10 Best Online Business Ideas to Start In 2020

This is the age of digitalization, and 2020 has touched the pinnacle of the digital economy for every entrepreneur. When it comes to establishing a lucrative strategy, online businesses have completely transformed our way of viewing the global industry. To put it into perspective, the total value of global business sales will come at $4.13 trillion by the end of 2020.

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This substantiates the fact that online business is an increasingly profitable option today, and also in the long run. Click To TweetWith the rise of the “economy of the individual”, every living soul wants to dig up the best online business and be their own boss.

Are you looking for the best online business to start in 2020? This walking-encyclopaedic guide will help you divulge into everything you need to know about chartering the best online business in 2020! Scroll through this article for more!

How to Start Your Online Business?

Aspiring businessperson, buckle up! You are about to delve deep into the most effective strategy of starting the best online business. If you begin in 2020, building a legacy business is within reach! Below is an overview of the 9 steps for the best online business to start from home:

Find your niche

Before selling, find the right product with the potential for maximum profitability. Research various niches that resonate with your interests.

Conduct market research

Set seal on your chosen product by using techniques like SEO and keyword research. Additionally, evaluate the most trending products in 2020.

Analyze your competitors

If you are bound and determined about starting the best online business, do not adopt the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Find out what works for you, and determine the areas of improvement from your competitors.

Wade through online business laws

Trademark considerations, zoning regulations, and shipping restrictions. These are the make or break aspects of your business. Get the knack of these laws to evade all online business landmines that will crash your business.

Consider your target audience

Delve deeper to comprehend your shopper audience. What age group do they belong to? What are their likes and dislikes? How can you reconcile both your products and your website to make their experience unbeatable?Consider your target audience


Launch your online store

Now, you have the right platform and product. This means that you are halfway through your best online business plan. Once you have your online store up and running, adopt smart marketing tactics to drive organic visitors to your website.

Get the hang of business shipping

Efficient shipping is a huge goal to achieve when looking for the best online business to start in 2020. Hence, take the best shipping approach to your business customers.

Measure your online success

Triumph is nothing without a paper trail! Similarly, the success of your online business is nothing without the right analytics to testify it. Hence, take note of all key performance indicators (KPIs), and weigh out your data insights.

Escalate your business

Congratulations! You have successfully developed the best online business in 2020! Now, you can begin outlining the next stage of growth.

Most Profitable Online Business Models to Cater In 2020

In 2020, the world’s best online business landscape is sewed-up to flourish in multiple areas. This is due to several factors, such as increasing international trade, overall strong online community, government stimulus, etc.

The young population is rising to leadership and devising strategies for the best online business to start. Hence, there are several business opportunities in diverse sectors that we will explore today. Click To TweetWe have prepared a list of the top 10 legitimate business models that will actually work for you. These are as follows:Online Business Models


Professional Blogging

If you are human, it goes without saying that you have an Instagram account in 2020. There are thousands of bloggers who are earning handsome six figures by writing and publishing content about their passion or expertise. These can include travel, beauty, fashion, parenting, technology, cooking, and so on.

In fact, studies show that more than 77% of internet users read blogs on a daily basis.[1] To become a professional blogger, consider the following steps:

  • Select a relevant domain name for your blog.
  • Set up a cost-effective web hosting service.
  • Create a website and customize it according to your niche.
  • Learn about SEO tools and ways to generate traffic to your site.

The perks of choosing professional blogging as the best online business is that you do not need a humongous investment to begin. Moreover, you can run this business from anywhere in the world. This is exactly what several “digital fanatics” do in 2020.Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition



If you possess the ability to procure essential products at lower prices, then the best online business for you would be a lucrative dropshipping business. In essence, you resell products on third-party sites like Ali Express or eBay. In this concept, sellers get hold of products in bulk from suppliers and clinch the deal further to the end-user.

If Dropshipping is the best online business to start for you, it is imperative to do extensive market research. Also, you must analyze products that are the highest in demand. Pro tip: check the highest-selling products on the leading eCommerce websites to gauge the ongoing trend.Dropshipping


Web Development

There are over 3.5 billion of us online, and to cater to such a vast audience, 6 out of 10 businesses have online websites.[2] Hence, web development is a profitable skill with respect to the surging demand for launching websites. If you are a techie, looking for ways to start the best online business, then you can begin by developing websites for friends. In return, this will help you polish your skills.

It is essential to know that newly-established companies are always searching for efficient coders. You can plunge into your Web Development career by offering your service at cost-effective prices to build client flow. Gradually, this will turn into a high-income business plan.

