20 Best Places & Platforms to Sell Art Online: A Full 2020 Review

Online art is an expanding e-commerce business and there are several buyers who are interested in purchasing unique artefacts. Find out about the 20 best platforms to sell art online in this review! There are specific platforms that most buyers hunt to purchase artwork. While you have your own art e-commerce website, this might not be enough to grow your business. Click To Tweet

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Buyers choose multiple kinds of art to decorate their house, gift their loved once, decorate corporate spaces or simply buy them to add to their collection. Whatever might be the reason, one fact is that there are many buyers for online artwork.

To keep a track of these markets, it is important that you are aware of some of the top places where you can sell art online. Knowing the best places to sell art online lets your brand reach the targeted market faster.

Over here we will check some of the best places to sell art online.

Best Places to Sell Art Online

You would be glad to know that selling your art is not restricted to just a few platforms. There are multiple places where you can sell your art online. Some of these are platforms you would have used before while some you may not have heard before. Getting on further, let us check these top places for online art selling.


Artfinder, as the name suggests, is completely dedicated to selling art online. This was started in 2010 and has its headquarters in London, UK. Artfinder is available across 100 countries and is one of the popular sites for artists. It caters to over 10K artists.Artfinder

To start selling on Artfinder, you would need to signup and provide a portfolio of your artwork with at least 4-5 examples. Once your artwork is accepted you can be a full-fledged member of Artfinder and start selling your art by choosing one of the seller plans. You also have a minimum free seller subscription plan.

The seller plans available are:Seller Plans

Artfinder has no specific restrictions on what you can sell, however,some of the most commonly sold artwork include – abstract painting, gift cards, sculptures, printmaking, photography, portraits, collage and multiple types of paintings.

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Artfinder provides inbuilt payments and has free returns. Additionally, you can get a credit of $30 for referrals.


Artplode started in 2014 in the UK is spread across over 40 countries. This platform does not take commission on your sales. In case you are new to selling art online, then Artplode also has a facility to employ an art consultant to help you price products as per market.Artplode

Artplode is a more passive platform where it lets communication between buyers and sellers interested in artwork. Payments and transactions are not handled by Artplode. It charges a flat fee of $60 per listing.

Artplode does not specifically have any guidelines on what artwork can be sold. However, you would find listings for paintings, sculptures, photography. The artwork remains in the listing till its sold or is chosen to be removed by the seller.You can also sell art as a featured listing that comes at separate pricing.


Singulart lets sellers sell well-curated art online. Currently, it caters to over 50K artwork from over 80 countries. This was first launched in 2017.Singulart

Singulart shortlists its artists and lets them sell their artwork.Payments, shipping, and free returns are covered in the service contract of Singulart. This also includes customer support with live chat.

Singulart also keeps some of the sold artwork which lets buyers commission similar products to the relevant artist.


Artnet is quite old and was originally established in 1989 to help communication between buyers and sellers. In 2008, they launched their website. Artnet has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.ArtnetArtnet has a very large database of artists and is one place that shouldn’t be missed in case you want to sell art online. Here you can also auction your artwork. This also covers an additional service called Price Database that lists the price of several auctions as old as 1980’s. This Artnet feature helps sellers’ price their art in precision to the market value. Artnet feature

Artnet has over 3,40,000 artists. With notifications, analytics reports, gallery network, Artnet has several intuitive features available for buyers as well as sellers. Artnet has a good collection for paintings, sculptures, antiques, decorative art.


Artsperfocuses more on professional artists and lets them sell art online by including them in specific art galleries. So over here an artist does not individually sell artwork but sells it by being part of a gallery.Artsper

Currently, Artsper has over 15K artists and over 90K artwork. To be added as part of the Artsper seller’s list, your art needs to be selected by the Artsper experts. Delivery, payments, shipping, and returns are handled by Artsper.


Society6 focuses on art designs and is a great place in case you want your designs to feature over multiple products.Society6

There are multiple artworks such as paintings, cups, mobile covers, bedsheets, etc which are sold on Society6. Society6 has a huge community of artists which includes some of the top artists from around the globe.

Product fulfilment, shipping, and printing are completely handled by Society6. As a seller, you only need to upload your designs. For every sale, the artist gets 10% of the sale.


Pixapp is free to sign up and list your artwork. This is an app-based selling platform, where artists keep 90% of the sale.Pixapp

This is especially a great place for designers. Product fulfilment, shipping, customer service and everything else is being handled by Pixapp. Apart from the app for iOS and Android, you can also use their website.

Owing to its simplicity and no fees, Pixapp has become one of the hottest destinations to sell art online.


