12 Best Tips to Boost Your Number Of YouTube Subscribers: Full Guide

YouTube is the place where you can place yourself as an industry expert and become a great educational resource as your prospective buyers make their buying decision. Click To Tweet But to attain this authoritative place, you’ve to find a way to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers. You’ve worked hard to launch the YouTube channel for your e-commerce business and have got a minimum number of YouTube subscribers. Now, you must be wondering how to increase this number to leverage the full potential of this platform. In this post, we’re going to share twelve insider tips that would help you boost the number of subscribers for your YouTube channel.

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But before delving deeper, let’s see why your business must prioritize YouTube when it comes to increasing your bottom line. YouTube videos are watched one billion hours per day and this is just one of the many reasons to prioritize this platform. This free platform provided by Google is presently leading the way for video marketing, video sharing, and video blogging. When it comes to getting success on this platform, one of the key metrics is the number of YouTube subscribers your channel has and it takes much more than just posting videos.

Without further ado, here’re the tips you should implement to increase the number of subscribers on this platform.

Top 12 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

1. Think of giving your channel a theme

If you closely review some top YouTube channels, you’ll see that the majority of them follow a certain theme. For instance, take a look at the channel of Derek Halpern.Think of giving your channel a theme


See how the videos created by him stick to the certain theme of business and success. Having a specific theme not only helps to direct all your efforts related to content creation but also the channel becomes a “go-to” place for people looking for content related to this theme. And when your channel caters to a certain theme, people, who are interested in this niche, will likely become your subscribers. This way, they’ll be able to learn something new whenever you post new content on your channel. For example, if people are interested in learning about pricing strategies, they’ll be notified whenever you post a video related to this thing. For your subscribers, it’ll be a great way to learn new things without having to invest much time and effort and for you, there’ll be an increase in the number of your YouTube subscribers. If you’re finding it difficult to identify a theme, think about the problems that could be solved by your e-commerce business and who’ll be benefitted from the solutions.

2. Develop a channel trailer

One of the key strategies to increase the number of YouTube subscribers is to hook the people who arrive on your channel. And a channel trailer can do wonder in this matter. It’s the brief highlight reel that tells about you, advantages of watching your videos, and why people should become your channel’s subscribers.

Remember that this trailer has to leave your viewers interested and intrigued in watching more. Here, the key thing is not giving them all the information but letting them know the things that you’ll be covering in your upcoming videos so that they keep on following your channel. To some extent, a channel trailer is similar to a movie trailer. You aren’t going to watch a movie if its trailer isn’t interesting to you – the same thing applies to your YouTube channel trailer.

3. Create an engaging channel description

While a lot of YouTubers don’t focus on this thing, your YouTube channel description matters a lot when it comes to increasing the number of your YouTube subscribers. Unfortunately, most channel descriptions are made something like this.Engaging channel description


Now, see this one.

Tells viewers about what this channel is all about


Now, just think which of these two descriptions would attract more people to become subscribers? Certainly the second one! If you notice, the second description works because it tells viewers about what this channel is all about, offers important information on it, and why they should subscribe to it.

However, it’s important to incorporate relevant keywords when writing down the description for your channel and to keep the content interesting and short.

4. Partner with other YouTube content creators

This is another helpful strategy to increase the number of YouTube subscribers. By following some simple steps, you can partner with other YouTube content creators through adding featured channels.Partner with other YouTube content creators


On your channel, go to Modules, visit other channels, and click on save changes. Once your channel has “Other Features” available, add your preferred channel(s) and save.

Here, the important thing to remember is to choose content creators who’re working for the industry similar to yours and whom you think your subscribers will find beneficial. Eventually, other YouTube content creators will be sending you their traffic as they’ll choose yours as their “Featured Channel”.

5. Develop high-quality videos

Videos that have poor video and audio never get a lot of subscribers. With a professional, high-quality video in place, people will recognize your professionalism and engage with your videos. Here’re some simple steps that you should follow to strengthen your reputation as a professional.

  • YouTube ranks HD videos so remember to record them in 1080p or higher.
  • Remember to record the videos in a quiet atmosphere without any noise in the background.
  • Plan the scripts ahead before filming to remember what to say and what are the points need to be mentioned in them.
  • To accentuate important parts of the videos, use jump cuts and slow motion.
  • Use studio lights and good recording equipment during recording.
  • Use a tripod to stabilize the recordings and a clip-on lens for taking wider shots.

6. Leverage the power of watermark

This is one of the simplest yet highly effective hacks to boost the number of your YouTube subscribers. You can always add a watermark which could be displayed on all the videos and at all the time. It adds another great way for your audience to become your subscribers.

