7 Steps to Turn Your Product Page into High Conversion Landing Page

What is Landing Page all about?

A Landing page is a platform or page where the traffic is directed in order to start a discussion with the visitor and achieve a campaign objective, following few instructions from that page itself. By optimizing and high converting landing page, you have the opportunity to increase sales exponentially. Click To Tweet

It is very important to attract potential visitors while they are on your site with an appealing design, crisp content, and user-friendly website interface. As it is said that the first impression is also the last one. Hence,  it is important that for any eCommerce store to entice the target audiences and move into the sales funnel. Inform them about the product or service on offer, and finally covert  visitors into your fans and advocates.

The conversion rate from the landing page suggests how your website or the particular page of the site is performing with respect to campaign objective and leads you to take decisions regarding the same.

Is the site performing as per your vision and expectations or it requires changes to get the desired results?

Every segment of your site can have diverse landing pages but it is essential to try assorted versions of each landing page. A/B Testing is one of the most successful ways to decide which version of the landing page is showing the best results in terms of traffic and conversions. The more tests you conduct with varied versions of each landing page, the better and higher are the chances of lead generation and thus, increased rate of conversion. Click To Tweet

Good and Bad Landing Pages

As said earlier, landing page can be for any kind of purposes, from signing up for newsletters to the announcement of discount offers. But, the primary aim should be to give a clear picture of the purpose and link it to the right call-to-action. It is vital that the call-to-action link is perfectly designed with the right color scheme, font size, wording, position, contrast with other pages or tabs of the site, and urgency (how important it is and how quickly you get).

For instance, if you visit the Firefox or Chrome homepage, you get to see a clear call-to-action with right color, font, and position of the button with the CTA message like DOWNLOAD NOW or FREE DOWNLOAD. This is a good example of the landing page that doesn’t confuse the customers visiting the site. It directly informs the customers and the interested ones will obviously download which means conversion.

Instead, of Download Now or Free Download in one click, if the landing page carried messages from several customers or cluttered with several links, it would definitely annoy even the potential customers visiting the site.

Another great example could be the Dropbox Business landing page which has soothing colors with one clear message “Try Free for 30 Days” or “Purchase Now”. The message to the customers is given directly without twisting words. The dropbox landing page layout is very simple yet effective. The above-the-fold 2minutes video narrates the Dropbox product story clearly. The landing page is designed wisely with minimal options clearly revealing the message that Dropbox want their customers to do and that is sign up. The process of signup is very easy with just few steps involved. Landing page reiterates the value proposition of sharing files through Dropbox is really easy and simple.

How can you differentiate the bad landing pages from the good ones?  When there is an unnecessary overloaded page with cluttered and long wording, the landing page becomes an awful one.

Poor legibility of a site that is the clashing shades with varied fonts all over the page can make it difficult for the people to read the info. If people find it difficult to search what they have been looking for or unable to understand the link navigation on your site they leave without wasting their time. These are the signs of poor landing page.

Average Conversion and Tools to Create Landing Page


Before creating a landing page, you must be aware of the average conversion rate to measure the actions of people visiting your website. Both the conversion rate and increasing traffic to your website is important to highlight the significance of metrics and the rate stats for the retails conversions are available in comparison to the B2B businesses.

How can you calculate the conversions rate?

Suppose, your website witnessed a footfall of 10000 visitors this month and 200 of which converted to leads; then your customers to the traffic conversion rate will be 200/10000×100 i.e. approximately 2%.


If you are investing a big amount to drive traffic to your website then ensuring the returns must be high on the list. The conversion rate depends on various factors like –

  • Sources of traffic
  • Volume and Quality of traffic
  • Your brand awareness
  • Relation you maintain with your viewers

The fact is instead of competing with your competitors, you must compete with yourself. If your conversion rate is higher this month than the previous months then you are definitely doing well. In general, an average of 2-3% is a good enough average conversion rate for any ecommerce website.

There are various free tools like IMCreator, WordPress themes, Instapage, Unbounce, and many more for creating, designing, and tracking landing pages with various features like easy to use editor, fast integration, A/B testing functionality, SEO plugins, immediate analytics data, and more. There are also paid tools like Lander, Landingi, Klickpages, etc. to design your website landing page to perfection.


7 Steps to Creating High Converting Landing Page

Many times the visitor end up on your site accidentally and many a time it is intentional. When the search engine indexed pages of your website brings the visitor to your site, it is an accidental landing page for the visitor. And, the intentional ones are the highly targeted specific pages of your site that are linked to PPC content, search keywords, banners, ad and social media campaigns.

Why are the products landing pages important? It is because the product pages are usually the most highly targeted pages specifically built to generate conversions. So, what are the ways of optimizing a product landing page to ensure more than the targeted conversion rate? Here are the 7 steps to success.

A Unique Value Proposition

What do you understand by the Value Proposition? It is the most salable points describing the importance of your services and products and also highlighting what makes your products different from the rest of your competitors.

Product page, being a significant tool for conversion must highlight the value proposition of your site prominently and consistently in all the pages of your website. The value propositions are best kept short but in case, your products need a longer description to explain and inform the customers about its benefits, opt for bullets and points. Also, it is essential to throw light on just one product that is being viewed by the customer instead of confusing them with info about an entire lot of products.

NativeUnion can be a great example of a product landing page with clear call to action, great and clean visuals, social proof, resolution savvy layout, and effective headline.

