6 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales with the Affiliation Network

Affiliate marketing for ecommerce sites is one of the most powerful mechanism, affiliation networking helps in promoting the e-com site’s visibility and enhance the levels of conversion. If you wish to advertise your website, this ecommerce affiliate marketing marketing can give web exposure to your website and products by offering a good return.

What is Affiliation Network?

An affiliation network or system is a liaison between the merchant of e-commerce sites and a Publisher. The Publishers who are new to the platform wishes to increase their revenue by developing traffic. Click To Tweet Similarly, the site owners wish to monetize their existing or affiliate traffic. In order to implement this intermediary association, the publisher sites offer an affiliate program to several external merchant sites.

How does the Affiliate Network Work?

With the advent of the ever growing blogs, the bloggers are at the advantage of leveraging their traffic effectively with the help of the affiliate network. Affiliation network has become a complete industry with numerous big companies such as COCA COLA also depending on this marketing tactic.

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Industry Overview

It is predicted that the Affiliate networking industry will grow to 6.8 billion dollar in next 5 years. After UK and US, India is the 3rd largest and amongst the rapidly growing ecosystems in the world, suggests the NASSCOM report. A few years back, there was lack of statistical data on affiliate marketing industry but in the recent times, the status has completely changed. The reports reveal that 15% revenues of digitals marketing are acquired from affiliate marketing. Often people assume the affiliate marketing industry to be dead and with the initiation of numerous money making way outs, the affiliate industry has taken a backseat to becoming a secondary option.

Do you really think so? The Payment Sense’s Head of the Marketing, Guy Moreve underlines a fact very confidently that the affiliate marketing is only getting bigger and better and it is definitely far from being over.

There are many instances to prove that affiliate marketing is growing. One such example would be Gawker Media making millions of bucks selling the electronic items only using the affiliate marketing concept, reveals the Wall Street Journal.

Conversion from Affiliate VS Google AdSense

Every Blogger or Publisher and the merchant of various sites who are into online marketing and business for a long time are well aware of the fact that affiliate networking is by far the best economically rewarding mode of earning money online. The affiliate program is considered to be the best.

  • Easily navigable, clean, and professional site
  • One does not have any control over the AdSense ads, but the affiliate advertisements are quite eye-catching
  • AdSense does not provide PayPal mode of payment like most of the Affiliate companies do
  • One gets recurring earnings from AdSense but Affiliate networking pays at one go
  • Affiliate Networking is a more lucrative option than the AdSense
  • Affiliate products are available for every niche but, AdSense is only available for a few particular once
  • One can find several small and big affiliate companies but AdSense is exclusively managed by the Google

Earning money with affiliate marketing is an art and if you can master this art, you are less expected to choose an alternative financial stream like AdSense or any other promotional networks. Click To TweetYou can make $10 to $100 from one affiliate sale according to the pitched product, which is usually more than AdSense returns in a week. Although, it all depends on the niches and the kind of products you are dealing with.

Often people complain that their AdSense account is blocked for any small reason or sometimes people fail to realize any point of their site being banned. A report on Business Insider says that in the year 2014, a 19-year-old guy made a loss of $46,000, which is an extreme example of the loss occurred due to AdSense program. For all such reasons, people are turning to affiliate marketing which is easy to understand and user-friendly.

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Affiliate marketing for ecommerce sites : Ways to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Every good thing has a bad side too. The affiliate networking is not an exception. It has few pitfalls while managing affiliation like

  • Affiliate marketing is just about earning money so they will never focus on the quality of your leads they are driving. It might be good or bad. You must be careful as you will never want your brand to suffer by conveying a negative message or lying.
  • In case of mismanagement, you may receive leads from poor sources, which can spoil your brand image.
  • Whatever traffic you rope in, only a sale is considered as conversion in affiliate marketing that can offer you some returns. Demo sign up or form fill up, any kind of conversion or lead generation can also help earning with affiliate.
  • Keyword research plays a vital role in affiliate networking. It is definitely not a drawback but if you lack the knowledge then it might affect your earning in a big way. Google Adwords is a great keyword research learning tool.
  • You need to be patient enough in affiliate marketing as there are numerous competitors trying to achieve rankings for the same keyword and achieve the same position as yours. You must be ready to face tough competition while promoting your products and website through affiliate marketing.

So, what are the steps to success for affiliate marketing? Here are 6 ways to increase the sales with affiliation networking.

  1. Selecting the Right Affiliate Platform– You need to select the best affiliate platform with a huge record of the prospective affiliates for your niche product and also manage all the affiliate payments in order to avoid the tension of sending checks each of the months. Platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Shareasale, etc and AffiliateWP for the WordPress sites can be considered for a smooth management.