Redbubblewas first started in 2006 and has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. This is an online art marketplace that is free to use. It helps artists connect with international buyers.REDBUBBLE

Redbubble is a place where you can sell your designs on multiple products that get sold on Redbubble. For every listing, you can choose and adjust your profit margins. Shipment, payment, support is covered by Redbubble.REDBUBBLE can sell your designs on multiple products


Artfire was first launched in 2008 and has its headquarters in Arizona, US. The website has over 3,00,000 unique visitors per month.Artfire

Artfire ensures on-page optimizations and lets sellers easily add products. As a seller, you can also interact with other users selling similar products. Artfire is a good place to start withfor selling art online.

Artfire has packaged based payment options. Shipping, payment and customer support is provided by Artfire.


Amazon is a well-known marketplace and also provides a dedicated section where you can sell art online. This was started in 2013. To sell art over Amazon, you need to send your collection first for approval.AMAZON ART

While over Amazon you can sell most of the artwork, 3D art is not allowed which means sculptures are not sold over here. Selling art on Amazon is done at separate pricing.


Saatchi art was associated with Charles Saatchi’s company. Though this was sold in 2014, the name is still carried on. Saatchi art has a huge social media follower and over 1 million audiences around the world.Saatchi art

Saatchi art has a 35% commission while they bear the shipping, payment and return policies. You can sell paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, and similar artwork.Saatchi art provides featured listing

Saatchi art provides featured listing and you can also get dedicated artist support.


Displate is a place that is dedicated to selling metal artwork. It is easy to use and has free signup.Displate

For every sale, the artist gets a commission and you also have added opportunities to earn extra.Displate membership subscription

To every artwork,the seller can set a price and also view the commission. The printing and shipping are handled by Displate. There is also Displate membership subscription available with added benefits.

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Artpal is one of the free portals to buy and sell products from multiple artists.This has no commission and no membership fees.Artpal

Here you can create a free gallery and start selling. To add one, you also get marketing tips to sell your artwork better. Some of the commonly sold artwork includes paintings, jewellery designing, carvings, sculptures, pottery, digital art, photography and several others.


Etsy was first started in 2005 and is a marketplace for vintage and handicraft items. It has over 1 million sellers and is a great place to sell art.Etsy

Etsy has a transaction fee for product listings. There a range of art collectibles which can be sold here. To add on, Etsy provides guidance over pricing and marketing of artwork. Etsy lets you build a professional-looking store.


eBay is a place we all know and came into existence in 1995. This also has a dedicated art category.eBay

eBay is a great option to look at since it is one of the trusted brands. Secondly, you can sell your art globally and reach millions of buyers. eBay provides a seller’s guide that helps in marketing artwork precisely.


Storenvy was first started in 2010 and is headquartered in New York, US. Here sellers can launch their custom store similar to eBay.Storenvy

You can browse section such as jewellery where you can sell similar art. You can sell art stuff such as jewellery, furniture painting, photography, designer toys and there is also a place for musicians. It has a dedicated Art section in it.It is free to sign up. Alternatively, you can choose a paid subscription plan to access other useful features.


Zazzle was launched in 2005 and has its headquarters in California, US. This is a marketplace for designers and customers.Zazzle

Zazzle is a place where graphics designers, photographers can upload their artwork. Zazzle takes care of the printing, shipping and everything else. You can setup a percentage of commission for your artwork. Zazzle is free to setup and has a dedicated Art section.


CASETiFY is a simple website that sells most frequently used items such as phone cases, watch bands and similar accessories.CASETiFY

Either way, you would find ample of choice for tech accessories and is a great place in case you make similar products. You can send the designs to CASETiFY and the rest is managed by it. Based on the sale, you gain profits.


Zet Gallery is a Portugal based dedicated portal for artists. This can be used by artists to sell artwork as well as has galleries.Zet Gallery

Zet gallery is a more professional art place and you would find high-quality artwork. Time to time they also keep physical location-based exhibitions where artists can exhibit their art. ZetGallery has curated services along with on-demand art services. The selection of artwork is done by Zet gallery based on the uploaded artwork.


Art Please is an online portal that lets communication between artists and collectors. As an artist, you can upload specific artwork.Art Please

Art Please provides specialists who can help sellers price the product. To sell art, you would need to go through their approval process. The pricing can be varied, and you earn based on the profits. Similarly, collectors can request for a specific artwork. Here you would find paintings, sculptures, metal designs, and some unique art items.

Some other popular online places which cater to a specific category of art and can be used to sell artwork are:

  1. Ly
  2. Jose Gallery
  3. Indie Walls
  4. Turning Art
  5. Artquid
  6. Azucar Gallery
  7. ArtFire
  8. Prophetics Gallery
  9. Our West Virginia
  10. Deviant Art
  11. AbsoluteArts


To sell art online, there are multiple options available. It is just a matter of finding the right place to sell your art. Click To Tweet

Most portals have an approval process before you can start selling your art. It is important that you thoroughly read the terms of the agreement and understand how much you would earn from these websites.

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