Keep Up to the Relevance of Given Info

If you want to have an effective landing page, ensure that the message informing the customers about the product is completely relevant to the actual product. If there’s even a 1% short of relevance, your effort can go in vain, no matter how great your product is. Needless to say, the potential visitor will instantly bounce off your page.

This is definitely not a difficult part of the work. You just have to ensure that the content, branding, and images of the promotional ad link displayed are completely relevant to the landing page content as conveyed in the advertisement message. Also known as the scent to attract customers or message matching, relevant visual content like images, content, designs are the essence of high converting landing page.

So, how can you keep the relevance of both ads and product page? Google Adwords can help you immensely in maintaining the relevance and turning a product page into a high converting landing page. Wondering how? Google Adwords helps in crafting the right message or precise keywords, helps in finding the right number of keywords and phrases completely relevant to your products, exact volume of each keyword to create the most apt marketing campaign. It helps you in picking the most specific ideas and reaching the customers searching for your product.

What are the dos and don’ts to maintain the relevancy of the landing page?

In order to ensure a great conversion rate from landing page it is important to use catchy, attractive, and concise headlines. The right fonts and small, to the point yet effective message, and soothing visually appealing content can create a huge conversion. People are often apprehensive about trusting the products online. Addition of affiliate services like paypal or VISA logos can act as the trust marketers to reassure the authenticity of your product. Leading each conversion to a thank you page can help in tracking. The polls and feedbacks are also a good way to interact with your customers and motivate them to convert from visitor to your customer.

But, you must always keep in mind that asking for too many information, including too many links, continuously redirecting customers to homepage instead of more relevant links like products and purchase, inclusion of irrelevant long videos that keeps buffering, making the customers confused without including a CTA, etc, are strictly not allowed, if you want higher conversions from your landing page.

Clarity in Product Design and Content

Value proposition and clarity go hand in hand. Clarity of the product is the clear answer to why and how the product benefits the customer. The language to describe the product must carry a clear message that your targeted consumers can understand, use, and identify.

For instance, the language used to sell t-shirts to the teenager groups will certainly be completely different from the language used for customers of niche smartphones.

A great idea to bring clarity for selling product in particular category for a targeted set of customers is by using some of the precise phrases and words your patrons use in their various reviews, forums, social media communications, blog posts, and other varied sources of consumer feedback.

Potential Visitors Must Feel the Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency by offering big discounts for a limited period can agitate the customers and bound them to think of the product they have been looking for such long time being offered at a nominal price and they are missing on it if they don’t buy within the stipulated time.


By adding an element of urgency, you can boost the motivation of your potential customers to buy. Another way of creating urgency is through limiting the number of products available and projecting scarcity to show how quickly the product is bought and hardly any left. Scarcity upturns the apparent worth of any product.

Prospective Distractions Must be Avoided

What sort of distraction is discussed here? If the conversion outlook of your potential client poses as a hindrance of any kind, it certainly is a big disturbance and must be ignored. If the page is cluttered with too many things that are not really relevant directly to any particular job of the page, landing page distractions are bound to occur.

The most recurrent form of distraction is the links leading outside the site or the links that is not directly relevant to the landing page. The landing page must consist of only one reader at a time, one product or service on offer, and only one call-to-action to reduce distraction and increase conversion of your landing page.


The viewers are often distracted to see many features or CTAs in one landing page. For instance in the above image you can see how many call to action have been included in one landing page. Such pages can distract a customer’s attention to take any one decision. Therefore, it is important to keep your landing page clean with just one call to action.

Optimize a Product Form

User’s contact detail can be very useful in turning a simple product page to a high conversion landing page. A landing page form asking for the email id, if not the entire info can be highly beneficial for landing page conversions. So, creating one and optimizing it is required.

How can you optimize a form? Right selection of colors, fonts, position of the form on the landing page, etc are all important to optimize a form. Users must be able to trust the form and input their contact details; otherwise any convincing image or content will be completely useless.

A multipage form can be helpful as you let the consumer take necessary actions without asking for it, and when they are convinced, you finally get them into giving their details. It helps in smooth transitioning of the visitors into leads. Multiple smaller forms constitute a sequence of rational stages and steps. The long forms often seem to be daunting compared to the smaller forms that are more simple and easy to understand. The summed up instructions must be repeated again and again in every page of the multipage form. It must be divided into logical control groups like offers apply, shipping, payment, etc. Each category has a form page. There must be skip option for every form page nbnor stages categorised. Setting a time limit to fill out each form page can be a bad idea, users prefer to extend and adjust time as per their convenience.

The benefit of multipage form is you can capture information even if a person does not fill a form till the end. When a person leaves the series of form in between, atleast one form is submitted, if not all with little key information like IP, email, etc.

Addition of Security Indicators

A professional design with trust seals has the power to impact the consumer’s belief, confidence, trust, and thus, the prospect for your product. The customer’s anxiety can be eased successfully with the addition of security indicators like membership seals for professional organizations, user-generated social proof from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms of the satisfied users, security signatures, testimonials, and any other feedback that can justify the fact that they will surely get the value for their money.

Avoid overdoing things. Setting too many security indicators on one landing page can ruin your efforts to acquire conversions. To prove that your site is more than any generic website, it is important to build the trust of the customers. Highlighting the testimonials and reviews from eminent magazines or other prominent personalities below your product can help in building trust of your customers.

Turning your product page into a high converting landing page is not possible within a day. It is a decisive element of the inbound marketing strategies. Click To TweetYou need to have patience to see the results after months of testing and trying. The above 7 ways to ensure conversion are tested and can certainly assure great traffic and high conversions from the product landing pages.

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