Best Ecommerce Platforms to Sell Digital Products in 2019

Starting an ecommerce business is not easy, deciding on what to sell and where to sell the products is a very difficult decision. Services like writing, designing, editing work, etc. are popularly offered by freelancers on a project to project basis, however, there are digital products like eBooks, graphics work, and customized fonts, etc. which are sold directly online through a dedicated sales page. Sell digital products is ideal for artists, freelancers, etc. as it can become a constant source of income for them and requires lesser efforts for maintaining the same.

Sell digital products

What are digital products?

An intangible asset or a part of media which once created, can be sold or distributed continuously without having to restock the inventory, is known as a digital product. These products are generally available in the form of downloadable files, like MP3s, PDFs, videos, templates, etc. Digital products are intangible; hence they cannot be smelt, tasted or touched. However, they can be consumed by anyone as they come in the form of music, videos, eBooks, online courses, etc. Digital products are extremely popular and are very easy to distribute and sell, hence a number of entrepreneurs have built their entire business around these digital products. Click To Tweet

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The speciality of a digital product is that once they are created, they can be sold to different customers without having to refill or restock the inventory.

Some of the advantages of selling Digital products are that there are no or low overhead costs, as they don’t require to stock inventory or spend on shipping charges. No recurring cost of production or manufacturing results in high-profit margins. Orders can be delivered immediately, without you having to get involved or spend extra time on it.

Learning how to sell these digital products is a wonderful way to earn some extra income, which is both reliable and consistent. Any person owning their own website like webmasters, bloggers, writers, can all sell digital products. Click To Tweet

Selling digital products is a less tedious task, however, one should always remember to focus on the presentation and work towards providing support management while selling digital products online. Selling online is an important learning process, which can be used later for developing a business plan to market and sell the product in the physical world.

To sell online, the first requirement is to have an extremely reliable hosting platform. You should have a secure account on this platform, and one needs to ensure that the platform is managed efficiently. In case of an issue on your website, you should be able to work on it and resolve it efficiently and effectively. We have researched on the top ecommerce platforms and have consolidated a list of the best ecommerce platforms to sell digital products.

List of the Best Ecommerce Platforms to Sell Digital Products 


Shopify best ecommerce platforms

Shopify is amongst the best ecommerce platforms which allow sellers to create both digital and physical goods store online. One can experience the functioning of Shopify by signing up for its free trial and seeing the results live. It has a wide range of styles and themes which come with complete customization options. It also includes a wonderful directory of paid and free plugins will help you in creating online stores which resemble top ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Newegg.

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‘Digital Downloads’ is an app provided by Shopify, which permits users or sellers to upload digital files in the store for sale. Click To Tweet Once a consumer buys the digital product, a download link is sent to the customers for installation. A link is also sent by email to garner customer response after the order is completed and delivered.

‘Digital Downloads’ is an app provided by Shopify

Fees: 14 days of a free trial. $29 to $299 monthly plan. Transaction fees ranging from 0.5% to 2% of sale value depending on the plan opted.


Bridge between the seller and the customer

Gumroad is a connecting bridge between the seller and the customer. It is a very simple ecommerce platform for selling digital products. Click To Tweet It is secure and very easy to operate. Sellers can upload their eBooks, games, films, music, videos, online courses, software, etc. on the Gumroad servers. Next, they need to fix a price for their digital product, and then the ball starts rolling. Customers will visit the website, find the product and purchase it by making the payment online. The advantage of Gumroad is that it has a widget which helps in integrating Gumroad in the seller’s own website. This helps the seller to manage his sale and to promote the products in the way they want.

Another interesting aspect of Gumroad is that it has a direct tie-up with credit card companies. This helps in bypassing a surcharge of around 2.9% which needs to be paid to PayPal. This also helps Gumroad to operate even in countries which are not supported by PayPal.

Direct tie-up with credit card companies

Fees: Monthly fees ranging from Nil to $10 depending on the plan opted. 3.5% + 30¢ commission per sale


Easy solution for selling digital products

Sellfy offers a very simple and easy solution for selling digital products on your own website. Other than an eCommerce platform, Sellfy also provides smart and responsive tools which can help in enhancing sales and promoting the products through social media. Over 60,000 artists, freelancers, writer’s, etc. have been selling digital products on this platform and earning high profits. Ebooks, Comic books, videos, and music are most popularly sold on Sellfy.

The interesting feature of Sellfy is that it allows the seller to offer special discounts to customers who share the products on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Click To Tweet Sellfy provides unlimited storage and bandwidth for storing all kinds of digital content like eBooks, programs, digital art, etc.

Fees: 2% commission per sale. Monthly fees ranging $29 to $99.


Straightforward digital platform

FetchApp can be called the most straightforward digital platform amongst the others in the list. FetchApp allows you to easily sell and manage any types of digital products like music files, documents, digital artwork, software, and many more. Click To TweetYou can sell anything which is digital on FetchApp. They offer 5MB of storage space free to upload your digital products.  By paying a minimal amount of $5 and $10, you can increase the necessary storage space.  FetchApp is associated with WordPress, Shopify, and PayPal for selling digital products instantly with ease.

FetchApp had earlier started as a Shopify app, hence it offers easy integration with Shopify. This allows you to link your Shopify and FetchApp account.  There is no limit set for the number of eBooks, music files, videos, etc uploaded on FetchApp. It also provides unlimited Bandwidth.

Easy integration with Shopify

Fees: Monthly fees ranging from nil to $500. No commission charged on sales.


SendOwl loves to work with clients

SendOwl loves to work with clients of all kinds, whether experienced or new to the field of felling digital products. SendOwl is similar to other eCommerce platforms, the only differentiation is that everything is done on the platform’s cloud and not on the server. Click To Tweet  Sellers can enjoy features like an affiliation system, an upsell system which helps in increasing revenue, offering discount codes and being able to track them to analyze which codes attract the most traffic. SendOwl is a secure and safe platform, hence the seller need not worry and can focus on promoting and selling their digital products.

SendOwl is predominantly interesting for people

SendOwl is predominantly interesting for people who are looking to sell software, eBooks and PDF files. It has a special PDF protection feature which will stamp each and every downloaded PDF with the customer’s name and e-mail address.

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Fees: Ranging from $9 to $39 monthly. No commission charged on sales.


Feature-rich platform for people

Selz is a feature-rich platform for people who are selling digital products like artwork, eBooks, music, etc. It is very useful for movie makers, as it can support files up to 4GB in size. Click To Tweet Selz offers a free Facebook store to each account and also has a WordPress plugin. It provides the facility of built-in direct messaging to each store. Selz also provides previews of audios and videos posted for sale. Like SendOwl is also offering PDF stamping. The biggest positive is that there are no bandwidth or storage limits with Selz.

Fees: Monthly fees ranging from nil to $35 monthly. Up to 2% commission per sale + 2.9% processing fee.

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