5 Creative Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement with Social Media

Just a few years ago, a small business would be pleased to have a flawless website, a frictionless checkout experience and a good grip of search engine optimization techniques and marketing. Without any second thought, the above-mentioned techniques are still counted as an incredibly powerful tool to thrive in business today. But customer engagement tactics which have been added and have changed the way businesses used to perform.

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What has changed; however, is that people nowadays are more focused to spend a significant amount of their time on and within social networks.

The biggest benefit of social media is its inherent property of not being pushy. As a focused marketer on the social media space, you are well versed with the daily struggle of jumping into noisy and ever-changing arena and the challenges involved in grabbing consumers attention.

Listening attentively to both prospective as well as existing consumers and adapting constantly to their needs so that marketer should not lose the interest of clients towards their brand and products even for a blink of an eye.

A majority of people reading the post would admit that they have already been using the necessary social media strategies and platforms to engage with fans and grow brand and business. Click To TweetExperts revealed that the majority of businesses are targeting the right strategies the wrong way. As a result, they fail to align their brand objectives to reach their audiences and struggle to generate a solid ROI. Bear in mind that having a static social strategy just doesn’t cut the cutting throat competition.

According to the Sprout Social Index 2018, the top three preferences of customers and marketers are largely misaligned. As per the data gathered by experts, it is clearly seen that the most prominent reasons of consumers to visit a brand’s social media includes:

  • Look for discounted and sales items
  • Learn about newly launched products or services of brand
  • Stay informed about the latest brand newsMarketers post Vs Customer need

Meanwhile, the perception of marketers’ top post types revolves around teaching something new to consumers or telling a story and to inspire. Remember, if you fail to offer frequent discounts to consumers you tend to lose a lot of consumers in the shortest possible time. Click To Tweet A strategy that is aligned better with the preferences of customers is what keeps your products and brand on the top so that you can outshine among others.

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In this post, you will learn some of the insights into the most effective strategies to sell your products by using reliable social media. While many of these will educate you to generate direct revenue, some are crucial in driving indirect revenues in the long term.

There are five effective strategies that can help you establish a wider customer base while increasing your business visibility on social media.

Convert Blog Post into an Informative Video

Video strategy has evolved on each of the various social media platforms over the past many years. Those who are headed towards digital marketing are well versed with understanding the power of video as a marketing tool.

More than 90% of the businesses found that their videos were able to generate more engagement in comparison with the shared images and links. Click To Tweet And when it comes to getting ideas for videos there is nothing worth like peeping back into previous blog posts.

In your brand awareness or product demonstration videos, simply showing your products and explaining how to use them would yield the results far quicker and simpler. Further, sharing the stories of customers already using the product will give valuable and inspirational tips that fit well with the product line.

One of the best things about creating a how-to video is that many of the videos published are recorded merely by using a Smartphone. Isn’t it amazing? For instance, Facebook live video feature can be best utilized to promote sales, highlight specific yarn, answering customer queries and thoughts.

A video is the versatile and engaging content format that not only gives the real-life picture of what is going on but also leave an indelible mark on the memory of onlookers through great visuals. It is not hard to believe that video and marketing go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Convenient and effective for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers with an attractive platform that is versatile enough to reach wider audiences.

Create Valuable and Educational Content to Entice Your Audience

Whether you are B2B or B2C, the content remains the king. Click To Tweet It has to be lengthier and much more detailed for B2B. The reason behind this lies in the behavior of customers who always seek out solutions without asking the questions in the first instance. They demand more detailed, authentic information about rendered products and services along with the specific proof surrounding the efficacy of the advertised products.

The format used in B2B businesses need to be such that it should appeal to all members of the team concerned with the purchase. It is usually meant for niche audiences who have been impelled to check out the links shared in the content to grasp the detailed information.

For B2B, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and selling is not so simple. The success to them comes through massive brand awareness and engagement especially from people who talk aloud about particular products in their niche.

On the contrary, B2C sellers create content that is fun, lighthearted, soft and engaging at the same time. Here, the sole aim is to cater to prospects in a more casual, optimistic and cheerful mood when they search for specific items or services. Their preference simply surrounds around content that is entertaining, engaging as opposed to facts based content businesses.

For them, directing more and more traffic towards their products or services often takes place steadily and gives results instantly. Here, the decision-making process of on-lookers takes just a fraction of time to react. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are the main social media target platforms extensively used by such business types.