Affiliate Marketing

The onset of 2020 has been quite a rumble in the market arena. When someone asks the best online business to make passive money online, many people anticipate affiliate marketing. Today, top-notch brands, wanting to sell their products online, develop new affiliate programs. Later, they permit affiliates like publishers and influencers to promote those products.

As an affiliate marketer, you get good money by earning commissions. In fact, affiliate marketing is projected to hit the $6.8 billion mark in 2020.[3] Primarily, affiliate marketing is the best online business model, if you can effectively recommend useful services or products. This way, you earn a significant percentage of profit for each sale.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Contract Customer Service

Many established organizations facilitate cost-cutting by outsourcing customer service to freelancers. This is the best online business model for you, provided you possess decent communication and management skills.

Several websites such as Fiverr and Upwork, offer contract-based customer services. Moreover, if you have some experience in CRS, then you can create your virtual team and inaugurate an agency.

SEO Consulting

This is 2020, where no business can live through the digital world without optimizing their content for search engines. However, this is a much-complicated area of expertise that constantly keeps evolving. Luckily, most businesses only give it limited effort. They hire a marketing person who is the “commanding officer” of SEO management.SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting requires a demanding skill to share.  Moreover, search engine algorithms remodel constantly. If you plan on going ahead with this as the best online business to start, then you must possess point-by-point knowledge that your client cannot pursue on his own.

Open Coaching

You can turn your winning combination of skills into offering your service with personalized online coaching. Apart from the skill-set, this online business idea is also about building a community alongside the help you offer. Moreover, fostering trust among your members is another pre-requisite of open coaching.

To turn your open coaching venture as the best online business for 2020, you must create a secure space by selecting a community-building platform. Additionally, you can use a custom URL, designs, internal forums, etc.

Word of caution: Implement an Opportunity Management System so that you don’t latch onto clients that you can’t assist.

Translation Services

The entire world is available on the internet today. Learning a new language is as easy as taking a walk in the park. If you can gather a team of people who are good in various languages, then this is the best online business for you. You can be a student or a homemaker, and begin your translation services at home.

Nevertheless, if you cannot manage to assemble a team, you can take up an online translation project and work as a freelancer. Perks include investment, just in terms of time. Once you have mastered a language, you can bring into play the best online business to start this year!

Freelance Writing

Every website, including us, hires copywriters and content curators to develop excellent and eye-catching content for every plausible topic. The initial capital-collection does not reach the sky. However, with growing experience, you can earn more than your full-time job if you get the hang of it.

Additionally, it is also essential to find the right clients and brand your company as a qualified content writing service. Carol Tice, one of the leading freelancers in the universe of writing, did not blossom into the best in a single day! Season yourself with outstanding content writing skills and develop this as the best online business!

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Various small business and start-ups are outsourcing jobs in 2020, that isn’t a part of their core business. Setting up a freelance accounting and bookkeeping business with the right skill set can be a great opportunity for starting the best online business.

This is because, companies require someone to track their revenue income, cash flow, and profit track records. This way, you can immensely benefit from the increasing demand for help. Lastly, if you know the ropes of exceptional accounting, then you can mousetrap more companies to work with you!Bookkeeping and Accounting


Best Online Business Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs

The following strategies will radically transform the best online business that you chose:

Conversion Optimization

What do people do once they’re on your website? Conversion optimization ensures the best value out of each visitor by escalating your rate of conversion. It is a system to maximize the percentage of website visitors and convert them into customers.

Email Marketing

Today, email marketing has a stupefying return of investment, since it costs almost zero to implement. You can begin by resourcing subscribers from the pre-existing customer base and your social media followers.

Even a simple newsletter or brochure can help you coincide with more user engagement and keep your brand at the highest endeavour.

Most Useful Online Business Apps In 2020

Running the best online business demands wearing multiple shoes. To help you navigate the infinite sea of the best online business apps that are your one-step solution to everything, we’ve compiled them:


It is a comprehensive project management application that tracks your team’s workflow. Each card represents a due assignment or task. You can add multitudes of members, attachments, due dates, labels, etc to make your card descriptive. Your best online business is sure to flourish with this remarkable platform.Trello



Dropbox boasts around 200,000 businesses and is the most popular platform to store and transfer files in the cloud. Hence, if your best online business needs a reliable application for information sharing, then DropBox is the answer!Dropbox


Now, It’s Your Turn!

Success is all about getting started with an idea that changes your life! Anyone can establish the best online business by taking the right pick depending upon their skills and interests. Click To Tweet Pay heed to your true calling by choosing the best online business to start, and become a successful entrepreneur. Brownie points if you already have an idea fostering in your mind!

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