Though many people use their channel logo or a calltoaction, we’d recommend particularly using the subscribe button that would help the audience subscribe to your channel directly. Simply move to the branding page of your YouTube channel to add a new watermark.Leverage the power of watermarkImage

Among the available options to display the watermark, it’s also possible to remove an existing one.

7. Generate highly engaging content

Though it doesn’t need any mention, many YouTube content creators often overlook the power of content that’s informative, entertaining, and engaging. You’ve to make sure that your entire video follows these things.

You should also understand that content that performs the best is informative and entertaining at the same time. Ideally, you should be posting a fine combination of videos that are evergreen and burst. Evergreen videos will remain relevant all the time while burst ones will get you instant hits, offering a solid boost to the number of your YouTube subscribers.

8. Leverage the power of channel customizationsLeverage the power of channel customizations


YouTube offers a lot of customization options which could greatly help you in increasing the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel. It’d not only make you appear professional but to gain your viewers’ trust also.

Focus on having some well-crafted channel art to establish yourself as a trusted brand. And if you already have a blog with a significant number of followers, be sure to use similar branding elements for the YouTube channel to make your brand easily recognizable across all platforms.

For example, you can request a custom channel URL providing your account meets some eligibility criteria. These include – having at least 100 subscribers, having uploaded a photo as your channel icon, being at least 30-day old, and having uploaded channel art.

However, it’s important to note that once your custom URL is approved, you won’t be able to change it, so make sure this is the one you want before confirming it.

9. Make the subscribing process as simple as possible

When people like your video, try to make it easy for them to subscribe. Use YouTube annotations to let them click on a button to subscribe. These annotations can greatly help you in increasing the number of your YouTube subscribers when done right.

You can use different techniques to use annotations like the following.

  • Spotlight annotation: You’d be able to create a clickable annotation on your video itself.
  • Call to action: You’d be able to create a sticky note that would let people subscribe to the channel.
  • Link to related videos: You’d be able to link to other videos.

You can control when the annotations appear and disappear.

However, it’s important to encourage people verbally to subscribe to your channel apart from placing annotations throughout a video. It’s a more personal way of engaging with the audience and telling them a reason for which they should subscribe.

10. Leverage the power of your high traffic blog

If your blog has a great number of subscribers, it could be a huge source for increasing the number of YouTube subscribers. When people love to read your text content, it’s evident they’ll likely subscribe to your YouTube channel. Use a YouTube widget with your blog. Leverage the power of your high traffic blog


In order to make the most out of this strategy, you’d need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Utilize the subscription widget: Ask the blog visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Embed the videos on your blog: It’d help you to keep your visitors engaged with your blog while letting them watch your videos.
  • Add call to action graphics: You can incorporate a call to action graphics which will be displayed while your video is playing.

11. Optimize the videos

If you want your videos to rank higher on YouTube, be sure to optimize them. And ranking higher on the platform means maximizing your chances for increasing the number of YouTube subscribers.

There’re some important things that you can do to optimize the video elements.

For instance, focus on incorporating relevant keywords into the title, description, and other meta tags. You can also try out uploading an engaging thumbnail and a transcript of your video to optimize your channel.

If you have a lot of videos, it’s important to organize them into proper playlists and sections and to feature them on the homepage.

12. Offer viewers a proper reason to subscribe

When it comes to increasing the number of YouTube subscribers, you’ve to make sure that people keep coming back to your content. While it’s important to be consistent with the upload schedule, your choice of the topic needs to be in order as well.

For instance, it may take three videos to convert your viewers into subscribers. Have a look at the following order.

  • The first video should create awareness of you and what you do on YouTube.
  • The second video should be aimed at maintaining consistency. Now, the viewers know what you do and they like your content.
  • The third video may be targeted at converting the viewers into subscribers.

Here, the key thing is concentrating on one specific topic. If you keep jumping from one topic to another, you might never get past that awareness stage of the content.

Ideally, you should try to focus on the thing that you’re highly passionate about and you can tell some best stories about it.

Final Thoughts

For any e-commerce business, YouTube has become an essential brand-building platform these days. Click To TweetThe engagement that comes with video merged with the huge built-in audience of the platform can help you build your business from the ground up. When it comes to boosting the number of your YouTube subscribers, you’d need to implement a fine combination of the above strategies.

However, the key thing is churning out authentic, quality, and exceptional content that will impress viewers so much that they’ll become your subscribers. Remember that you only need to put real effort in and the opportunities offered by YouTube might be endless.

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