7 Most Important Ecommerce Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

E-commerce is expanding at a very rapid state, and so is the need for more data and description. Landing pages of an e-commerce site are a key component to capture leads. Landing page optimization ensures high conversion rate from the customers who visit the landing page. Click To Tweet

Every customer tends to look forward to sites that can provide a more reliable description of their product and services. The reason is simple; they have choices so why will they trust anyone blindly.

However, you cannot fix all the relevant data on just one single webpage. It will make the page look super crowdy and confusing, no way anyone will use something that isn’t appealing. Landing page is a great choice in this case.

They help you provide all the required information in a sorted format, without any hassle. Imagine your website as a library, then landing pages are the different shelves that let you sort all the books for the convenience of the user. No wonder it can rapidly grow your business, even the studies at HubSpot support this method. Their report says that the firms that use more than 40 landing pages get 120% more leads than the companies which employ less than 5-pages.

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Now that you are familiar with the benefits of landing pages have a look at the following tips. They will guide you with creating and formatting of your landing pages, to attract more traffic.

Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization:

Multiple Call To Action Buttons For Single Purpose

Making a landing page for one single product or service is good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add multiple call-to-action buttons to it. All these buttons will have a different position on the page, but they will have the same action. So, they will easily drag the customer’s attention and draw it to the part or section that you want them to use.

The landing pages of Hearst magazines] are the best example of multiple CTA button usage.

Multiple CTA button usage

Hearst Products

Observe how cleanly they have placed two different “Order Now” buttons at the same pages. The best part is the arrangement of these buttons. One of them is at the top while the other is at the bottom part of the page. There are many more scattered although the pages.

This way they are presenting functionality without making the page look messy.

This page has a clean interface and easy navigation option, something which makes it a favorable customer choice.

Lack of Shipping Information is not an Option

The customers surfing through your landing page, expect clarity and transparency in every aspect including the shipping details.  According to the VWO e-commerce cart abandonment report of 2016, 6 out of 10 “add to cart” action never result in a sale. More than 25% of these cases are a result of unexpected shipping costs, and about 8% of them are due to no express shipment.

Every customer wants to know the overall cost they have to pay before they take the plunger. Omitting this detail makes the customer, doubt your services and hence withdraw their order.

So do yourself a favor and show this crucial detail. Even the sites like Ebay.com know about this fact.i

Lack of Shipping Information

Ebay Products

Optimize for Mobile

Google says that on an average day about 80% of people use smartphones for the internet. About 27% of these customers use only the smartphones while the computer only users are just 14%. So, you see how important it is for you to optimize your landing page for a smartphone screen.

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Just, format all the texts, buttons, images and video for different alignment of a smartphone and you will notice how it will increase the potential traffic on your site.

The users are getting, the comfortable and flexible options to access your pages whenever and wherever they want, which means better chances at conversion for you.

Customer Oriented Product Images

Whenever a potential customer navigates to a site for a particular product, the first thing that he/she notices is the product image. You can have the latest goods, fastest services, and best techniques for landing page optimization, but that all turns to nothing if this image fails to create an impression.

As a customer, resolution and lighting matters but the way that product is presented matters a lot more. If you display a clear photo of an item on a white background and balanced light, it is correct, but there is nothing special. On the other hand, a picture which can exhibit an application of the product will get instant attention.

Customer Oriented Product Images

Dynamic product photo

Both of these images are showing almost the same product. The first picture above looks very ordinary and dull while the second one seems appealing and unique. This way of presentation is what creates all the difference.

Using a 360 image with some zooming option can also come in handy for displaying works.

One Offer At A Time

Providing your customers with multiple offers at the same point seems like a practical strategy, but it’s not. The central idea behind a landing page is to grab attention and multiple choices can do that, but they cannot convert.

In fact, throwing too many offers at the same time will confuse the visitors, and then they will leave without exploring any of the options. So, it is crucial that you focus on a single offer at any given time.

Landing pages of Shopify is a good example.

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One offer at a time

Shopify Market

They have removed almost every distraction, and the customer doesn’t have to overthink.

If you have a lot of offers, make more landing pages for them. In fact, different pages for all your core products or services can actually increase the number of leads. Brands have seen a spike of 55% with this technique.

Keep up the excitement with offers and schemes

The most effective way to encourage a customer to decide in your favor is to create a sense of urgency.

Whether you are into product sales, coupon-downloads, event sign up or any other activity, bringing a sense of urgency can improve conversion. Just imagine, you are looking for a product, and then you suddenly find it is running on a discount offer which will end in a few hours.

What will be your first reaction?

Most probably, you will buy it instantly and that is precisely what the customers will do.

But, don’t just stick with the traditional message of “offer ending soon,” use a timer or maybe the number of product left in the stock. It will increase the hustle to a further level.

One of the world’s largest shopping sites, Amazon.com also uses this method to attract more traffic.

Offers and schemes

Amazon Products

Referral and Reviews are Game Changers

People love to share their experience, and when they do so, they exchange reviews about their favorite sites, products, and shopping experiences. It may not sound much of a deal, but it’s an excellent opportunity to spread a word about your landing page without any extra investment. You just have to make sure that they are getting the quality and reliable service.

Moreover, quality services will also ensure that everyone who uses your services gives a positive review and testimony about them. Strangely, about 97% of consumers depend on these reviews for the purchase decision. Remember, 80% of them watch for negative reviews too, so negative response is not an option.

Use User-Generated Content

As you are already familiar with the positive effects of social proofs, quality images, customer review, and products videos. Well, User Generated Content is a perfect blend of these all.

Using customer generated pictures and videos on your landing page build a sense of bonding and customer friendliness. This helps you earn trust. Moreover, new and potential customers tend to believe the existing customer a lot more than they can trust any product descriptions.

The best part is you don’t have to do anything, except selecting the images and slight landing page optimization. Moreover, with social apps like Instagram, it’s not much difficult to use this trick.

Use User-Generated Content


This picture shows how user-generated images and videos can create a really, attractive content for a landing page.

Bonus Tip

When surfing through a landing page, it’s just a matter of a few seconds before the customer decides to use your service or leave the site. So, you need to make maximum out of these initial moments.

Ensure you communicate your unique selling proposition and make an impression on these initial moments.

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One best way for doing this thing is to use product videos. Studies say that about 44% of customers, surfing the landing pages on the internet rely on video for making up their mind. Moreover, 53% of customers who watch these videos contact the company. About 33% of them even go to the stretch of visiting their stores.

In short, videos can increase the conversion of your landing page and generate higher sales.

Bonus Tip

Flipkart Products


Summary of landing page optimization

The success of landing page will depend on how well you understand your target market and your ability to deliver compelling offers.

As an ecommerce owner, you have to continuously experiment and improve landing page conversion to generate higher sales. Click To Tweet

But, these 7 tips will go a long way in doing that.

Share your experience of what has worked for you by commenting below. Look forward to hearing from you.

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