10 Best E-commerce SEO Companies

A lot depends on your website SEO and most online store owners are not sure if relying on an e-commerce SEO company is the right thing to do.

Website traffic, sales growth, brand awareness, customer outreach, and lot more to add on, depends on SEO. This would be the nth time you are hearing, but all of this is directly dependent on your e-commerce SEO.

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As an online store owner, you would be aware that you should focus enough on SEO. It’s not just about uplifting your website ranking, but there is a lot more that SEO does.

Now the biggest challenge that most e-commerce stores face is to constantly look for ways to improve website SEO. With no second thoughts it is hard to master SEO in a short duration. Click To Tweet

Every store goes through this evolution cycle where you need to focus on other ways you can improve sales, target customers, run campaigns, choose products you need to sell, and the list goes on. Being realistic, when there are so many things on the plate, it gets harder to focus on SEO.

To solve this, one of the best ways is to rely on an e-commerce SEO company.

Sounds simple, isn’t it!! All you need to do is research and find the best e-commerce SEO company and you have all your website SEO concerns sorted. But there are more reasons why you should check for using the services of a SEO company for your e-commerce website.

Reasons to Choose an E-commerce SEO Company

Whether you are focusing on local business or not, one of the main goals is to rank high on search engines. 93% of users start their search on Google. No e-commerce store would like to miss this opportunity of sales. The main focus till date remains on improving e-commerce store visibility.

Below is a chart showing how most e-commerce companies focus on different marketing goals. One of the top priorities is focusing on growing organic presence.Different marketing goals

Courtesy: Hubspot Research

Hiring an e-commerce SEO company can ease out a lot of SEO stress off your shoulders.

Some of the ways an SEO company can help you are:

  1. Making your website 100% responsive and user friendly
  2. Fixing SEO issues and loopholes in the website so that your website can rank better. Fixing anything that works against your website ranking
  3. Incorporate SEO best practices within your website such as metadata, image optimization, website speed, etc.
  4. Work on analytical tools to analyze website traffic and fix SEO deterrent issues. Perform SEO optimization cycle that can eventually increase sales
  5. Help in generating more organic traffic, adds credibility to the website by incorporating the right SEO strategy based on your business.
  6. SEO experts work on optimizing your website and this turnaround time to fix SEO issues is much lesser.

SEO is quantifiable wherein you can evaluate the performance and get an evaluation of your ROI. This is a long-term strategy and hence small, medium, as well as several large e-commerce businesses, look towards hiring some of the best e-commerce SEO companies.

Which is the Best Company for SEO Services?

Every year the landscape pertaining to SEO keeps changing and you can see a lot of evolution. There are multiple SEO service providers available in the market. It often gets confusing for first-timers to find the best SEO company for their online business.

Below is a list of the best companies for SEO services.


  • Based on your business domain, Mayple will provide you the right SEO expert
  • There is continuous monitoring of the website to assure optimized results
  • Pricing starts at $590
  • Marketing audits are completely free and included in the plan


  • A complete digital marketing solution which has won several accolades
  • All in one SEO solution that includes SEO analysis, Technical SEO audit, e-commerce SEO, link building, digital PR and a host of other services
  • Flexible SEO services wherein you can just choose some of the services which are required and drop the others.
  • The pricing isn’t transparent. To get a pricing quote you need to fill in the form and contact the company.


  • Mostly focuses on mobile development, app optimization, and SEO
  • A good option in case you have to optimize SEO for mobile apps

Page Traffic IncPage Traffic Inc

  • The company is spread across multiple locations and is one of the top SEO companies
  • Focuses on all kinds of SEO such as local SEO, global SEO, e-commerce SEO, enterprise SEO, etc.
  • Provides services for app store optimization
  • Multiple plans are available with a reasonable starting price of around $400/month

Cyber Infrastructure IncCyber Infrastructure Inc

  • CIS provides multiple web-based services of which it also provides SEO support.
  • Support multiple industry domains for SEO and digital marketing
  • CIS provides strategic planning along with user experience designing

SEOTonic Web SolutionsSEOTonic Web Solutions

  • One of the top-rated SEO service providers, focusing mainly on SEO
  • Provides a free SEO analysis for any e-commerce website
  • Supports local, global, e-commerce SEO
  • Long list of supported services for web development, online marketing and optimization

Web ChoiceWeb Choice

  • A complete web development service provider that also supports SEO and ranking services
  • Works on on-page, off-page SEO and provides free audit reports
  • A good track record of working on multiple SEO related projects

