100 Creative Strategies

100 Creative Strategies that will Increase Ecommerce Sales

As an eCommerce retail owner or a marketer, you are always looking for best ways to drive more traffic and grow sales of your store. I hope you have already tried many conversion tricks and methods to increase your ecommerce sales, like adding more security, payment gateway integration and others. Click To Tweet

How about having a look at a bunch of ideas that will have a bigger impact?

I have put together a fresh high-impact list of tried and tested ways to increase sales that you probably haven’t tried yet. Let’s get started…

Search Engine Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization helps your business stay on the top of the competition and attract more target audience when they look for products or services like yours. Use white hat SEO methods to stay on the top with strategic keywords.
  2. Shoppers believe in “comparison shopping” these days and it’s important that you make sure keeping your prices lower or equal to the competitors. For example, if you are offering a shirt (XYZ brand) at $5 and your competitor is offering the same shirt at $4, buyers would prefer buying from there. Make sure to offer something in addition.
  3. Keep an eye on the Google Webmaster to look for shoppers’ visiting trends and best performing products to make the deals sweeter for the shoppers.
  4. Being available on mobile devices makes it easier for shoppers to get in touch with an online business. Make sure your current website is mobile friendly or create a separate mobile site. You can use the compressed images and use mobile-friendly website layout for better mobile experience.
  5. Get a great appearance on Social Media platforms as millions of people are using these platforms to communicate and their decisions are really effected with these communications.
  6. Write guest posts as this serves as the easier way to get some internet buzz and create awareness about your particular industry. Top websites like “Entrepreneur.com” make it possible as they have a great number of visitors.
  7. Start your own blog to increase the brand awareness and presence in your target audience and get on the top of your competition. It lets people know how much you know the industry and how you can be beneficial for them.
  8. Having a creative and engaging YouTube channel can be the strongest marketing strategy you’ll ever own. And the reason here is that people prefer watching videos instead of reading.
  9. Using Google Adwords has been, and still is, the best way to give you better results than other platforms. Get started with your marketing campaign backed by Google AdWords.
  10. Learn how to use paid search ads on other platforms like Yahoo! Bing network to bring more visitors and sell more.

Social Media Strategies

  1. Get great connections on Facebook. You can try to connect with people you are planning to target with your online retail business. Get started with Facebook marketing – everything from creating a compelling Facebook page to crafting strategic status updates.
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile, find target audience, make groups and post what you want in order to grow your brand and sales. For example, if you are selling health supplements, start answering for question asked by people like “how to gain weight?”
  3. YouTube holds great potential when it comes to supporting online businesses. Discover what kind of video to produce to get the most of your web presence. For example, there are various types of videos like informative, promotional, etc.
  4. Everyone’s there on Twitter. Learn how to get started with it, create an account and share your content to engage potential followers and customers.
  5. Instagram can be a huge traffic driver, in fact it has proved its metal in the market. Learn how to integrate an ‘Instagram’ button on your site to entice shoppers to start following your posts.
  6. Pinterest is the fastest growing platform these days. Discover how to post engaging photos to drive user engagement and sell more. Know what topic is trending currently so you can target the most frequent visitors.
  7. Facebook, in addition to allowing you enjoy more followings, makes it possible to sell via Facebook Store. You can create your own web store on the Facebook and start selling easily.
  8. Get product reviews on social media platforms. It makes a great impact as millions of people may see and make final decision about your business.
  9. Get started with Tumbler. Pick an engaging theme, add related content and build links back to your store.
  10. Integrate social media platform icons on your store to encourage them to share your business and products. Offer discounts to enjoy more share.

  1. Facebook Ads play a great role in helping your Facebook page become fully realized, especially when you want to sell something and generate sales.
  2. Get into the Google AdWords to be on the top of search results, every time a buyer would search about you or your competitors even. For example, if your buyers are searching for a particular product repeatedly, make sure to give a special attention to it.
  3. Using banner ads can work magic when you are selling product ads online. Promote special offers and upcoming deals to encourage more visitors.
  4. Learn to leverage Twitter’s advertising platform to get your content reach more people using the world’s leading social media platform.
  5. Leverage the power of Google Display Network that will place you in your audience’s mind and familiarize them with your Brand.
  6. Optimize your landing page with attractive headline that is relevant to your keyword and the copy itself. Make it eye-catching with visuals.
  7. Run promotional offers on website. Using countdown timer for promotional offers encourage buyers to grab the deals before they end. There are multiple plugins available to get this job done. For example, you can try the “Daily Deals Extension” as this offers creating multiple deals with engaging countdown timer.
  8. Use clear product images with only few elements on paid advertisement on social media platforms as they have impact on buyers’ behavior.
  9. Use trigger words on ads like “you” for instance as consumers immediately create personal connections while “new” suggests something exclusive.
  10. Add a sense of urgency in the paid ads with specific keywords like “Time Limited Promotion,” “act now.”

