Best Picture Editing Apps for Ecommerce Marketing

Our brains function in a particular manner, it always gets attracted to things which are visually attractive and appealing. You will unconsciously tend to give more attention to things which are more eye-catching as compared to others. Hence, it is very important for an ecommerce business to choose the best picture editing apps for their social media posts and online marketing. It is a simple concept, the more beautiful your product pictures are, the higher the chances of them getting more attention and finally getting converted to sales.

Consumers want to view ads which are aesthetically appealing. Therefore, Photo editing apps are becoming an essential part of a marketing campaign for an ecommerce business. Click To Tweet

Best Picture editing apps

For a successful marketing campaign, you require high-quality images which can be posted on social media sites likes Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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So, how can you get these high-quality images?

You need to start with the image first. You should click good pictures for each and every product in the store, click the pictures from different angles and also take pictures of the product when in use, to give an idea to the viewer on how the product works. Don’t worry, you need not hire professional photographers or need to have knowledge of the art of photography.  All you need is imagination and a good camera or smartphone.

So, how will you get quality images which are visually appealing?

Create wonders on your product images

You need to choose from some of the best picture editing apps, and use them to create wonders on your product images.

Some of the Best Picture Editing Apps


Pixlr is the ideal recommendation for a beginner

Pixlr is the ideal recommendation for a beginner, it is the best picture editing apps and extremely easy to use.  It is a web-based tool which has been created by Autodesk. It is available in three forms for you to choose from, the desktop app, mobile app,and web-based app.

Pixlr is the best tool to touch up your photos in a jiffy. You can easily add filters, text, stickers to the images. Resizing, cropping, adjusting the lights, backgrounds, etc. was never so easy. It is the best picture editing apps for ecommerce marketers who want to make appropriate changes in their product images before posting them or publishing them.

The Express services from Pixlr provides options for a quick fix or adding borders and overlays.  With the help of Pixlr editor, you can work on replacing colours, transforming objects, etc.  Both Pixlr Express and Editor are free services.

This fascinating app also includes a pixelate tool which helps users to transform some part of the image or the whole image completely. Businesses like gaming companies use pixelated images for capturing the virtual composition of their products.

Use of Pixelation highlights

Use of Pixelation highlights the level of one’s creative skills. The pixelation effect adds power and dynamism to the images, making them so thrilling that it is difficult to avoid them. These images are highly effective, alluring and highlight the advertising agency’s remarkable artistic abilities.

Price: It is a free app


  • With the Chrome App, you can directly edit images stored on the Google drive using Pixlr.
  • You can save the edited images to the cloud or can download them.
  • It includes most of the Photoshop filters.


  • Does not support drag and drop function


Like Pixlr, Fotor is also a web-based picture editing app which offers free services. It offers all kinds of editing and designing services, but the biggest advantage of working on Fotor is it offers a set of templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

Templates make editing simpler and better to directly post on social media. These templates help you understand beforehand how the final image will look in terms of size or proportions, on the page when published. It is also available in the form of a mobile app.

Fotor’s tools are very easy to operate and work on. The Fotor app comes with a special focus feature, which is very helpful to photographers who are not still comfortable with taking sharp photos.

The High Dynamic Range feature on the app allows you to take three pictures with different exposures, combining them in a single image. One can say it is one of the best picture editing apps that offers image editing and beauty retouching services.

Fotor is web-based picture editing app

Price: The Fotor app price starts from $3.33 onwards


  • You can edit images on the web, mobile and desktop version. Versatile to use.
  • It can convert images to RAW files
  • It is very handy and useful collage maker.


  • It is not suitable for images which require deep image retouching.


Snapseed is from the house of Google

Snapseed is from the house of Google and is one of the best picture editing apps which are free of cost. It is available for download for both Android and iOS devices.

This offers a range of editing services like standard cropping, colour correction, editing specific areas on an image, etc. It is a simple basic photo editing app, however few of its features are great for professional photography and editing.

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One can focus on certain parts of the images and bring them to life with the help of enhanced lighting and focus services. This kind of professional editing helps ecommerce marketers who are completely dependent on the images to boost their sales.  It offers a wide range of filters and presets. Snapseed is widely used for creating intuitive and responsive designs.

Snapseed used for creating intuitive and responsive designs

Price: You can download it free of cost


  1. It comes with a wonderful interface which can be controlled with easy swipes, up and down for selecting the option and left and right for selecting the intensity.
  2. High-quality photo editing including features like auto correct, image tuning, etc at no cost.


  • Snapseed has limited social integration, though it supports sharing the edited images on email, Facebook, and Twitter. It is not integrated with important social media platforms like Instagram and Flickr.


Photoshop lovers, here is a free app which is as good as it gets. An open source application, GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program, is maintained and updated by volunteer developers).

It has the best professional level editing features.  GIMP is the best photo editing app for black-and-white image conversions. There is an inbuilt tutorial which guides on how to convert images to black and white, or how to use layer masking, colour curves, etc.

The desaturate command in GIMP helps you to select from three shaded of gray for colour conversion: Lightness, Luminosity, and Average.

GIMP-open source application

If you’re a fashion designer or into the garments business, you can add an edge to your clothes images by using GIMP.

It is also very useful for Black and white advertising. Black and white images get the viewers to focus completely on the product’s components. Use of black and white advertising for jewellery is commonly known. The lack of colour can highlight the necklaces or earrings against bare skin.

GIMP useful for Black and white advertising

Although GIMP does not offer professional features like Photoshop. You might not be able to work with Pantone colours but it is still the best photo editing app for marketers looking for polished and stylish images.

Price: It is a Free open source platform


  • It is loaded with a variety of features. It includes the best editing tools like image manipulation, workflow tools, etc.
  • This is a beginner friendly app, allowing quick image editing or manipulation without any hassles.


  • GIMP does not work well on the OS X application design, making it very difficult for MAC users to use it.
  • Lacks adjustment layers feature.


PicMonkey best photo editing apps

PicMonkey is the final tool on this list of best photo editing apps.

Originally it was built to offer one feature – creating collages. Over a period, image editors can now use PicMonkey to make quick adjustments to the images. It can be used to build templates to give a consistent look and feel to all the images used in the campaign.

With the growing technology and introduction of newer features, editors can enhance their portraits with tools like Smooth, Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Fix, and Teeth Whitening, etc. They can also add their own stickers, graphics, and logos on to the images using the overlay tool.

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If you’re not a professional photo editor, looking to make some high-quality edits or changes to the images for social media posting or for marketing campaigns, PicMonkey is the best option.

Price: It is a free editing app, which comes with monthly plans starting from 7.99$ depending on the services opted.


  • More than 20 custom made collage layouts available
  • Supports uploading of multiple images
  • Images can be uploaded from different sources


  • You cannot add images to the background
  • It has an image size limit, you cannot upload images larger than 16MP. If uploaded, the images will be automatically resized to 4000X4000 pixels.

Final Thoughts

Visuals play a major role in ecommerce marketing. A number of studies and research has shown that the online stores which incorporate high-quality, attractive images in their campaigns, have a better conversion rate. Click To Tweet Photo editing tools are extremely essential to improve the quality of the images.

If you are in the field of ecommerce and have not been using an image editor for your product images, now is the time, take your pick from the above best picture editing apps.

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