Once you have listed the products you wish to deal with, look out for the affiliate programs available for the product in your list. Then you must analyze the competition, like how many affiliates are promoting similar product categories, what kind of demand and general interest for that product, and what is the conversion rate for the same. This can help you in selecting the right affiliate platform.

In Affiliate program you can find a number of merchant partners, the terms are flexible, rate of commission is high, ShareaSale Affiliate programs also allows you to choose and compare from a range of options, Sahreasale quick payment makes it more attractive. But, if you opt for Amazon associate affiliate program, you can only claim money after 60 days of from the date of the sale. At times, reporting and monitoring lacks the desired clarity for the beginners. In case of any product cheating, when sold through your site, it can harm your earning and reputation.

  1. Commission Percentage Decision Making– Although, 10 to 15% commission is very good for initiation, 20-25% commission can make the chances higher of having best affiliate partners. The average commission percentage for a retail product is about 25%, and for a digital product, it is around 50% but varies with each affiliate program and the product or niche.
  2. Activating Affiliates– Everyone who keeps signing up for your product, do not always share your products with their audiences at that very same time. Some might forget and some might not be ready to begin. Considering offering an incentive or commission to all affiliates that instantly promote actively and spread the word for your website and product can be beneficial.
  3. Recruiting Affiliates– Signing up with a trusted platform can definitely attract affiliates naturally that are already signed up with the same platform and eyeing for products as yours for promotion. This can ease your work to a great extent. Seeking for websites and bloggers that share a similar type of audiences as your targeted market and inviting them to be your affiliates can be a wise decision.
  4. Affiliate Resource Centre Creation– It is important to make it simple for your affiliate to promote you. Providing several banner sizes for the affiliates to select from (standard web banner size), social media banner sizes addition, a copy of e-newsletters and social media offers can be immensely helpful for your affiliates to promote you easily. ClickBank is one such example.
  5. Motivating the Affiliates– Maintaining the existing relationship by consistently being in touch or connecting with your affiliates on a regular basis is highly important in order to keep them updated about any new products and on-going promos or offers in store. You must keep a note on the requirement of your affiliates by interacting with them and make the communication process easy and relaxed. They must be able to connect with you as easily as possible.

Tools for affiliate marketing for ecommerce sites

Just one of the tools for the Affiliates can create a difference between failure and success. While on the journey to success, a great affiliate tool can be your edge. Some of the free tools to give you several edges are-

Co schedule Headline Analyzer helps you create killer headlines and draw traffic towards your site.

BuzzSumo helps in analyzing which video, blog post, infographic, or a podcast received the maximum shares in a day, week, month, and even a year. SharedCount and NinjaOutreach are also equally helpful.

Content Idea Generator is a tool to make a bank of ideas for one whole year. Once you register, you are questioned about the target audience you are looking at and a heap of topics and headlines follows.

Feedly is an amazing way of getting exposed to a lot of content ideas. Now, signing up for subscription through email marketing and reading tons of blogs is easy and simple.

For SEO, Google Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and many others are great tools. For social media, Buffer, followerwonk, etc. and for link creation and tracking,, Google’s URL builder, ClickMeter is some of the great tools. Some of the best WordPress plugins are WordPress SEO by Yoast, Disqus Comment System, UpdraftPlus, iThemes Security, WP-Optimize, Plugmatter, and the list continues.

There are several dos and don’ts of Affiliate marketing. You must completely stick to your niche without switching from one product to the other, creating crisp and attractive content, hyperlinking within the articles with relevant links, appointing an affiliate manage, and most importantly, be patient. The things which you must not do are never opt for force selling or be too pushy to force the customer to buy, never violate any terms of service or rules, and never spam content or plagiarise content. Keeping few of these things in mind can help in becoming a successful affiliate.

The top Affiliate companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and more puts your advertisements on their website, as soon as a customer clicks on the ad and performs an action like buying products or filling the form, the affiliate gets a commission and you get a lead or sale. The above-mentioned tools are a great enhancer to help increase your sales with the flow of time.

Is it really true that you can earn from these affiliate companies? What percentage commission can one earn from Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other affiliates? There are numerous examples of the affiliate success stories. Yes, people do earn from affiliates like Flipkart and Amazon. If you can select the most accurate niche and a product that people are looking for, add text links to the content then your sales can achieve a great boost.

Do you wish to set up an affiliate program? Are you thinking how to set up and run the affiliate program to promote your e-commerce website and product?  Just go for it without any fear. Here are the facts that say that 16% of the e-com order in US are referrals from affiliate marketing and 80% of the brands trust and use affiliate marketing as their mode of promotions and advertisement. I am sure the above information can be helpful and give you an idea to start a successful journey with affiliation networking.

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