25 Winning Hacks of Facebook Video Ads

Trying hard to get a maximum click on your Facebook video ads? Well, with over 1 billion users being active on Facebook, it is not that easy to strike a chord with your audience.

As videos are catching more attention in the Facebook newsfeed, millions of leading brands are incorporating these video ads into their marketing campaign.

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Now the world of video ads has become more competitive than ever.

So, it is not easy to beat them unless you have a perfect strategy.

If you still rely on the traditional method for getting your video content seen by your audience, you are missing out.

Hence to make sure your video ads remain extraordinary, we’ve outlined 25 winning hacks that will help you step up your Facebook video ad game.

Winning Hacks for Facebook ads

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The Significance of Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are not just the trend to follow. It is a great strategy that works to engage visitors, push leads down the funnel in the marketing world and fuel engagement.

Being home to billions of active users, Facebook makes a great platform to promote your product. Also, nothing captures the eye than a compelling video. So, facebook video ads make a great way to convince your audience. Click To Tweet Here are some of the benefits of Facebook video ads.

  • Precise targeting

One of the best parts of Facebook video advertising is it is easier to target a specific audience through the demographics settings in the campaign management tools. You can target only those people who are likely to be interested in your brand.

  • Cost-effective

Have you heard about the 10-second viewing feature of Facebook video advertising? It allows you to pay only if people actually watch your video. That means you don’t need to make a hole in your pocket. The cost-effective benefit of Facebook video advertising makes it a suitable option for the small or emerging business.

  • Flexibility

Facebook also provides marketers the option to choose cost-per-impression. This provides you more control over how you buy your ad.  With Facebook video advertising you can get a chance to capture the best value and meet your brand’s objectives.

  • Add Captions to Your Videos

Do you know 85% of the Facebook videos are viewed without sound? With these figures, how will you make your video ads work with audio off? The answer is simple, add captions.

How to add a caption to Facebook video ads?

You can add the caption to a video in the following 3 ways.

  • Generate automatically

Once the video is created in a power editor, you can choose the Create Add option. To automatically generate the caption go to the Video caption and choose ‘Generate Automatically.’ The problem with this technique is you need to take some time reviewing and editing the auto-generated captions.

Generate Caption Automatically

  • Let Facebook Review

The next option is to let the Facebook review your caption for accuracy. When you generate a short video automatically and click on this option Facebook will actually do a manual of the captions for you.

Facebook Review

  • Upload SRT (SubRip Subtitle)

This option allows you to upload the SRT files in multiple languages. These SRT files can be uploaded straight to the Facebook.

Upload SRT Files

Focus On Quality from the First Frame

You have few seconds to convince the viewer to watch your video. That means you need to put an effort in presenting the few first frames. Nobody likes to waste time in watching a bad or cringe-worthy video.

This is why your video should be of a high-quality to let the viewers know that you’re capable of creating content to persuade them. Along with what you offer it also matters the way you offer it.

Here are some factors that will decide the quality of the Facebook video ads.

  • Video views

If you have a large number of 3-second video views, it can be an indicator of good video quality.

  • Video engagement

Look at the 10-second video views which imply the number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds.

  • Video completion

The number of times your ad was watched at 100% of its length is also a good sign of good video quality.

  • Teach The Audience Something

These days people look for instant solutions. You can figure out what your audience is looking for.  If you can make a compelling video that meets their need, it is sure to spread like wildfire in minutes.

Inspirational videos are getting likes by the viewers as it can engage and connect with the audience. Don’t let it sound too boring to make the viewer yawn.

Inspire the viewer

  • Trigger Curiosity With Question

Need to catch the viewer attention instantly? Start the video with a question. Want to have even greater attention?

A catchy start goes a long way in attracting the audience. It’s like understanding their problem and providing the solution. If they connect with your videos, they will watch it to the end.

Ask the question to which your target audience would answer “yes.”

For instance, suppose you are trying to target the pet owner to sell them a new type of pet food. You might start your ad with:

“Does your doggy need a nutrition dose? “

“Do you feel like your pet is getting bored with the same dog food?”

“How about trying something new?”

This sort of question will generate curiosity and interest from the viewer, and they feel that the video relevant to them.

  • Add Compelling-to-Click Thumbnail

You can think of thumbnails as mini-marketing posters for your Ad that will play a key role in attracting clicks on your videos. Having an image that perfectly describes what the viewer is about to see is far more important in the age of web video.

Facebook allows you to select from a range of images from the video. If you think any of these images are not engaging enough, you can upload your own for the thumbnail.