Website Itself

  1. The website should be engaging, innovative and able to describe everything about the product that are listed on the catalog page to make shopping better, faster experience for the buyers.
  2. Website page loading makes a great impact on the overall shopping experience of buyers. No buyer will want to wait for more than 6 seconds. So, make sure your website takes care of the deadline. You can use the composed images, less plugins, for better and faster page loading experience.
  3. More people are buying through mobiles. So, if you don’t have an app ready for shoppers, get your eCommerce website ready for the compact devices with mobile-friendly design layout. It will create a compact version of your website for the smaller screens.
  4. Engaging images make a great impact on buying decision of the online shoppers. Use realistic and engaging images for products. Using professional photography can be a great benefit.
  5. Sitemap may seem an unwanted addition to the website, but it helps a lot to the buyers who are looking for something specific. It helps them reach their destination page faster.
  6. Advanced search option is another great addition to the online shopping platforms. No shopper would want to waste time on searching products through the traditional methods. Give them an option to search products easily with search option. The default website search options may be time-consuming, so make sure you are using an additional plugin for this purpose.
  7. Checkout is the most important step where most buyers abandon their carts. If the checkout process is time-consuming, they’d prefer buying from competitors. Use one-step checkout modules to reduce the default checkout process to one-page.
  8. Live chat can be provided to shoppers who have some doubts in mind and want to resolve them before making a final choice. Using chatbots can be an option if you don’t have a sales team to handle clients live. For example, if you don’t have a team to handle clients, gather a data of most asked questions and provide answers to them through these chatbots.
  9. Social media login is trending these days as shoppers can use their existing social media credentials to complete checkout process without going through the time-consuming registration process.
  10. Use product descriptions that are short, engaging, and informative. Using long descriptions make no sense as shoppers just want to know about the features of the products and not the history of manufacturer.

Checkout Process

  1. Keep the checkout detail forms short and take the information you absolutely need. Try using auto-fill feature for the faster experience.
  2. Display progress indicators if you are using multi-step checkout. This lets them know how fat they’ve come, and more importantly, how long is left.
  3. Recommend related products during the checkout products. In a way you will help consumers by suggesting related them the products they may have forgotten to add to the cart.
  4. Offer guest checkout functionality to reduce the time required to complete the checkout process. It can help them create an account without going through the time-consuming registration process.
  5. Inspire trust with authority as people are often scared when making payments online, especially if they’re buying first time. Improve their trust by displaying the “Trust badges” on checkout page, especially when the payment is made.
  6. Ensure better checkout experience for shoppers whether they’re buying through desktop or smartphone by using responsive design.
  7. Offer additional benefits like promo codes, free shipping, etc., to make the deal a bit sweeter.
  8. If, in case, they have to abandon the cart due to some unknown reasons, send follow up emails to convince your customers to come back and complete their purchase.
  9. In addition to sending reminder emails, you can also try to offer “”Save Cart” functionality which lets shoppers to save cart products and complete checkout later whenever they have time.
  10. Just before the checkout process is complete, make sure to give customers one last chance to review order details to be sure they ordered and entered everything correctly.

Strategic Marketing Strategies

  1. Create a content marketing strategy before you start with the promotional campaigns. Just like any other business, eCommerce businesses also need a well-thought content marketing strategy.
  2. Automated email marketing strategy makes a great difference in creating brand awareness as people are more likely to buy from a brand name that they’ve heard or read before.
  3. With social media, diversify your platforms and cut the ones that are least effective to promote your products and not able to help you sell faster. For example, if you are spending one hour on Facebook and Twitter both and Twitter is fetching you lesser visitors, it is good that you keep a focus on Facebook.
  4. Upsell your products as it is considered 20 times more effective than cross-selling online. May be they feel the suggested products better than the one they’re going to buy.
  5. Get more email subscriptions to send discount offers and promotional offers to the target audience during festival season our whenever you’ve something to offer. Email has an ROI of around 4,300%.
  6. When sending promotional emails, use natural tone. For example, you can use words like “You” that allow shoppers to relate the campaign to them easily.
  7. Get more product reviews with constant efforts. Ask your buyers to leave reviews about the products they’ve purchased as nearly 70% people prefer buying products with positive reviews.
  8. When launching a marketing campaign, make sure you focus on your site visitors–not yourself. Shoppers want to see something that is beneficial for them.
  9. Instill urgency to your promotional copies to convince the shoppers that they need to buy the product before the deal ends. Using a countdown timer online can be a great choice.
  10. Make your own original content as it helps build a strong connection with your customers. Never use pulled out content from the web for ecommerce marketing strategies.

