, we have a list of the best-selling apps here:



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The name says it all. The buy and sell app rests at the top of the category. The app was launched during the January month of 2015, and by 2018 it got 75 million app downloads, imagine the number by the end of 2019!

Everything that you can imagine buying under the sun, all around the year from houses, cars, antique furniture, almost everything is listed here.

How to register an account on the application:

  • Pick up your phone to click pictures of the stuff you wish to sell
  • Click aesthetically pleasing images
  • Upload
  • The app itself selects the category and places the product there
  • Upload

No more daunting days looking for the perfect buyer to purchase directly at prices requested by you. When the prospective buyers approach you, there is no need to give away your personal information. You can discuss the pricing and meet up a place within the application.

Varage Sale (Sell and Buy Stuff in your Community)

Varage Sale

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The app designed by a Toronto based company has users across the globe from the USA, Canada, JAPAN, and the UK.

To use the app, you must first join the Varage sale app and its community that exists within your area. A new user of the app first needs approval by the admin of the community, and only after the approval, one can start transacting.

Do not worry if the approval does not happen overnight. It usually takes up to a few days. In case you do not get the approval you needn’t worry. Contact the admin for assistance.

The app is totally secure, because the sign-up process itself involves getting identity verification, which is done with the help of the Facebook profile. So, don’t fear getting cheated.


Outshining the other seller apps!

Monetizing by selling the unused stuff from the wardrobe is the ongoing trend. It makes a lot of sense. The online marketplace has secured a considerable space for the new kind of buyers and sellers.

Here you will find sellers who believe in making cash by selling unused items, and buyers who are happy purchasing the old stuff, at reasonable prices.

Studies estimate that we do not use 80% of accessories and stuff from our closets. So, isn’t it smarter to get rid of it and that too in return for some money?

Interesting isn’t it.

The app has around 75 million product listings, shoes, apparel, and accessories. You are going to drool over the vast collection!


The generation Z has fallen for this application! Want to know how? The fun and aesthetically pleasing social media app is helping teens earn thousands of dollars. It is one creative community of the mobile marketplace.

 Found in the year 2011 in Milan, the app now is popular in 147 countries with a huge user base of 13 million!

It has turned the teens into ‘teen-preneurs’ in no time.

 How to start selling on DePop

  • Begin by downloading the application
  • Create a unique username
  • For identity verification, link the account with your e-mail id
  • Put up an attractive picture that represents you and your brand identityDePop

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Some sellers are even earning around $3, 00,000 every year. How about you too try your luck by selling stuff here?

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

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Do you think it is time to offload the unwanted stuff from your closet?

Want to clear the clutter. Then, we suggest using the Facebook marketplace buy and sell apptrusted and used by 800 million people in 70 countries across the globe. You can decide the location for buying, delivering, and paying for the product, according to your convenience.

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If you have the regular Facebook application on your phone, then you need not download a separate app for the Facebook marketplace as the latter is accessible from within the main application.

The apps mentioned above match with the trending e-commerce fashion. They are developed and designed to deliver an exciting experience to the enormous user base. These apps will surely be changing the market scenario by 2020.


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