You need to upload the video and click on the Custom Thumbnail area. Choose a thumbnail that has the same aspect ratio as videos such as 16:9 or 1:1 for square videos. Images with a lot of text can get a lower priority for delivery.

The thumbnail should be in focus, clear and have high contrast. Visually compelling imagery such as close up faces or something that accurately represent the content can make a great thumbnail.

Compelling to click

  • Use Video Carousel Ads

Static images are something that we often see in carousel ads. So, what if you use videos in your carousel ads? They will stand out!

The carousel ads will enable you to show multiple images and ultimately link to some action and can drive 10 times more traffic to your ad.

Video Carousel Ads

Create a carousel ad from your Page – Steps

You can create carousel ads from your Facebook Page or using the Ads Manager.

Carousel ads on your Page

Create Carousel

  • Click on ‘Promote’ button and choose ‘Get More Website Visitors.’
  • Navigate through Ad Creative > Edit and enter the target URL and ‘Text’ of your ad.
  • Click the + sign under images to add carousel cards and enter a number of cards to add.
  • Click Upload to upload the images and add a headline to each card.
  • Now, go to Ad Creative > Save and fill out Audience, Budget and Duration and Payment sections.
  • Click ‘Promote’

Carousel ad in Ads Manager

  • Go to Ads Manager and click “+” button
  • On Guided creation select an objective to suppose carousel such as traffic, video views, etc.
  • Now choose carousel as your ad format
  • Click “1” to upload the image and fill in the details of the first card, add specific URLs and descriptions of the image if needed
  • Click on the “2” and “3” signs and repeat the step above and click confirm

Create Ad That Doesn’t Seem Like an Ad

You know that Facebook is a social platform and people use it know what their friends are up to and to share their posts or pictures. No one logs in to Facebook to buy things right? Therefore if you really want to catch the attention of users, you have to be subtle about it.

If you want to prevent your audience from scrolling past your ad, try to create content that connects with them.

You’ve got to be creative to grab their eyeball and make them click. For instance, suppose you need to promote a new blender.  So, instead of just blabbering that you have a great blender, you can show some demonstration of how to make hale and hearty smoothies or jazzy margaritas.

Compelling Blender

This will give your user more value than just saying you have a blender on sale.

Also, look for some unique way of insightful information or funny content. Well, this might not be that easy, but this can tempt users to click on it and get your message across as well.

  • Play with Size and Dimensions

Most of the viewers are like to watch your ad on their mobile. Hence it is important to consider how the visual elements in the video appear in smaller dimensions. Reframe the video to a square format so that you can utilize more screen space on a mobile screen.

Play with Facebook ad sizes

Highlighting the main content of your ad such as an image of your product is an effective way to gain the interest.  You can use optical illusions or other surprise elements that can catch the viewer’s eye and strengthen your message.

  • Make It Work Even With Sound Off

Since the Facebook videos play on autoplay, the audio remains off until a viewer switches it on. So, if your video totally relies on the audio, chances are you will lose the game as the user might not want to click on it.

This is why the explainer videos relying on voiceover don’t perform that well on this platform.

Hence a Facebook video ad must convey the story visually with text overlays, graphics, or photos even if it is muted. People must be able to understand your message without sound.

Including captions make the job even easier as it can be the source of interest for the viewers. Also, make sure that clear audio is still available to offer additional value to viewers and further bring the story to life when users decide to fully watch your video with sound.

Video with sound off

  • Add Lower-Third Highlight

With around 85% of the videos on Facebook being watched in mute mode, the effective audio can’t be of much help. This is where the text comes to the picture.  Along with effective graphics, you need to have a catchy line on the video that can communicate the gist of the video. Adding text can help you engage with your audience better. Here are some effective ways to highlight the text.

Add lower third light

  • Text with Shadow

Adding shadow is one of the most commonly used techniques to make text readable.

  • Highlighted Text

You can highlight the text by filling the background of the text with a color that contrasts well with the text. It works just like the highlighter tool in Microsoft Word.

  • Text with a Background

Adding a background shape or image that contrasts well with your text can be a great way to emphasize your text. You can even add some transparency to the shape to prevent the shape from hiding the video content.

Text with background

  • Multi-Color Text

If you feel like giving some extra attention to certain phrases on your video, the Multi-color text is the way to go.

  • Make an Impact in the First Few Seconds

Trust me; a viewer can take only a few seconds to determine whether it is worth to see it or not.  That means you have only 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of the viewers. If you fail to do so, the user is not going to watch it ever.

If it takes too much time to load or have poor quality, chances are people will click the stop or cancel button.