DEAN KnowsDEAN Knows

  • Most popular for real estate projects
  • Also supports web development, social media marketing along with SEO ranking
  • Performs a free SEO audit
  • The company charges based on hours. Technical SEO and web development costs $135/hour



  • The company provides a range of digital marketing services along with a good range of SEO based services
  • Includes SEO audits, SEO consulting, local SEO
  • Flexible SEO services where you can choose specific services such as just link building
  • One of the most popular e-commerce SEO companies in the USA with a good track record of fixing SEO ranking issues

Search BergSearch Berg

  • One of the popular and award-winning SEO companies that have worked across multiple domains and clients. Includes a good mix of small, medium and enterprise-level clients
  • Clients can access their internal SEO dashboard to check website performance
  • Provides flexible SEO services and has services starting at $200

What are the Best Practices for SEO Experts?

As you begin your hunt for recruiting the best e-commerce SEO company, one of the things you should focus on is getting an understanding of best SEO practices. Unless you know some of these best practices that most SEO experts adopt, you would find it difficult to narrow down your SEO company search.

When it’s about SEO, there are tons of things that come to mind. However below listed are the not to miss best practices for SEO experts.

1. Keywords – You can’t ignore the importance of keywords in SEO. First,you need to choose the right keywords. Next, you need to use these keywords at the right place within the content. Google gives more importance to terms that appear at the top of the web page.

This means if you have a keyword, then its important to add the keyword in the first few lines of your content. Adding the keyword in the first 25 to 100 words of the content is the first thing to do.

Below is an example that focuses on Online furniture/ Furniture Online keyword and has the keyword added right at the beginning of the content.Keywords

Courtesy: Urban Ladder

2. Title and Description–The content that is added in title, description as well as web page should be unique. This also applies to landing pages, category pages, image alt text, meta description tag.

Below is an example of one such description, using furniture online as the keyword.

Title and Description

Courtesy: Urban Ladder

Writing a unique description for every product page might be difficult, especially difficult to avoid duplicate content. In such cases, you can use canonical tag.Use canonical tag

Courtesy: Backlinko

3. SEO title–Title is the first thing that would hit user’s attention and hence one should focus on using high-quality title for web pages. Use keywords at the start of the title. Again, search engines focus a lot on the terms used in the title and especially on the once that show up early in the title.

Use only one keyword in one title. As shown in the below example the keyword Furniture Online is used at the very beginning of the title.SEO title

While creating a title, one needs to ensure that the title looks natural. If you are not able to place the keyword in the title, then ensure to add it at the early stages of your content. Add titles that are relevant and make users click on your link.

4. Page load speed–The speed at which your website gets loaded is another parameter that impacts SEO. Newer ways should be seen to optimize page speed, especially for mobile devices. Compression techniques, site architecture changes, CDN,etc. can be explored to optimize page load speed.

5. Image Optimization – Images play an important role in any e-commerce business. Add descriptive image names since Google focuses on these as well. Add an alt tag for each image. Consider relevant naming convention as shown in below example.Image Optimization

Courtesy: Urban Ladder

6. Internal Links – Using internal links is simple and one of the easiest SEO practices, since this is within your website content. Add links from one page to another by using Keyword rich anchor text. This makes the internal link look natural within the content.

Consider adding internal links to low authority pages within your website.The best way to achieve this is by linking new pages from existing old pages. Remember, old pages will have better authority than new pages. Internal links can be added in any simple content as shown in the below example.Internal Links

Below is another example where internal links are redirected to other product category pages.Internal links are redirected

7. Content–Adding high-quality content throughout the website can work like magic to improve SEO. Consider adding high-quality content in the form of blogs. Consider content marketing by focusing on target keywords.

Consider adding unique blog content as in the below example.Content

8. Backlinks–Backlinks are important signals for Google to rank your content better. Add content that can generate backlinks. Content answering certain queries such as “what or how” kind of content has better chances of being linked.

Create content with a hook that will encourage more people to add links. This can be done by focusing on unique concepts within your content that can be a data point, a different angle or perspective that can become a point of conversation on a bigger forum.

9. User experience–Evaluate user experience for your website. Using a good analytical tool, you can evaluate the pages where you can see user drop off. Bounce rates can impact Google ranking, so its important to fix these issues.

The more your website is user friendly, its more likely that users complete their shopping and will also consider sharing the link with other users. Intrusive pop-ups, broken links are things that need to be corrected immediately. A lot of times, SEO companies suggest a complete revamp of the website design to enhance user experience.

