17 Must-have E-commerce Features

E-commerce is more than just branding or marketing your product. There are certain basic E-commerce features which we certainly need to add to our e-commerce website. These presumably are the basic features. However, more importantly, there are few ecommerce features you just can’t afford to miss.

Some of these e-commerce features give flexibility, ease of business, improves customer experience, propagates brand image, and market your products better. At times the most obvious features are just missed while you are developing an e-commerce website.

Several e-commerce websites use BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and similar such platforms. However, there are some intuitive and unique features of e-commerce that needs to be included for your store. Click To Tweet

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Here is a checklist for the must-have e-commerce features:

E-commerce features which can’t be missed

Device Optimization

This does seem like the most obvious feature. However, did you know there are 78% of e-commerce websites which are not multiple device optimization? This includes desktops, smartphones, and tabs. Most paid as well as free e-commerce site builder have device optimization.

The best way to get device optimization is by using a suitable template. Google ranks your page higher if it finds your page to be mobile optimized. A lot of sales happens over smartphones and hence this becomes one of the priority features. Over the years mobile phone traffic has grown drastically.

Mobile phone traffic has grown drastically


To ensure your website is mobile friendly, you can do the following:

  • You can take a mobile-friendly test to check the usability
  • Use the top navigation menu
  • Make the checkout process simple over mobile
  • Keep search options for easy browsing
  • Add rich snippets. The rich snippet will contain more information such as reviews, rating, etc

Add rich snippets

  • Improve your website speed
  • Use APM Carousel. This component lets you display products in a carousel format that can be easily browsed.

Use APM CarouselHigh-Resolution Photos and Images

Images play a very vital part when it comes to the success of any e-commerce business. Using the right resolution can showcase the quality of the product. While it’s essential you add multiple angles of the product, care should also be taken so that the image resolution is maintained.

Various tools are available in the market to improve image resolution. Photoshop is one such tool which is extremely popular for image editing. Similarly, video resolution can be improved. Tools such as VLC, Video Upscaler can improve the resolution of the video and can convert normal video to HD.

You can also add gifs to the image catalog. Allow users to zoom any part of the image to view it better.

High-Resolution Photos and ImagesSearch Functionality

Search seems to be one of the basic functionalities, but many online stores miss this from their e-commerce features list. Search helps users find products more quickly. However, this should not be restricted to just search.

The search functionality has to be intelligent to auto correct and shows options at the same time provide different options available for a similar keyword.

Search Functionality

When users see the results they search for, it becomes easier for them to shop. Not having a good search functionality can bring down the sales drastically. Search functionality should be able to filter searches based on various categories.

Filter searches based on various categories


Customer support

Yet another important aspect which is totally missed at times is customer support. Customer support should be readily and easily reachable at all times. If a user is unable to resolve issues immediately then this puts your brand credibility at stake.

Keep a separate help section which would contain useful information about various policies as well as FAQs. Well defined FAQs are extremely powerful. FAQs also appear on Google when a user tries to search any query. So, if I google Amazon return policies, then I get the below search results.

Customer support

Here is a sample of the help section guides available in Amazon.

Help section guides available in Amazon

Sufficient Information

Users like when the website looks transparent and provides all information in hand. While loading with too much information might not help. However, providing sufficient information and description of the products is helpful. This includes product description, dimension, make of the product and related details.

One of the e-commerce features to be included is enough information describing return policies, Cash-On-Delivery policies, terms and conditions, refund policies, payment information, seller information, and relevant details. Providing sufficient and transparent information certainly increases your credibility.

Website security

Security and reliability are one of the core e-commerce features which can’t be missed. Simple security features such as firewalls, malware protection and using HTTPS to secure connection are basic features which should be incorporated by default.

At regular intervals add security patches. Over the website displaying information regarding the inbuilt security features helps build credibility to your services. Also showcase information regarding the audits and standards which are maintained such as ISO, PCI for safe card payments.