Impact in first few seconds

As we can see in the above graph, the drop rate is highest in the first few seconds. If the retention curve of your video looks somewhat like the one above, you need to work on it.

The best way to engage a viewer is to build up suspense and ask questions as discussed above.

If you keep rambling on about yourself or you are too focused on selling your product too aggressively, it can be distasteful. People always look for something new and innovative, and that is what you must have in first few seconds.

Remember, those who are scanning through the News Feed don’t like to waste time and just scroll over the main content. They look for a lot of info in quick bursts. So, don’t make them go deep to understand your message as they won’t.

If they can’t get the message in few seconds, they will just scroll on.  Hence try to keep the bare essentials that are what they need to know and what do you want them to do.

  • Work On the Video Length

Video by Length

It is quite annoying to watch a lengthy descriptive video. The chances of someone watching a 2-3 hour video on a social network seem pretty unlikely. Unless the information is extremely entertaining or informative, viewers won’t watch videos several minutes long. If you have more content to communicate, you can split it into more videos.

There is no point in creating an insanely long video ad that is no one is going to watch.  Keeping it short and snappy by leaving in just the pertinent details will be great.  Under minute video is ideal and you may have noticed that most of the best-performing Facebook videos ads are no more than 15 seconds to 30 seconds long.

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# Use Headlines to Catch the Eye

New Video

Do you know 70% of people only read the headline of a Facebook video before sharing it?  A persuasive headline is something that influences a viewer to hit home. When viewers see a headline teaser that piques their interest they can’t help but click to watch. One thing that you need to be aware of is the newest news feed signal of Facebook for reducing headlines.

  • Use the Call-to-action Tab

A call-to-action (CTA) on your video can encourage engagement, drive traffic and even convert viewers into customers. Although it seems like a simple button to signup, or a sentence calling for an action, it can have a great impact on your Ad.

You can use the button to invite viewers to find out more information by clicking on the link or simply ask to share their thoughts as comments.

Add call to action

How to add a call to action button?

  • Go to status update box of your page and click on “photo/video” for uploading the video status update
  • Select the video
  • Click on “Add a Call to Action.” Option
  • Next, select the text for your Call to Action button
  • Enter the URL, headline and link description
  • Click on the post to post your video

# Create Custom Audiences

Custom Audience

If you have a small budget and your video ad needs to have more than 1000 plays within 24 hours, it is quite difficult to achieve. This is where creating custom audiences can help. You can use the following criteria to create a custom audience from users watching your video.

  • 3 seconds watched
  • 10 seconds watched
  • 25% watched
  • 50% watched
  • 75% watched
  • 95% watched

Best of all, you can create a more effective custom audience by merging multiple levels of engagement across multiple videos. Effective custom audiences can be used for retargeting. Further, you can create effective lookalike audiences using these custom audiences.

  • Craft a Descriptive Title

Using descriptive title makes the video easily searchable for the audience. With more than two billion searches being seen on Facebook every day, it is worth to put some effort into optimizing the video to make it easily searchable. The best way to make your title searchable is to include keywords that people are using in search engines.

Well, that doesn’t mean you need to use some overly coy titles such as “It is unbelievable” or “Try to resist this if you can” Vague titles will be of no use, if your target audience doesn’t find it relevant. Instead, include a title that reflects what your viewers are going to see. You can add a descriptive title of your Facebook ad with the following steps.

Add Video Description

  • Go to your page and click on Photo / Video at the top
  • Click Upload Photos/Video
  • Next, select your video
  • Enter an optional update
  • Enter a Video Title

Add description for facebook ads

#Go Live

Facebook Live is a great way to rank live videos more favorably to keep people engaged. If you want your video to reach more people and want more visitors on your Facebook posts, consider going live on Facebook.

Timeline Video

The Facebook Live feature gives you the opportunity to stream live events without ever leaving Facebook. The more you go live, the more your content can get the exposure.  Furthermore, Facebook automatically records the live video and publish it on the Facebook Page or profile after the end of the broadcast.

You can follow these steps to go live on Facebook

  • In the Facebook app, normally compose a status
  • On iOS, Click on Live Video option below the text field> continue
  • On Android, tap on Go Live > Continue
  • Give your Live video a title and set the level of privacy

# Go Mobile

With 65% of Facebook users watching videos on their mobile device, the mobile devices are effectively becoming the core of Facebook’s business. Now mobile ads are the game changer when it comes to views. Mobile ads have the potential to drive the most efficient video views. Capturing video views can turn your viewers into paying customers.