E-commerce Shipping Strategies

  1. Clearly outline shipping policy, if any, as your customers are quite concerned about the delivery of products they are going to order. Make sure to mention the estimated delivery time. For example “The product will be shipped within 5 to 7 working days.” This eliminates the confusion among the shoppers.
  2. Keep competitive shipping price as it makes a great difference on the overall product order. If possible, keep flat or free shipping on all products to let consumers buy without a doubt.
  3. If free shipping is not possible, offer free shipping discount that often encourages customers to spend more in order to meet a minimum spend threshold.
  4. Offering multiple shipping options is another great strategy you can utilize to increase sales and revenue as different people have trust on different shipping methods. For example, offer same-day, next-day, delivery options.
  5. Display shipping cost in the beginning as giving them a sudden shock may encourage buyers to leave the product in cart and jump to a competitor for the same product. Consider adding an overview of your shipping price structure on your FAQ page.
  6. When packing products, make sure you are using good quality material as people prefer receiving their products in a good packing. This also makes a positive image about your brand among the buyers.
  7. Once the product order is complete, send package tracking number to their email. This helps them know when they can expect their package.
  8. Make available the Cash on Delivery option as more and more people prefer paying once they’ve received their products. This is more popular in the developing countries.
  9. If you are using third-party shipping methods, make sure you promote your brand with you’re the packaging itself. For example, use your company logo and name on the slip. It is the best available marketing method.
  10. If you are shipping to international destinations, make sure to offer “package tracking” feature as people are more concerned about products that are coming all the way from other countries.

Customer Service

  1. Customers want immediate response to their queries and hence it is important that you make it easy for them to contact you and do respond to their queries as soon as possible.
  2. Send customers emails for their order confirmation along with all the details like shipping address, payment, customer details and product itself. Customers can easily review their order via the confirmation email.
  3. Email customers shipping confirmation with tracking number to let then check the progress of their package as it reaches them and know its expected delivery date.
  4. Offer live chat facility to resolve their issues that affect their buying process. If you don’t have a sales team, use chatbots as they are equally helpful in customer problem solving.
  5. A toll-free number is always a great choice where consumers can call without worrying about the international calling prices.
  6. Whenever you get a query from clients, make sure to respond on time as the response times are a crucial metric that you should constantly try to improve.
  7. Create a customer loyalty program at your website to increase the chances of your existing buyers making repeated purchase or to encourage them to spend more.
  8. Consider deploying after-sales services as your aim is not just to make them buy your products, but to make them buy from you repeatedly in future as well. Make sure to keep your clients happy even when they’re not buying anything from you.
  9. Optimize your email confirmation and auto responders to send emails every time the customers signup for an account or purchase products from your website. It helps keep the customer engaged.
  10. Reach out to customers in their native language because people tend to trust more on the websites that speak their local language.

Offline Marketing

  1. Trade shows prove to be the best way to promote brands these days among both the investors and the target audience. It can have a profound impact on your business, especially if you’re the manufacturer.
  2. Traditional marketing methods like print advertisements in newspapers, yellow pages and brochures make a great impact on the target audience, especially if you’re a startup.
  3. If you have just entered the online retail business, making a bond with customers can be crucial and door-to-door marketing can be the great strategy. However, it is often overlooked by digital businesses these days.
  4. Got an investor? Make use of the funds smartly. Sponsoring events makes sure you get a solid ROI for your sponsorship dollars.
  5. Using outdoor advertising methods like banners, fliers, etc., helps those who are hungry for that first sale. Offline marketing methods like billboards can be your holy grail.
  6. TV ads are another great way to promote your business among those who hardly get time in the workplace to click on the paid advertisement banners on their desktops.
  7. Give your products to prominent regional or national individuals for free. If they find the products useful, they’ll pay to buy for the next time and maybe even endorse it formally.
  8. Join clubs and business associations for networking and to attract prominent business leaders. Know the prominent people and ask if you can use their names in making calls.
  9. Holding promotional and educational workshops that have educational value for potential customers.
  10. Email marketing is another great way to reach to your target audience without investing too much on the promotional campaigns.

Something More…

  1. Give free coupons to your friends and family to encourage more sales on your ecommerce store. It’s important to make sure discounting fits into your overall brand strategy.
  2. Participating in online forums can be an amazing way to attract more consumers and make them aware about the products you are dealing with.
  3. Create a networking by informing your friends and family about your venture and the products you are offering. This may not help you sell, but this is powerful way to kickstart word of mouth for your business.
  4. Invest in a mobile app as this can help your online buyers explore products via compact devices while on the go.
  5. Target the visitors who abandoned their carts with additional discounts and reminder emails to encourage them to complete checkout process.
  6. Remind people about their wishlist via messages to get them to finish off the purchase process.
  7. Measure Google analytics metrics to identify the best performing products and areas of your website to change marketing strategies accordingly.
  8. Deploy a sales team to ensure increased sales as the professionals are experts at client handling and increasing sales.
  9. Get more email subscriptions via website. If required, offer discount coupons for the subscribers and the first time buyers.
  10. Be patient for the first sale.

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