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Comments and Reviews

Comments and reviews help you improve your business as well as lets users know more about your product. Rich snippets added about products can give enough insights to users. Shoppers always tend to read reviews before deciding to buy a product.

Negative reviews are equalling important. Reviews with no negative reviews are considered as censored reviews. Popular plugins can be reused to generate review functionality. Some of these are – Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook. Reviews and comments act as social proof.

Comments and reviews Special Offers

Special features, discount, coupons are inseparable must-have e-commerce features. As part of the key features of e-marketing strategies, most e-commerce platforms have these e-commerce features. In most this is done by using email, messages, social media. Also, you can use the header section of your website to show special offers.

Users get motivated to make a purchase when they see special offers.

Special Offers

Certain websites also provide a separate offers section to display the existing offers.

Separate offers section

Adding a section “Today’s deals” is also a great way to increase conversion. Some of the websites also add a timer displaying the hours left before the deal closes.

“Today's deals” way to increase conversionWish List

Wish List is a simple strategy where users can add products they would later decide to buy. This is like a bookmark. Wish Lists can also be shared with family and friends and is a nice way to increase awareness about your brand.

The advantage of having a wish list, you can add this to your remarketing strategy. You can simply provide discounts on the wish list items and increase the chances of your product being purchased.

Find in Store

Not all e-commerce stores might have stores around. However, in case you have stores then this is a good e-commerce feature to add. 72% of online shopper’s research about products online before buying a product.

Sometimes you may not have enough online inventory. In such cases, find in store option helps where the user can directly visit the store to make a purchase. This helps users know which local store has the products in stock.

Payment Gateway

To improve your chances to sell a product, you need to support multiple payment gateways. Several users prefer a store which supports multiple payment options. Not only credit and debit cards but you can also integrate popular digital wallets.

Ensure you maintain appropriate compliance standards for all payments and showcase this by adding appropriate logos on the payment page.

Payment gatewaysOrder and Inventory Management

Inventory and order management are again extremely essential e-commerce features. Order management lets you track the number of orders, COD and other details. On the other hand, inventory management lets you track the inventories you have in stock and out of stock.

BigCommerce website provides solutions for inventory and order management. However, you can also use third-party software. Software such as Notify Me, Delivrd, Oberlo, Ordoro are some of the popular software.

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You can create multiple types of reports. The reports help in giving better insights about product performance. Many e-commerce development tools have inbuilt reporting features. In certain cases, you may need more detailed reporting based on your requirement.

Here again, you can rely on third-party reporting tools. Platforms such as dashthis, sellbrite help you develop detailed reports with multiple chart representation.


Logistics helps you maintain your shipping details. With this, you can update your buyers about the shipping details as well let them track it. This lets users manage the tracking from your business website rather than depending on the courier vendor.

There are multiple logistic integration solutions with geographical region-wise capability. One such DB Schenker, but there are several available in the market. You would have to do a survey around your region to get the most suitable logistic solution.

Website Analytics

Analytics can be done using several solutions. This can be as simple as implementing web beacons over your websites. Most platforms provide extensive analytics solutions. You can also use popular solutions such as Google analytics. Use filters to show relevant content based on these analytical insights/.

Content Management Systems

This is a very helpful e-commerce feature which can ease out several complex tracking. An e-commerce CMS can be used to manage logos, banners, Links, footer, header, product pages, and several others. Most e-commerce development tools such as Shopify, WooCommerce and other e-commerce solution have inbuilt CMS. This is not a feature that gets displayed to the end user but can ease the store management.


Blogs have content which can drive more traffic. Based on your business domain you can post periodical blogs which can drive more traffic. The advantage is more people will know about your brand and might eventually buy your products. Engaging blogs can drive a lot of traffic.

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When we speak about must-have e-commerce features, every year new out of the box features gets added. Features such as bots, AI and similar features of e-commerce technology are gaining momentum. However, these are a few characteristics of e-commerce. Click To Tweet

Over here we have provided the topmost priority e-commerce features which can help you successfully run your business. These e-commerce features certainly add a lot of value to your brand and can increase your sales funnel.

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