Discover Clients Most Used Platform

Assessing where your customers are most active is essential for a successful social commerce plan. In this scenario, using social media monitoring tools can be beneficial to track, listen and engage with both potential and existing customers. Click To Tweet

Further, as a business owner, it is must for you to conduct an audit to analyze where your customers talk most about their brand, industry, product, services and even competitors. This also helps in to create opportunities to interact with customers and build better relationships.

The regular social media monitoring not only helps you identify social networks where your target audience is most active but also keep you abreast about everything talked about in relation to the brand, clients conversations, recommendations relevant to your niche throughout several social media channels.

Ensure you build the relevant time into your team to promptly respond to and engage with them at the right time, addressing complaints, suggestions, feedbacks, comments, and issues they are facing. The prompt action helps to build trust with your customers, which consequently adds to your business profits.

Add Links to your Products in Stories Posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Other Social Platforms

Did you know that the feeds of Instagram are arranged by popularity than in chronological order? The aftereffect of this approach makes the visibility of businesses more challenging than before. However, one of the novel ways to deal with the situation involves posting Instagram stories by including the links of products for the on-lookers. Along with the easy access of products to shop, viewers also have the convenience to have a glimpse of similar products in the same category.

Posting Instagram stories followed by the links of products library are sure to encourage viewers to swipe up other products. For instance, if you are selling a cosmetic product then merely mentioning your Instagram story using links about a particular product can take your followers to the official page of your business.

Simply enabling the Instagram pages within the app would allow a seamless transition between browsing Instagram and directing client towards your e-commerce site. Experts highly recommend business entrepreneurs to include a call to action in their product story text to direct viewers to access the link.

The common CTAs include “Visit”, “See more”, “visit our website” and “swipe up to see more” adds value and context to your story in a way that benefits viewers and increases your chances of ROI. Click To Tweet

Convert Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

When it comes to yield more sales and money, there is undoubtedly nothing like utilizing the power of social media influencers. Click To TweetHowever, many times relying entirely on influencer marketing platforms fails to provide the expected ROI.

In this particular scenario, relying on existing customers who agree to become your brand advocates prove out to be more promising for your brand, product, and services without utilizing much time.

Finding your loyal advocates includes conducting keyword and hashtag searches related to your brand or product name on social media. This would greatly help you find people who are already posting your brand’s story and content on their preferred platform.

Let’s say you want to market hairstyling kit. Naturally, you would search for #hairstylingkit on Instagram. Probably, in your search results, you would find plenty of top posts from varied influencers you are currently working with or have already worked with.

Your job is to find some of the appealing photos and stories that are talking about your brand and product, specifically posted by a user you haven’t worked with. The user who took time to share his unique story and journey with your product has little more than 2000 followers. So, this Instagrammer would not only be a nice addition to your brand’s community page but would serve as the most profitable marketing influencer to win more and more customers towards your product.

Additionally, you can also offer your advocates freebie, discounts, and free samples and can ask them to create a couple of fresh posts featuring your product.


For all types of businesses, attracting more and more customers and creating loyalty towards products is the first and foremost requisite especially among small-sized businesses. Social media has turned out not only the most economical platforms to publicize your products or brand but also emerged as the right marketing tool for your business.

Start small; find what really resonates with your audience to scale your efforts as needed. Social media marketing adapts to customer needs quickly and lasts long term if the quality promised during a launch is retained throughout the product’s lifecycle from the marketer.

Depending who your customers are and selecting who all are talking about your industry and your loyal followers, involves following all that old strategies the right and legal way. By addressing customers questions and responding to them within proposed time, being a marketer you ensure that your brand is highly visible to audiences that are going to turn out to be potential customers.

In essence, there are many effective ways your brand can increase sales by using social media. Further, you can also conclude that the tips shared above mainly involves winning the customers trust by serving you with an opportunity to filter only those information or content that will engage, entice and compel potential customers.

Influencers on social media are constantly looking for ways to engage a large number of followers.So that visibility can be enhanced and as a result conversion can be increased instantly. Click To TweetNot only it helps to retain the existing customers but also helps inspiring prospects to make a purchase.

For every marketing problem, social media is a perfect solution. The opportunities are endless but if you want to drive sales and yield profit the success lies in following effective strategies which can help you make more sales through social media.

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