These are some of the best practices that SEO experts will focus on while trying to improve the SEO ranking for your business website. A lot of this research starts with an SEO audit.

How to find the Best SEO Service Provider?

Finding the right SEO company for your online store would require some research. The market is filled with tons of SEO service providers. However, it is important to know if these are all reliable.

You need to find an e-commerce SEO company that would be:

  1. Reliable and trustworthy
  2. Having a track record of performing SEO optimization for other brands successfully
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Provides quick resolution to all your website SEO issues

Below area few tips to find the best SEO service provider for your business:

1. Define Goal–Every company has a goal and the same works true in case of SEO. Define your goals and purpose to look for SEO optimization. If it is about online presence or sales or anything else, you need to define the right goals before taking up with any SEO service provider.

2. RequirementDefining crystal clear requirements is equally important. Your digital marketing strategy will be dependent on this. This could be simply SEO optimization or website revamping or creating an altogether new website.

The SEO company will be charging a fee for their services, so it’s important to chalk out a plan with clear requirements. Else you would end up overshooting your budget.

3. Reviews–While shortlisting an e-commerce SEO company, word of mouth technique will not work well. You need to get into the depths of multiple reviews and understand more about the company and its services.

Do thorough research by going through the company website, looking at case studies and testimonials. Check their social media profiles to get clarity about their services. Get an unbiased opinion about the company.

4. Analytics– SEO services require multiple iterations of SEO issue finding, analysis, and fixing. Choose a company that has a clear plan to get through this cycle. With requirements, also provide the desired output. This helps in quantifying the success of SEO strategies being implemented.

5. Consultation–It’s very important to know more about the company that would be handling your SEO fixing.To understand better speak with the customer service or schedule a consultation call.

You do not need to choose an SEO company that is within your geographical region. However, a consultation call, lets you build trust, client relationship, and give a better understanding of the SEO requirement. This is also a way to understand how SEO strategies would be implemented. A consultation call allows businesses to understand what SEO strategy is possible or not possible to be implemented.

6. Pricing–Most SEO companies provide multiple packages to choose from. This ensures you do not overshoot your budget. Refer to your goal, requirement, and the desired results to choose the best workable package.

Ensure to voice out your budget before starting the contract.

7. Timelines–SEO complexity can differ based on the goals, requirements, and the existing structuring of the website. A realistic timeline should be discussed right at the start to avoid any unforeseen delays.

Few Tips on what Should be Avoided While Choosing an SEO Service Provider

  1. Avoid companies that promise doubling of traffic, overnight ranking, instant leads, etc. These commitments might be a trap.
  2. Not doing enough research about the company
  3. Trying to find a company locally.
  4. Choosing a company that provides cheaper services
  5. Amateur SEO service providers

Along with these points, there are also certain points that you need to clarify before choosing any SEO service provider. Some of these include:

  1. Understanding the contract of service that would be applicable. This includes terms and conditions of service.
  2. Payment processing details. Any hidden fees.
  3. Procedure to cancel the contract, if required. If refunds are applicable.
  4. Ways in which communication will happen and how frequently will the updates be sent.
  5. Performance metrics and knowing the performance benchmark post the SEO fixing activity.
  6. Ways in which you can view the analytics of the website
  7. Will the website design be changed?
  8. If you require any specific contracts to be signed, like a Non-disclosure agreement then this should be highlighted.

Similarly, based on your business domain you can frame such queries that you would like to get clarified before settling for any SEO company. Do multiple iterations of evaluation before finalizing on an SEO service provider.

How does an SEO Company Improve the Ranking of Clients?

Most SEO companies start by doing an SEO audit to identify potential problems on the website. In certain cases, this may even result in a complete website design revamping to improve SEO.

Other factors that are most commonly focused are keyword research, competitor website analysis, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, content marketing. Additionally, this will also contain social media marketing campaigns to increase website traffic.

All the technical aspects of SEO are managed by the SEO company. Over multiple iterations, the SEO strategies are tried and tested to get the best performing SEO ranking. Multiple SEO audit tools and analytical tools are used to evaluate the SEO performance of the website, which is all done by SEO experts.


Relying on an e-commerce SEO company is certainly a good idea, with a word of caution to choose the right SEO service provider. You can work with industry-standard SEO experts who can fix website issues quickly.

The quicker your SEO issues are resolved, the more quickly you would be able to see an improvement in website traffic. Here we have seen some of the best e-commerce SEO companies as well. Ensure you do a thorough review and background check of the SEO service provider you choose.

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