  • Optimize for Video Views

Video Analytics

You want your video ads to drive traffic, get post engagement, increase reach, and of course, get maximum video views. However, as there is already a bulk of traffic out there on Facebook, it becomes difficult to determine who will click on a video ad to go to a website. So you might have a slower ad delivery. To solve this problem, you can set Video Views as the ad objective.

By using this option, you allow Facebook to identify users who are more likely to watch the video in full, and this will help you increase your reach.

  • Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Posts

The Embed feature available on Facebook can contribute to the video views and comments. If your video plays on a blog post, the visitors can easily see all of the comments and interaction on the post. This will ultimately increase the audience or views of your video. Here is how to embed a Facebook video ad in a blog post.

  • First, navigate to the full video post
  • Click on the date stamp on the post/ navigate the Video tab and select the video
  • Go to the right sidebar and select the Embed Post link
  • Click Embed Post
  • Copy the post and paste it into a blog post

Embed post

# Create Square Videos

Square videos command attention than the regular landscape videos. Don’t believe us? Hop on Facebook and go through the big pages. You will notice most of them are square and if these big budget advertisers are doing it, it means it a pretty telling sign that it works.

Now a question may pop up that why it works? Well, there may be three reasons behind it.

  • A square video takes up a prominent amount of on-screen real estate which means it stands out as big on users feed. Facebook recommends 1:1 aspect ratios for video ads which is best for drawing attention to ads.
  • More than 92% of Facebook users like to use Facebook on mobile, and a square video looks better in mobile than a landscape one.
  • The video consumption on mobile has increased to a great extent, and that means by creating square videos you can increase the views.

Square Video

  • Create an Ad with Compelling Ad Copy

Digital advertising is something where a single click can change the game.  A little change your ad response rates can trigger your profitability to a great extent. So, when a single click holds such great importance for your ad, you must create an ad copy that can push and persuade people.

Here, the goal of creating an ad copy is to influence the viewer to watch the video and to get them to click through. Here are the two categories of video ad copies that can work with your video ads.

  • Short Copy

This is the most popular type of ad copy on Facebook that doesn’t need a “see more” option to show all the content in the post

Short Copy

  • Long copy

This is where the viewers need to click “See more” to read the entire post. When people click on “See More,” it indicates to Facebook that your ad is engaging.

Long Copy

  • Frame Your Visual Story

As the industry research suggests that 98% of the time people use the mobile phones in portrait mode instead of horizontal frames, it is better to give a vertical frame to your video. Millions of people spend more and more times in mobile, and a vertical video is something that will help you get more clicks as people tend to use their phone vertically.

A horizontal video will not maximize the screen space. Hence the vertical frame makes a smart choice when it comes to Facebook video ads.  A video with 4:5 or 9:16 ratio is good to show up on mobile.

Visually emphasize the qualities of your product and keep your product front and center Even in a small frame, visual surprises, optical illusions or unexpected events looks great.

  • Schedule Your Videos For Maximum Viewing

Scheduling and posting your video ads ahead of time is a bonus. It becomes more beneficial when you have an audience of different time zone. You can organize your videos according to the availability of your audience by setting up a publishing schedule for your ad.

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How to schedule a post on Facebook?

  • To add a post just normally create a post
  • Click on the photo/video option to upload your video
  • Click on the clock symbol in the lower-left corner
  • Add the year, month, day and time you want the post to go out
  • Click on “”

schedule a post on Facebook

  • Use insights to understand video performance

Metrics like minutes viewed, video views, and average watch time determines the video engagement on Facebook. For viewing such metrics just go to your Facebook Page Insights and click on the “Videos” tab and select the video.

Video insights

You can have a clear picture of how your video is performing by analyzing the Facebook’s retention curve. It will help you figure out where in the video the most of your audiences tend to stop watching.

Video Analytics

There might be some dropoff at the beginning of a video as a user scrolls their news feed, but if they drop off later in the video, you can use that feedback to determine the reason.

Facebook also let you know about the likes, shares, and comments on your video which can give you an idea of how your content is performing. This will give you a valuable insight into what you can be done to improve the content. Click To Tweet

Lastly, put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. Scroll through your ad and see what video ads grab you. Find out what makes the compelling ones do well and what mistakes a video ad less interesting.

And that’s it!

Now that you know what makes a successful Facebook video ad, you are ready to reach the biggest audience.

All that is left now is to start using these tricks into your next Facebook video ad campaign.

By implementing the above tried and tested Facebook video ads hacks, you are sure to generate increased engagement for your brands. All the best!

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